Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 My Only Goal

I am not the type of girl who says the likes of "New Year,New Me"! I have never set myself goals for the new year but this coming year 2016,i only want one thing and that is to feel better in myself and about myself.

Unfortunately depression and anxiety have taken a firm grip on me and i have always resisted any forms of medication but having read some amazing brave posts recently by fellow bloggers,i feel i have to take the chance and try and sort myself out. It is not fair on my BF,my family and friends and also and i dont mind saying this,on me! I want to be happy and enjoy life rather than living a miserable life,constantly feeling down and having a very disturbing obsession with death! I cant help thinking everyday that someone close to me or even myself is going to die soon!

December has been a tough month for me seeing everyone happy and i have tried to put on a fake smile and look like i am enjoying the festive period,this was difficult to do and i just ended up being very quiet and saying very little even when we out with friends. I have tried my best to be happy on twitter but i have recently just refrained from saying anything as i kinda felt like i was on a thin line between being nice or totally losing it alltogether as alot was actually getting to me.

So that's it,2016 i will go on medication and see what happens but i am terrified about what these meds actually do to my state of mind,how will it change me,i really am scared but maybe it might change certain things like the fact that i stay up late at night for reasons such as,
1-i know nobody will contact me as it is too late and i dont want to talk to anyone and,
2-if i dont have to be up for work early,i can sleep late so the next day is actually shorter.

I wish everyone of you the very best for 2016 and i want to thank you all for the support that you have givin me and for putting up with me since i joined the twitter community,if i had never joined twitter,i really believe i would be in a worse place now,

thanks for reading,

all my love,

Hollie xx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Should i take a -8 Hit #FPL?

I have always been under the impression that taking hits #fpl is ok as long as it improves your team and benefits in the long run.Also i have my doubts whether the tactic of waiting and doing transfers to get the players you want in your team over a period of time is a good idea at all as when game time comes around,you then look at your team and are not happy.

I currently have a problem with my team in the fact that i want 3 players in now and to do so will cost me 8 points with exactly 0.0 left in the bank.There is no room for any price changes so this week i have been monitoring the prices daily and so far my hand has not been forced.

It is also safe to say that my season so far has not been great at all and i am currently lying in 276k overall. I have not played the game recklessly and generally have adopted the cautious approach.This has not really paid off and i feel now i need to "go for it" as they say and try and move up that table overall.

My thoughts on Monday were Aguero and Tettey out for Kane and Ramsey but unfortunately i was and still am 0.1 short. I also have Begovic so he really has to go anyway so my thoughts changed to the following,



This can be done with 0.0 in bank as mentioned above but as i said it will cost me 8 hard earned fantasy points.

Also this all ties in with the plan to bring back Aguero for GW18 so in order to do this,my plan is to move Vardy and Hazard out for Kun and a cheap 5th midfielder. Any injuries can also change my plans obviously but this is the plan at the moment.

What i like about the transfers is the fact that Ramsey is only owned by 2.8% whereas Ozil is 45%,i am rolling the dice here and hoping for the best. Coupled with Hazard for the next 2 weeks or so who is owned by 16% but i would think that half that figure is actually dead ghostship teams so he is another who has a relatively low ownership and can be classed as a differential. If these guys perform well,it could be green arrows for team Hollie.By the way,Hazard was always only going to be a 3 week punt!

I could get rid of Ayew but i really fancy him for the 2 gw's after this week and with a new manager probably in place by then,i think he will be amongst the fpl points.

So to sum up,over the next 3 gw's the plan is to do 3 ft's with a -8, 0 ft's and then 2 ft's. It could be done by -4,-4,0 in hits which is the same as taking the one -8 overall and price changes might mean that i may not be able to get the 3 guys that i actually want so based on this fact,i just may do these transfers whenever price changes dictate it,maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow,depending,

thanks for reading,


ps-i may not decide to do the above but it is safe to say that i have been thinking about them all week!! I also fancy Silva and Coutinho and would also like these guys in too at some stage.
Also at time of writing,i am waiting to hear that Aguero is 100% definately out!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

This #FPL Season Is Bizarre

One thing i have learned playing #fpl this season is that there is no point trying to use any sort of logic in picking your team on a weekly basis. I mean for example,playing a Bournmouth defender this week away at Chelsea would surely give you 2 points maximum if lucky,right? Not at all,a clean sheet and defender BP's for Cook (4.3) 10 points and Smith (4.0) 9 points. And then we had Newcastle v Liverpool,i am sure most of us were counting our fpl points before the game but as we know, 2-0 to Newcastle! These sort of results are happening almost every week! Fixtures dont seem to really matter at all so far with the odd exception.

This weekend has been one of many GW's where the less fancied players are scoring well and the fancied big fpl players and so called must haves to be successful are doing very little.I was going to give examples of players which would have included more players from Bournmouth along with West Ham,Newcastle and Watford but i have decided not to do but if you played a 4-3-3 formation,the total player cost of the highest points scorers is 57.8 million!

But this is not really what i am trying to get at as we know that we cant possibly field 11 players costing under 60 million.I have seen many of my fpl friends and dedicated fpl accounts tweeting all week about the forthcoming gw and pondering their moves while i have also seen tweets saying for example
"i forgot to change my team but got 80 points" and also teams which still have Payet and kompany in them getting twice the amount that i got! It's just bizarre what is happening and i am wondering if there is any point in being any way logical about team selections.

It reminds me of the Harry Enfield sketch with the guy on the horse trying his best and the other guy just effortlessly coming up beside him and going on to win the race, see below,

These clips kinda sum up my fpl season as well as many others but we will try again next week,


ps-i dont mean any disrespect to any of the above mentioned teams as afterall,they are Premier teams by right.It is all based on fpl player valuations!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

If You Play #FPL, Enjoy it!!

Another quick fpl post as i have actually been able to go online on my broken and quickly dying laptop so after being offline for a little while and being unable to access my fantasy football team,it got me thinking a little bit about this GAME which causes so much stress and heartache to many

I think we all should play it with a view to enjoying the GAME and not let it get us down too much.Being offline has made me not overthink things this week so i have a done a quick early transfer which is Sanchez to Hazard and i might even make him captain this week too.

I believe if you are not happy with your team,change it regardless of if it costs a hit or 2. At least come gameweek,you can then look at your team and be relatively happy enough with it.It is still early enough in the season and a hit here and there wont be that detrimental in the long run.After all,Tom Fenley who won the overall competition a couple of years ago made over 40 transfers if i am not mistaken.You also could just go mickey mousing around for weeks trying to get rid of players that you dont want and buying the guys that you do.This can be more stressful i believe as you will have a few weeks of looking at your team and thinking "i wish i had X instead of Y".I am not recommending this approach but it is only a game and this is how i will play it from now until the end of the season.

This is all part of enjoying the game and what i found interesting recently on twitter is the amount of people who unfollow an account because they have had a bad week #fpl. Maybe this is due to bad advice but in all honesty,if we could all give out perfect advice,we would all end up with the same teams right! I have seen some of the bigger #fpl accounts come in for some criticism recently because of recommending players that dont perform well.It has to be remembered that these guys with their blogs/podcasts etc put so much into it and contribute to our overall enjoyment of the game so in my opinion,should never be criticised.I know it doesn't happen too often but when it does,it is so unfair.

So there you go,all i can say is enjoy this amazing game,dont let it "get to you" and try not to stress over it.Take some chances if you want to and if you fancy the likes of Hazard (who as we all know has been rubbish) buy him.Sure if it works,great and if not,so be it,wishing you all the very best this gameweek,

thanks for reading,


Sunday, 29 November 2015

No Twitter/Blog for a Little While

Hi guys and girls,

just a very quick post to say i will be offline for a while due to laptop and phone broken so i will be unable to access twitter and my blog until i buy a new laptop. I am not getting a new phone as it suits me at the moment not to buy one and i will explain this at a later date!

It has taken me 5 hours to get to this page to be actually able to write this post and when i log off,that's it for this laptop as i am not going through this frustration again.

It will be a few weeks before i can buy a new laptop as my priorities lie with buying Christmas presents for my BF,friends and family before i can treat myself.

I wanted to write this so if any of my online friends are wondering where i am,they will know now what the situation is and that i will be back in a few weeks. I am so down about this whole thing as being online has helped me so much over the last year or so through difficult times and i have made many really good and supportive friends.

Also if i get twitter notifications,i am unable to respond and i am so sorry for this,i hope you all understand!

Hope to chat again soon to all my #fpl friends and the girls from #GirlGang and also ManueLita,i will miss your posts and support so much,

till next time,whenever this is,

lots of love,

Hollie x

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Update 15/11/15

Hi everyone,this is just a quick post to explain why i havn't been too active on twitter recently. The reason is that every so often i feel really down and generally lose interest in everything.At this present moment,i feel like this and meaning no disrespect to anyone,i just want to be on my own and not talk to anyone. This is all part of many issues i have where mental health is concerned!

It is a constant struggle for me as i have opted to steer clear from any form of medication.I could be ok tomorrow,i just never know tbh and i take each day as it comes. Over the last few years,i am not a big fan of Christmas and i am not being negative by saying that and i am not sending out any cards this year and i dont want to recieve any this year either! I hope everyone respects this.

If i was to tweet,i am afraid that my tweets would be very negative and i know that some people who follow me have said that they hate following negative people and as i do know that it is everyone's own decision to follow whoever they want,i just dont want to put out too many negative vibes in what is meant to be a happy and exciting time for everyone with Christmas on the way!

For anyone who isn't aware of my situation,i will briefly explain it now.I suffer from the highest form of Depression and also several anxiety disorders and an OCD that just wears me out. I am very messed up and as i said earlier,sometimes it all just gets too much for me. I havn't slept well at all for a long time and where work is concerned,i dropped down from working a 5 day week to a 3 day week.I am now going to be off work for at least 2 weeks as i am going to the doctor in the morning (again) and he will recommend that i do not work. My boss will be really pissed off as this has happened alot over the last year or so but he is very understanding.

Anyway i just thought i would share this in a blog post as i then dont have to talk to anyone and it is the easy way out. I could be ok again soon and i hope i will be but i also want to say that if i dont reply to any tweets,i am so sorry,i am not being rude,it is just a difficult time for me,

thanks for reading,


Friday, 13 November 2015

My Online Animated Interview with Marc Lingard

This is an online animated interview about FPL that i recently done with Marc Lingard @marclingard. I was sitting on the couch rather unladylike so please excuse this lol!! Thank God i wasn't wearing a short mini skirt! Hope you enjoy,




Thursday, 12 November 2015

How To Lose The Respect Of a Community

When you get that little bit bigger on the likes of Twitter,you should never forget how you got there in the first place.I will now explain what i am getting at and give an example of what i mean!

So you start out on twitter with an account that is specifically aimed at a certain community.You then infiltrate the community with your tweets,some of which are interesting and so you then get people recommending your account to follow and also many people RT'ing your tweets.You have many conversations with many people within the community and generally giving the impression that you are such a nice person.You then pick up followers and in the mean time you follow everyone back too thus making a few online friends along the way!

Now the next thing is that you seem to be everywhere within the community,showing up on various podcasts and giving the impression that you would be present at the opening of an envelope lol! So in your own mind,are you now thinking "i am now one of the top accounts within this community" even though you have not been noticed until recently.

So the next course of action is to make your account look like you are a big fish in this pond.One of the ways to do this is to unfollow almost everyone that you follow including some who have helped you become noticed in the first place.But you are careful not to unfollow the big fish as this would not go down well but deep down you have this self centred opinion that one day you will be the biggest fish in the pond.You think this because you have this unbelievable high opinion of yourself and you think the sun shines out of your own a**.

Eventually and what is guaranteed to happen is that you will be seen by everyone for what you really are.It may take some time but it will happen,believe me and the first thing that you will notice is that your follower count will start slowing down and as other accounts then notice that you have unfollowed them,they will return the favour as you are not really that special and certainly not the big fish that you are convinced that you are.

The next thing you will probably try to do is get twitter to verify your account with that blue tick and this would not surprise me one little bit!

So this in my opinion is one way to lose the respect of a community,hope you enjoyed the read,


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

This Week #FPL and Some Thoughts Going Forward!

*This post was written on Monday so prices and ownership % may have changed*

Please bear with me as i am writing this while in work and am being distracted by customers lol!

Well this week has been one of my worst gw's that i can ever remember despite having a team that in my opinion is not that bad.On Saturday evening i had the grand total of 23 points whereas from what i could gather,every other team seemed to have big points except me.I had a gw rank of around 3.2 million so that says it all.

Where it went wrong and what i was hurt by was high ownership players performing and also the odd low priced player with a relatively high ownership also doing well.

These players include Mahrez and Ighalo.Not having these 2 guys and a couple more are the difference of me having 35 points as against a fairly decent score of 70+.These points have taken into account my 12 points gained for my 2 guys playing on sunday.

Also when you actually look at the players that performed this gw,it is astonishing to me that some teams had such high scores.So where did they come from?

Cech 32%           7pts
Mahrez 55%       15pts
Vardy 49%          7pts
Pelle 34%            6pts
Lukaku 26%       14pts

And for the record,Ighalo scored 13 points with an ownership of 15%. Nothing special with some of them but high ownership none the less and also i have not included the likes of Kone here due to his low ownership.Of the above mentioned players,i only had Vardy.

Thank God Payet didn't perform this week as it would of been more detrimental to my team as his ownership is 37% and i dont have him.

So it's not inconcievable that alot of teams could have had Cech,Mahrez and 3/4 forwards listed giving them a total of a possible 56 points without even having one of them as Captain.And throw in one defender clean sheet and now you are over 60 points from 6 players excluding your Captain points.This does however look rather templatey.This is the difference of my team having half the amount of so many teams and also being below the average.

But a big haul by anyone with an ownership of over 1 million people for example will hurt so much if you dont have him.This is one of the problems existing in fpl at the moment as these guys are performing more often than not.

Now having looked through the twitter feed of #fpl,it seems that apart from a few of the bigger and more established fpl accounts who by the way have actually stated that they have had an awful week,the majority of tweets seem to be from everyone who has got a high score and the odd but not many disgruntled comment aimed towards the so called fpl experts with their suggestions.Nothing serious here,just the odd opinion expressed in a nice way.

So what have i learned,well i have learned that not having certain players ie Mahrez can really hurt when he performs as the world of fpl seemed to have him when i did not (55%). My thoughts are now that even having a template team is not that bad an idea as it can be the right choice of Captain that can gain you the points over your fellow template like teams,this can be the difference which can get you those green arrows.I am not suggesting a team that is the same as everyone else,i am suggesting a team that contains the likes of high ownership players mixed in with some lesser owned and also if possible the odd one or two that can be a differential!It can hurt your overall so much if a high ownership player performs well and although it can be the other way if your less owned differential performs well,the chances are this will not happen too often.And even better if you manage to have the low owned differential before he scores big thus creating the bandwagon.

Also this season more than ever,i have noticed the price rising earlier in the week with transfers being done by more people early rather than later.This is influenced by the fact that if anyone performs well,the amount of people who do early ft's to get them in is astonishing thus resulting in an almost inevitable 0.3 price rise before deadline.This puts pressure on players to buy early depending on how your team is for £££.

So where has my team gone wrong,is it low ownership,is it just bad management or is it just plain bad luck? Or maybe there is not much wrong with it at all.Progress in general has been made though but had a setback this week,
GW2- 2.2 million,
GW3- 2.1 million,
GW5- 1.8 million,
GW7- 1.6 million,
GW10- 158K,
GW11- 248K

My analysis of my team now follows!


Begovic 2.2% scored 2 points and cost 5.0 whereas my bench keeper Hennessy  scores 6 points and is only 3.9 *now 4.0*
I really should have Butland at 9.2% ownership and costing 4.6 which also gives me an extra 0.4 to spend elsewhere.


Van Dijk 2.5% and now priced at 5.6 is a gem who i love!
Moreno 3.0% and now priced at 4.8 is another that i am happy with!
Dawson 5.2% and now at 5.1 is one that i should be happy with and i am sure will give some returns!
Fernandez 0.4% and costing 5.0 has disappointed since i brought him in and i will be looking to offload!
Davies 1.0% and costing 4.5 is another that i will be looking to sell soon! *Possible Rose injury*
An Arsenal or City defender would tidy this up i believe so i will look at those options.


Sanchez 40% and priced at 11.6,a very dangerous player not to have from an fpl view!
KDB 23% and priced at 10.6 is a player who has done very well,i am happy to have him but when Silva is back,i may look at changing him!
Ayew 18.6% and priced at 7.1 is someone who i have been very happy to have but has been so inconsistant in a Swansea side that has been struggling of late.In order for me to accomodate Payet in my team,he will have to make way!
Tadic 6.3% and priced at 7.0 is a player that has been transferred out by me on sat night for Mahrez as i felt i couldn't go on without Mahrez (i did have him up until 3 weeks ago btw)!
Tettey 0.2% and priced at 4.3 is just my 5th mid who will sit on my bench!
So with the purchase's,i would now have Sanchez/Payet/Mahrez/KDB or Silva!


Vardy 49.2% and now at 7.3,he is going nowhere for the moment!
Kane 21.4 and now at 9.3 is a player that i plan on getting rid of!
Bony 6.2% and now at 8.4 is also someone who is only here short term!
The forward are the ones where i feel i will be making most of my transfers around.There are the likes of Lukaku,Pelle,Giroud who are all around the same price so any of these guys could find their way into my team and out as quick depending on fixtures!And when Aguero is back,he will be straight in!

So to sum up,i feel a little tidying up is needed to have my team exactly how i want it.A templatey team is not such a bad idea but also mixed up with a few differentials and making the right Captain choice will make all the difference and also hang on in there even if you have a bad week,there is still a very long way to go!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I Am Not On Instagram

When i went online thismorning,i recieved an email from Instagram welcoming me and also stating to confirm my email address to verify my account.

Now obviously this is not me trying to set up this account and it is some sad person out there who is trying to.I did not open the emails and just deleted them. It is awful to think that someone out there wants to impersonate me by trying to do this and God only knows what sort of pictures they would put up.I feel sick even thinking about it.

Also i use the app and today i have noticed that i am no longer signed up.They also want me to sign up using my email address which i was already signed up to anyway so i have revoked access from twitter and will look elsewhere now.This is also strange and i feel uneasy about using them again.

I am for the moment making my account private too!

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Unfollowing To Look Important

Hi guys and Girls!

Today's post is brought on by what i have seen happening alot lately with certain twitter accounts and i have had first had experience of it of late.

This post is not aimed at the "People Gathering" accounts that exist purely to gain followers and then after following back,they unfollow you shortly after having built up their followers making their account look special in some way which is so annoying in itself but this post is aimed at accounts that build up their followers while also following you back but keep following you until oneday they decide and think that they are bigger than they really are and decide to unfollow hundreds to make it look like they are important in some way.I believe this is their sole reason for doing this as they have had interaction with the majority of the people that have unfollowed.This was not their original idea to actually do this when they started out first though.

So an example of this is as follows,
a new account is set up and interacts with a certain community be it the blogging community or fpl community which are both massive communities.They interact alot and thus gain followers through this interaction but in the mean time following accounts and following back the majority of their followers.

After settling into the community and being accepted into it and supported in many ways including being promoted by some of the members,they all of a sudden have over 1000 followers while following back 800 or so accounts.This is fair enough as it is not a case of following everyone back,only the accounts that the individual themselves want to follow back.

So at this stage and having formed a connection with some of the bigger community accounts,the individual decides that they are bigger and more important within the community so to reflect this thought,they unfollow hundreds of people including alot who helped promote them along the way to gain followers in the first place.

It now looks like for example , account name, following 70,followers 1400.

I understand people unfollowing me and i have recently wrote a post wondering why anyone follows me in the first place but for the hundreds of others,all within the same community,this to me is rather strange.Why do it! If they just unfollowed me,so be it and that's the way it goes but surely they cannot possibly not like 100's of other accounts too and including alot who i myself follow and are really nice people.

So am i right in thinking that this account wants to make it look like they are important in some way and in their own mind actually believing it?

I for one will never again have any interaction with this person on twitter or indeed any other form of social media and that is fine with me but honestly some people really need to stop being absorbed in their own self importance,

thanks for reading,


ps-this is my personal view of things and i will never name names in this case!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Wildcard Team #FPL

I decided to play my wildcard this GW mainly due to not really liking some of my players rather than the injuries that have decimated alot of teams after the international break.

The injuries my team had were only Kolarov,Coates and Aguero and also having Oxford on the bench as a non playing player,it meant i had 4 out. With the 1 ft,i could field 10 men but when i looked at my team,i was just not happy.I had already done an early ft bringing in Pelle for Martial before his price rise.

My 10 would have been


All in all i am not impressed as my bench looks like this

Hennessy,Oxford,Kolarov,Aguero and Coates as my extra player as i can only field 10 that will play.Also with gametime questions over Sanchez and Mahrez,this could possibly be a spectacular fpl disaster.

I would have had to take a -8 to make it half decent so i decided to hit that wc button before the confirmation that Kolarov was also out.

So after having a good look at certain players,i have decided to build a team of players that i want rather than certain players that have performed well to date,i am not talking about all but certainly a few.I have decided to not go for Payet,Mane,any Man Utd players and also to get rid of Mahrez and Vardy who have both been top performers.

The only players that are staying in my team are

Hennessy 3.9 back up keeper (may lose his place soon but it is his to lose after 2 clean sheets)
Ayew - who as a Swans fan,i just have to keep him plus he can be awesome especially against the big teams
Sanchez - no need to justify this decision
KDB - again no need to justify this either

So now it was a case of 11 new guys needed,well 10 actually as i had already bought Pelle


Begovic 5.0 with an ownership of 2.3%,i think this is an easy way into the Chelsea def cover and i expect them to tighten things up sooner rather than later.


Van Dijk 5.5 with an ownership of 0.8%,he is a player i really like as i know Swans have been linked with him in every transfer window before he joined Saints.He has the potential to score points at both ends of the pitch and i am excited to have him in my team.

Moreno 4.7 with an ownership of 1.6%,with the arrival of Klopp and with Gomez out,i am hoping for attacking returns as well as some clean sheets if Klopp can sort out this area.

Dawson 5.1 with an ownership of 3.8%,every team should have a Tony Pulis defender in it and he looks the best bet,i am surprised at his low ownership.

Fernandez 5.0 with an ownership of 0.4%,what i like about him is that he seems to find his way into the box on alot of occasions and has been unlucky not to have a couple of goals and is a solid nailed on defender for Swansea.

Davies 4.5 with an ownership of 1.4%,as an ex Swan and has played the last 4 games for Spurs,i think he is worth a gamble but i am worried about Rose taking his position.

So with these guys bought,as you can see the low ownership of all of these could possibly pay off if they perform.


Tadic 7.0 with an ownership of 6.0%,i always liked him and the fact that he is pens is a plus,if he holds his place,i expect big things from him soon.

Tettey 4.3 with an ownership of 0.2%,he has played in the last 7 games and even managed to score 2 goals for Norway during recent internationals,1 v Italy.He will be my bench player but as a playing player,i am happy to spend low and use the funds elsewhere.I dont expect him to be in my team unless there are alot of injuries.


Pelle 8.0 with an ownership of 25.7%,since buying him he has gone up by 0.2 and it is the first time i have ever had him in my team.

Costa 10.9 with an ownership of 6.8%,still not owned by that many and has been awful so far but i am hoping his season will start soon and i expect it to.

Bony 8.2 with an ownership of 1.4%,now this is a player who as a Swans fan,i am very aware of just how good this guy really is,he is a natural goalscorer who has not had a run in the side to show his talents.With the likes of KDB etc supplying him,i am hoping he will score loads of points and justify my faith in him.

So there you have it,my new fpl team which if any of the guys are not performing,i will have no problem getting rid of them even if it means taking a hit.I am looking at bringing in Sturridge depending on how Klopp settles in,also if it is needed i will bring back Vardy and also buy Payet but this all depends on how well my new team are doing.I also have Lukaku targeted for a few weeks time.I could have included these guys now while using my wc but decided against it just for the moment.I do expect my team to change again over the next few weeks or so but for now,i will stick with these guys.

My GW9 Lineup,

Fernandez,Van Dijk,Dawson

All in all,i am reasonably happy with this lineup.I am not 100% over the moon happy with my team but it is only a game and i feel that these guys just might get me some green arrows if all falls into place,and also only 4/15 have high ownership so it could be a case of my team will either sink or swim but it is worth taking the chance.

Just before i go,i want to stress that Costa and Tadic are 1 week punts here.If they fail to perform,they are out,

thanks for reading,


ps-all ownership % are taken at the time i bought the player.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why Do People Follow Me On Twitter

I know this might sound like a silly title but i am being really honest when i ask this question and i will talk through my reasoning about it now!

Firstly i have a big interest in 2 very different communities which happen to be miles apart.These communities are fashion/beauty and fantasy football #fpl.

Practically all of my tweets are about fashion,beauty,lifestyle and fantasy football so what happens is that my tweets become very diverse and if you look at my timeline,you will see that there is no consistancy regarding what i actually tweet about.

So the problem as i see it which goes back to the title is that as my followers are a mix of fashion/beauty and fantasy football,alot of my tweets will not appeal to almost half my followers depending what i have tweeted.

When i tweet about an outfit that has caught my eye from a favourite blogger,i am sure that some of my fantasy football followers are scratching their heads wondering why they are following this girl who puts up pics of nice dresses and shoes and indeed i have lost some followers having done this. Also when i tweet about #fpl and football in general,again i am sure that some of the girls/guys that follow me for everything else but football are also scratching their heads wondering why they are following me either.

I recently got followed by my favourite Irish model Sarah McGovern and to say i was excited is an understatement as i am a massive fan of hers.Since she followed me,i have wondered what she thinks about my football tweets on her timeline and i dread the day that she unfollows me if she decides to.I would be so upset.

So all in all,i can only be myself and with that comes alot of diversity so if you do follow me,thank you and i really appreciate it and while i wont appologise for what i tweet about,i do however wonder at times why i am followed at all and this is based on my love for 2 completely different communities which dictate the majority of my tweets and are worlds apart.

And just to finish off,if you think my tweeting is diverse,you have to see my blog lol.It is totally all over the place but i guess that sums me up perfectly,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 28 September 2015

I Want To Feel Better

The great thing about having a blog is that if you are feeling like i do now,it helps to be able to write things down and then maybe reflect on everything as i am writing and trying to make sence of all the thoughts going through my head at the moment.

The fact is i feel crap at the moment and have alot of real life problems,some of which might seem very minor but to me they are more than that.Apart from the minor ones,i have some bigger issues and am finding it hard at the moment to like anything about my life.My problems with anxiety have gotten worse and i suffer from many forms of it and also i am really struggling having been diagnosed with a severe form of depression last January (and this is something that i am mentioning for the first time now).I was afraid to mention this in a post before and only a few close friends know about this.My family or my BF dont even know.At this present moment i dont care if any of them actually read this post tbh.

I always know when things are not great with me when i lose interest in the things that have helped me through the last year and these include twitter (blogging and fpl community)which i am not joking in saying that some of my friends on there have had such a massive positive impact on me and have helped me so much just by being themselves.I do though get irritated by certain things on twitter and i am not going to mention them here now but i do know that even if i did mention them,some of my so called friends of mine dont read my blog yet give the impression that they support me and my blog and yet they will never see this post,i may as well put there names here but i would never do that.Maybe i just want some people to be like me.I try my best.

Anyway,i have drifted away from what i am trying to say and that is that i dont feel well at the moment and am concidering going on medication which is something that i have stayed away from as i thought i could beat all this on my own.I am not winning and i admit this now.I may feel better in the morning but i really hate trying to go to bed and trying to sleep hoping that i wake up late so the day is shorter for me (i am off work tomorrow).

I am not happy with my thinking on this and i should be looking forward to tomorrow and what it brings but instead of this,i am not.

It,s now past 2am here and i want to sleep but i know that i wont be able to and i am totally worn out,exhausted and fed up.

Sorry about this negative post but writing it has in a small way helped me.When i feel better,i will be myself again on the likes of twitter,and as the title suggests "i want to feel better"but this is really really difficult,


Friday, 25 September 2015

#FPL Unfair Awarding of Some Points

Just a quick post brought on by yet another awful decision by the powers that be #fpl where points scoring is concerned.

Last week,it was obvious to everyone apart from the guys that award points #fpl that Hazard's attempt on goal went in off Chambers for what was such an obvious "own goal".Yet the goal and points are awarded to Hazard which for all his owners,they are obviously delighted with the decision but these type of decisions make the overall points scores flawed in a way especially as the goal has since been awarded as an OG.

  Sep 24
GOAL ACCREDITATION PANEL Chelsea’s 2nd goal against Arsenal was in fact an own goal (Calum Chambers) & has not been credited to Eden Hazard

And a reminder: rulings by the Goal Accreditation Panel do not affect points already awarded in Fantasy Premier League

A very similar incident happened this season where a Sanchez attempt on goal hits a defender and goes in and it is givin as an own goal?So where is the consistancy in this people of fpl?

And the worst one of all was the Silva goal that was not and was awarded to Ya Ya,i mean everyone knew that it was his goal except the guys that awarded it to Ya Ya.Absolute joke this one.

And the last one of controversy is the assist awarded to Butland.When i heard this i actually thought someone was joking with me as it was clearly a back pass intersepted so how is it possible to award points to Butland? If that is the case,then surely if for example Neil Taylor plays a forward pass which is headed back by a defender to his goalkeeper and intersepted by Gomis who scores,then Taylor gets the assist.I have not seen this been givin before though!

All these decisions obviously have a ripple type effect as BP's are also awarded wrongly too.

These type of decisions take the fun and enjoyment out of playing this amazing game and have affected the overall standings of everyone who plays the game. What could happen is come the end of the game,the person who is sitting in 1st place might have had Ya Ya in his team in GW1 and the person who is in 2nd or 3rd place might have had Silva in their team and only trail the winner by a couple of points.In my view,they should be the rightful winner.

The obvious mistakes made by the people of fpl who decide the awarding of points just might come back to haunt them as when you have an overall table that does not reflect the actual and real points scored by it's players,it does leave an air of doubt and unfairness.

This is such a shame as it is the best game ever in my opinion but unless some rules are changed,it will lead to some players going elsewhere to enjoy their fix of fantasy football,

hope you enjoyed,


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Little Rant About Disqus

This post is being written as i am totally sick of reading a blog post which i obviously like and am interested in and then wanting to leave a comment when i come accross this thing called "Disqus".

For those not familiar with Disqus,you must Login using twitter,facebook or through google in order to submit your comment. Now i personally dont like having to actually login to something first before being able to comment and i will never ever use this.

This is so disappointing for me as some of my favourite blogs and bloggers use disqus and i will never be able to leave a comment on their fabulous blogs but this is obviously their choice to use it for whatever reasons they have.

I do believe that a thing like disqus is offputting not only to me but to many others and i do also believe that as we all love comments on our blog,at least it should be made straightforward enough to do so without having to actually "Login" to something before doing so.I also know that alot of people will not agree with me at all on this.

I will also say now that my opinion on this will never change regardless of what might be said to me about how amazing this thing is and nobody will ever change my mind.

Anyway,rant over,have a nice day,


Monday, 7 September 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged to do this post by the always lovely and supportive Flo of and it's a post about 50 things thst make me happy. Wow this is going to be difficult as i have not been feeling happy for quite some time but anyway,here goes,

1-Getting a new follower to my blog.
2-Making new friends on twitter.
3-Somebody actually taking the time to read and leave a comment on my blog.
5-Painting my nails red or pink.
6-Finding a new dress that i really like and that fits well.
7-Buying new shoes,especially high heels.
8-When anxiety doesn't get hold of me when i have to do something.
9-Getting a good weekly score #fpl.
10-Having a high overall position #fpl.
11-Having a drink at night while checking out some blogs.
12-Finding a fantastic new blog to follow.
13-Getting flowers from my BF (hope you are reading this) lol.
14-Having a great night out with my BF,just the 2 of us.
16-Finding something i love on sale online and having the money to buy it.
17-My dog.
18-Writing a new blog post.
19-When my make up is perfect.
20-Finding a great new TV show to watch.
21-When the postman arrives with my parcel.
22-People who are genuinly nice on twitter.
23-Going for a walk when the leaves are falling.
24-Having a nice sleepin in the morning.
25-Getting breakfast brought to me in bed.
26-When payday comes around.
27-When i can actually help somebody by what i might say or do.
28-A good hair day.
29-When i recieve a compliment from my BF.
30-When i make my BF happy.
31-Chatting fantasy football but not all the time tho.
32-When someone is there for me for support.
33-Having a nice cup of tea sometimes.
34-Being at the beach on a beautiful day and having ice cream.
35-Staying in and watching a good movie,snuggling on the couch with a glass of wine.
36-Kittens and puppies.
37-Going to the zoo.
38-Watching Xpose on TV3 and seeing my fav Irish model Sarah McGovern on it.
39-Fresh bedsheets.
40-Having some time to myself.
41-A good girlie night out.
42-Holding hands with my BF.
43-When the Swans win.
44-Listening to my fav band.
45-No bra day or taking it off after a long day.
46-When someone actually listens to what i am saying.
47-My fav perfume.
48-When my BF remembers some small detail that i might have mentioned to him.
49-Feeling safe when my BF is home from work.
50-Actually finishing this post lol.

So that's my 50 and i enjoyed writing this,thanks again Flo! I would like to tag the following lovely girls but also if anyone else fancies it,please do the tag post as it is alot of fun and has helped take my mind off other issues for a while!

Iga @igaberry1
Kayleigh @averyberrycosmo
Amy @AmyJWalters

ps-since doing this post,the lovely Iga has also done her top 50,you can find it here and also you can follow the lovely Iga too, -  Find me at: &

if anyone would like to leave a comment,please do so,i love reading comments,

lots of love

Hollie xxx

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Me and Twitter at the Moment

Just a quick post as it just occurred to me that sometimes i cant be me where twitter is concerned!! I have to hold back and restrain myself from certain tweets.To explain what i mean is on occasions such as now,i would love to tweet how i feel at the moment and also what i think about certain things but if i do,i have a worry that i may lose some followers.I really appreciate the follows that i have and you are all awesome.But there are certain followers who follow me and i would be afraid and so disappointed to lose these people so i have to be careful what i say sometimes!

Recently i tweeted this
"i always support people and sometimes i get support back but sometimes i wonder why i bother at all with some people "

At the time i really wanted to go more into this but i just couldn't do it,sometimes you think you have friends but then you realise that really they are not and some are just so self centred and full of their own self importance and i believe they think they are above and better than the rest of us,this just annoys me so much as well as alot of other things too i might add!

Also there are some people who say they support me but never ever bother to even read any of my posts and i know this for a fact so please dont be false,i dont know if i should of said that but sometimes even the slightest things just bug me!

So i am in a situation where i cant be myself who is a person who is sometimes completely nuts and generally unstable but where twitter is concerned,i just dont know what to do,even writing this has confused me. I really want to be myself but as i said earlier,i am nuts at times and can be a real nightmare,but not all the time,

a confused Hollie x

Friday, 28 August 2015

Is The WC the Solution To Your #fpl Problems

**UPDATED 12-09-15**

Having seen how the current season has started,it has occurred to me that playing your Wildcard is not necessarily the solution to your #fpl problem.The reason for this is that there are still so many options to be concidered and unless your team is truly awful,by playing it now,i believe that you will still not be happy and wishing that you had of put in X instead of Y.

My team as well as many others is sitting in 1.8 million position overall and i am sure i am not the only one thinking "it's not really that bad" and is it that much worse than the team who sits number 1 overall. So is the overall league table mis-leading if that is the right word against previous seasons and by saying this,i mean by chips having been played well and also by the use of very early WC's in which the majority have jumped on bandwagons which have indeed been successful moves.

So is my team really in need of major changes,i think not myself but afterall i am sitting in 1.8 million position overall so does the overall position influence you to hit that WC button,i think it has done with many fpl players.My current lineup is,



I know i would love certain players in my team,for example Silva when he is fit,possibly KDB,Shaqiri and possibly Pedro but to do this,i would have to play my WC to get these guys in.Is my team really that bad that i should waste my WC taking out a few of the above to accomodate others. I think i would rather hold my WC and even take a few hits to get the team i want and keeping in mind that certain players who have not yet performed,will do soon and will become so called must haves.

Certain players are surprising us all and even today Naismith scoring 3 v Chelsea but i wont be rushing out to get him, Walcott starting and scoring, Hoolahan looks a very good cheapie (nice one Chief) and Martial comes off the bench and scores and gets a BP.But none of these have me saying,i have to play my wc to get them as they are must haves.

What i am saying is that there are still so many options available so with the start of this season being rather eratic,i think that the WC will not solve your fpl problems as i believe the game has still not "settled down as yet"!

There are so many players performing early in every position and there is no point in listing them all here but in reality you could actually make 4 or 5 different teams which would be equally as good by playing your WC but still wish that you could have that other guy and will your team be actually that much better than what you have now concidering all the options out there. It's a tough decision.

I still dont believe that the 1st WC is anywhere near as valuable to you as it was in previous years and i have previously done a post about this but it is still a very valuable tool to have and when to play it depends on the individual themselves. I would love to know the actual % of wildcards played and also chips.

As The Chief says in a recent post "I value patience in FPL" and this is so true. Other experienced managers and accounts but not all,have held off playing their WC and are trusting their original selections as they had set up their team for a number of weeks and are keeping the faith and even taking the odd hit too to sort out a problem.

So to finish off,my original plan was to play my WC after GW4,i did not as i didn't think it would significantly change my team for the better. Yes i know my team does need a little tweeking but a wc is not worth it at this stage even concidering my overall position.

At this early stage,overall position should not dictate that you have to use your WC,price changes seem to have influenced some,injuries might just be an influence to others as we await the news on silva/aguero etc but at this stage,it is a nice feeling to still have it intact and i may just use it but at the back of my mind,i cant help think that i will be wasting it as there are only a couple of players that i would like and i believe the game still has to settle down so to speak,

thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to my Little Blog

Today 27th August marks the 1st anniversary of my blog.This time last year,obviously,i decided to set up a blog for the first time and as i was 28 years old,i was a little late to blogging but said sure why not give this a go.I had just joined twitter for the 1st time too in late July and had started to follow some bloggers,my first being the beautiful Sammy of

So in setting it up,i had absolutely no idea where to start and infact was trying to actually set up my blog through bloglovin and it was with the help of the lovely Chelsea of who sent me in the right direction to where i was then able to set it up.

I had no idea what to write about but i did call it "Hollie's Lifestyle,Fashion and Fantasy Football Blog"! So my first posts were all personal posts about my marriage breakdown and i followed them up with some review posts and a couple of #fpl posts too.It was beginning to look like a very diverse blog and to this day,it still is. I can write about anything without sticking to a particular niche and this really suits me as i have said many times that my blog is a reflection of myself which is at times "all over the place".

I remember getting my first follower on bloglovin and i was so excited by this and in the course of the year,i have managed somehow to now have over 500 followers.I really am quite astonished by this as i could never see why anyone would possibly want to follow me.One of my first followers was a lovely and talented young lady called Flo of  
who had started her wonderful blog around the same time as me and has always been there for support,thanks Flo.

I have made so many new friends through blogging and i would like to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to read an article and i so much appreciate it.

For anyone who has followed me or read a post,you will know that my posts vary from fantasy football to fashion and beauty and personal posts which include some mental health issues that i have and i am being honest when i say that i am amazed that anyone actually follows me!

This is my 113th post which is not too bad for someone who only blogs for a hobby and finally i would like to say,starting my blog was one of the best things i ever did so here's to another year,

thanks for reading,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Taking a Hit v Not Taking a Hit #fpl

Very quick post about my thinking for taking hits in this wonderful game of Fantasy Football #fpl.

So we are all sitting here looking at our team that we spent weeks putting together and for the majority of us,GW1 has been a spectaculure failure! As it's early days,my thoughts are how detrimental is taking a hit or 2 in the opening few GW's against keeping your original squad intact as assuming that you did actually plan for GW's ahead of just the opening one!

Fair enough,where my squad is concerned,apart from having no GK for GW2,i am still kinda happy enough but i would prefere to have 1 or 2 different players going into GW2. Now there is no way in the world i would ever contemplate playing my WC now so i am thinking now that i should and will put these players in and hope it works out but it will mean a -4 hit to my overall score! I scored 29 points last week and sit in 1.9 mil position. It's pretty rubbish i know but it is only GW1 and there is a long long way to go!

The players i would like to have in now are Ayew and Gomis of Swansea and Payet of West Ham,nobody else interests me at the moment although i do like Gomez of Liverpool but i will eventually get him! I also would love to have Benteke,Pelle or Kane for this GW too but this is not going to happen!

So in order to get 2/3 of these guys,i will need a -4 hit and also play out GW2 with no GK as my backup to Courtois is Hennessy!

I like to play the game with a rather reckless (i will use this word) approach and going against what is generally advised where transfers and hits are concerned,but that's just me so please dont take it as advice,there are many top FPL accounts that will give top quality advice out there so please listen to what they have to say! Last year i played it very cautiously and i honestly believe that if i had of played it differently,i would have had a better finish then 20323,i really believe it!

I have already played it very recklessly before and had a great 2012/13 season overall and played it with a view that if i wanted someone,i just got him in my team regardless of points hits taken! Also last season,a friend of mine asked me to take over his team from GW31 as he was sitting in 430k position overall. I told him i would be taking hits to get whoever i wanted into the team and that there would be no mickey mouseing around! His overall finish was 60k. Not too bad with that approach yes!

So in summing up,i am not recommending taking hits #fpl and it's probably not worth listening to me as i really dont want to influence anyone in playing it this way but i personally like the idea of having a team every week that i am happy with! Also it does not mean taking hits every week as this would be rather silly and would not work but my plan is a hit GW2, no Ft's GW3 and then do 3 FT's at GW4 to accommodate Mr Aguero! It will take me 3,i have no doubt about that at all!

With this is place,i may not even have to play my planned WC after GW4 as hopefully i will be happy with my squad by then and it would have cost me -8 FPL points!

This season is a real challenge,more so than ever i believe as there are so many good options to choose from so you can take a cautious approach which is sensible and see where it takes you or you can be a little adventurous and see where this approach takes you!

The main this is to enjoy this wonderful game and hope for the best,

thanks for reading,


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Is It Worth Holding Your #FPL Wildcard?

These are my thoughts on holding onto your FPL Wildcard or using it early and i am sure we will all different views on this but these are mine!

In previous years,i would be thinking "dont play that wildcard early" but not this year!

I think the more experienced manager would have suggested that you to hold on as long as possible and play it as late as possible in previous years which i would have agreed with but with the new changes made to the times in which the wildcards must be played,it is now my view that that the 1st one is not as valuable as it was in previous years! The first one must be played between GW2 and GW19 if i am correct and the second one now between GW20 and GW38!

Previously we all had a wildcard to play between GW20 and GW24 and it must have been played then! Experienced managers would more than likely have held their 1st WC to play nearer the end of the season to capitalise on Double GW's! But now we all have one available from GW20 and the aim here has got to be to hold this one for Double GW's as well as the "Bench Boost" and possibly "Triple Captain" chips!

So with this in mind,your 1st WC is there to be played before GW20 so is it worth holding on until december to play it! I personally dont think so and my plan is to play it after GW4 during the International break!

After GW4 we will all know so much more about whos who etc,who has settled in at their new clubs,is Depay all that he is being made out to be,will Ayew take the Premier by storm like i think he will and are there any particular budget defenders worth getting! We will all know all this by now and it will be the perfect time to use your first Wildcard in my opinion especially if you have had a bad start!

So in setting up my initial team,i am not concerned about having no City coverage,having no Chelsea defenders,probably not having a backup keeper,probably having a cheap bench warmer as my 5th midfielder,possibly having a 4.0 defender sitting on my bench till GW5,not having Aguero or Sanchez in my team from the start etc! Afterall, we can make 3 FT's between GW2 and GW4 anyway!

So when i look at alot of teams posted on twitter,it seems to me that certain teams are set up with a long term view for example Aguero and Sanchez are in 18% and 11.7% of teams respectively! Ivanovic in 30% of which i personally dont like his first 3 fixtures but i do plan on having him at GW4 or Wildcard! And also alot of teams seem to be created from the heart from what i can see too!

I guess what i am saying is the 1st Wildcard is there and in my opinion is not as valuable as previous seasons so rather than setting up your initial team on "Names and Clubs" which might look great on paper,set it up for "Fixtures" with a view to playing that Wildcard early if you need to!

First 3 GW's,the following teams have 2/3 home games which increases the chances of clean sheets for example, Arsenal,Man United,Crystal Palace,Leicester,Norwich,Sunderland,West Ham and Watford! When you look at first 3 fixtures for Man City for example, A West Brom, H Chelsea, A Everton,all difficult games yes,it makes me think do i really want David Silva selected by 14.2% at 10mil in my starting team? Or Vincent Kompany at 6mil is in nearly 12% of teams!

Some players that stand out for me early days are Rooney,Depay,a United defender that will start,Walcott,Cazorla,Cech,Cresswell,Payet,Redmond at Norwich possibly and i do like Benteke tbh too! Also i plan to start with Hazard from GW1!

So for me as i stated in a previous #fpl post,i am concentrating on GW1-3 only when setting out my initial team. My team might look pretty awful on paper but i can only hope that it might just produce some early points and then come GW5 i will have played my Wildcard!

And also if anyone becomes an #fpl must have early games,i will just buy him with my FT's before i use my wildcard!

Hope this all makes sense and i now have fingerscrossed that i can get off to a reasonable start,all i need to do now is get the right initial squad together to get me through the first few games only but i do realise that FPL can be a cruel mistress at times,

thanks for reading,


Monday, 20 July 2015

Veet Wax Strips Review

I decided to try this out during the week after reading some really postitive reviews of the product and reviews generally claim it to be effective,easy to use and painless!

The box contains 10x2 wax strips and 4 perfect finish wipes! It claims to be enough for 2 depilations of both half legs!

When i opened the box,i actually thought it only contained 10 strips rather than the 20 that is printed on the box lol but they are doubled up as 10x2.

I actually wanted the one for sensitive skin but as they had not got it in stock,i bought for normal skin!

What Veet Wax Strips claims is,

you can have instantly exfoliated skin and smoothness that lasts up to four weeks. They're specially formulate with Shea Butter known for its moisturising properties and fragranced Berry to suit Normal Skin. And they are easy to use with the special easy grip tab helps in removing hair from the roots in one easy move and with regular use,you will get fewer,finer and softer hairs growing back.

I personally dont like the idea of a half leg wax especially this time of year so i had fingerscrossed that the 10x2 wax strips would be enough to do both full legs as afterall,it does say it is enough to do 2 half legs twice right! So in theory,it should be a close call!

Instructions for use are as follows and i did exactly what it said,

1-Take out the strip and rub it between your hands to make the strips easy to seperate.
2-Caresully peel the strips apart.
3-Apply 1 strip to your skin and rub several times in the direction your hair grows to make sure the wax adheres well.
4-Grasp the tab and pull the strip back as quickly as you can against the direction the hair grows in one swift motion.
5-Clean away any wax left on your skin with a perfect finish wipe.

It was a little painful but quite tolerable to be honest and the result was very impressive with each strip removing all the hair in one go! Now i have read that you can use each strip more than once and sometimes up to 3 times or more but this is NOT true as after the first use,it is practically useless and you are only wasting your time using it again.

It was quite amazing to actually see the hair that stuck to the strip after use and also after applying the wipe,my skin was very smooth and hairless.

I now must add that i did not have enough strips to do both full legs and i would think that another 10 would be needed at least so i had to use an alternative method to finish off!

The Pros,

It certainly does the job very effectively and it really doesn't hurt that much,the pain is very tolerable and it is quite reasonably priced too. There is also a nice smell.

The Cons,

Plenty of redness after waxing and bumps but this has to be expected as your hair is pulled from the roots so this is a fact and dont let anyone else tell you different as some reviews have claimed! This should really not be a con but i am just telling you the facts.
The finish wipes dont remove the wax completely but this is not too bad either and the only other thing is it is time consuming which again is ok.

Overall i would definately buy these again but it would be the pack of 40 strips rather than 20 and the fact that i used both the strips and shaving,i could compare the results and with the strips,the results are better and 2 days later,the only itching is from the parts i did not use the wax strips! Please remember each strip can only be used once and if it works more than once,i would think that the original was not used properly!

Update-after 3 days the parts of my legs that i used the wax strips on are perfect and smooth and some parts of my legs are still itching,these are the parts that i did not use the strips on! I am sure it has not helped that i am scratching alot as i cant help it lol!

Price- i paid €7.02 in a local chemist!

Recommendation is to buy it as it's relatively cheap and well worth a try,now to use my Cocoa Brown tan which i also bought as there is no chance of getting a natural tan here this summer,

Thanks for reading,

Hollie x

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Early #FPL Selection and Thoughts!

I am just literally throwing this post together so please bear with me and i am not a professional fpl writer like many of the amazing accounts out there. My plan is to use my Wildcard after GW4 as with the new WC system in place,i might as well do so if required that is! I dont think the 1st WC is as valuable to hold onto this season as previous with the new change!

Now with all this in mind,i am only concentrating on the first 3 GW's only as with doing no FT's for GW2,i will have 2 FT's before GW3 starts,so my first thoughts are to have as many home players as possible for the 3 GW's in Gk/Def! And afterall,the first 3 GW's account for just about 8% of the total season so they are important!


Yesterday has thrown up an interesting rotation possibility with the news that Lloris may be out for a while so step up one of my old favs Michele Vorm to rotate nicely with Petr Cech!

GK COST--£10.00M

Rotation for 1st 4 games

Cech H v West Ham
Vorm H v Stoke
Cech H v Liverpool
Vorm H v Everton

Even if Lloris comes back before GW4,it is my opinion that Petr Cech could still be a good GK option away to Newcastle anyway in GW4!


First thoughts on defence,do i really want Chelsea coverage in the first 3 GW's? Not really imo but for GW4 yes and my plan is to have used one of my FT's by then!
Swansea H (i fancy the Swans to score)
Man City A, West Brom A, i honestly cant see clean sheets here either so with this i am staying away from Chelsea defenders until GW 4 at the earliest regardless if Ivanovic scores 2 or so in any of GW1-3!

I like West Ham's 2nd and 3rd games both at home to Leicester and Bournmouth respectively! In fact West Ham and Bournmouth rotate well for opening 4 games so with this in mind,i am bringing in Mings 4.5 of Bournmouth and Jenkinson 5.0 of West ham to start with! I originally had Cresswell but i had to downgrade as i dont have the extra 0.5M.

I also like Man Utd's opening fixtures.especially GW1-3 so i am bringing in Darmian at 5.5M but i may change to another option before the season starts!

Morgan of Leicester and O Shea of Sunderland are my last def choice's at 4.5M each due to fixtures but i am not 100% happy with these guys tbh but for the sake of my plans,i will stick for the moment!


Darmian H v Spurs,
Mings     H v A Villa,
Morgan  H v Sunderland


Jenkinson H v Leicester
O Shea      H v Norwich
Darmian    A v A Villa


Jenkinson   H v Bournmouth
Darmian     H v Newcastle
O Shea       H v Swansea
Morgan      H v Spurs

So basically for the 1st 3 GW's if you are playing with 3 defenders and obviously a GK you will have(barring injuries) 11/12 players playing at home! I dont think it is possible to get better than that tbh! Also before GW4,i should have my Chelsea coverage in defence.


Total cost so far £34.00M with £66.00M left to spend!


Now when it comes to midfield,i am not really concerned about whether or not my guys are playing Home or away so with this in mind,i will pick my 5 players for GW1-4!

There are so many options available in midfield that it really does seem like a lottery but with WC after GW4 in mind,i am thinking a mix of tried and trusted and new players! Also FT's can add anyone who seems like a must have before GW5!

Hazard or Fabregas,Silva or Ya Ya,any of the many Arsenal guys,Payet looks a good signing for West Ham, Cabaye for Palace, Ritchie for Bournmouth and Ayew for Swansea could be fpl gold when settled in!

After some thought,i have decided for the moment to go with Hazard 11.5M, new guy Payet at 7.5,Walcott at 9.0 as he has potential to score alot of points plus had a good end to last season!

My 4th choice is Depay 8.5 who is i believe a bit of a gamble i honestly think but i will see how he gets on in pre season first before confirming him in my team!

My 5th choice midfielder has got to be Ayew of Swansea who i believe can be FPL gold who could possibly shine regardless of the opposition!


Total cost so far £77.50M with £22.50M to spend on forwards!


Now i must point out that Aguero will be straight into my team as soon as he is available to play!

So my 3 forwards will have 2 out of the first 3 games at home too so i have chosen,

Rooney  10.5 H v Spurs, A v Aston Villa and H v Newcastle all whom are teams that Rooney likes to play against! I only plan on holding him for 3 GW's though!

Sakho   6.5 A v Arsenal but his next 2 at home to Leicester and Bournmouth are quite appealing especially if Payet can provide the assists!

Deeney 5.5 A v Everton, H v West Brom and H v Saints and with 2/3 at home and probably on pens too,he looks good value at the moment!


So at the moment,it is a team with No Man City or Liverpool coverage at all but my plan is to rectify the City coverage and also to add Ivanovic before GW4!

Now to give you an example how all the above works,here is my fpl team predicted lineups

GW1 Lineup,

Cech H v West Ham
Darmian H v Spurs, Mings H v A Villa, Morgan H v Sunderland
Depay H v Spurs, Walcott H v West Ham, Hazard H v Swansea, Awey A v Chelsea
Rooney H v Spurs, Deeney A v Everton
and one of either Payet or Sakho A v Arsenal!

GW2 Lineup,

Vorm H v Stoke
O Shea H v Norwich, Jenkinson H v Leicester, Darmian A v A Villa
Payet H v Leicester, Awey H v Newcastle, Hazard A v Man City, Depay A v A Villa Walcott A v Palace
Rooney A v A Villa, Deeney H v West Brom, Sakho H v Leicester
(12 players chosen so all going to plan,i have a selection problem here) and with 0 transfers used!

GW3 i now hopefully should have 2 FT's but my GW3 lineup without these transfers should be,

Cech H v Liverpool,
Darmian H v Newcastle, Jenkinson H v Bournmouth, O Shea H v Swansea
Depay H v Newcastle, Walcott H v Liverpool, Payet H v Bournmouth, Hazard A v West Brom
Rooney H v Newcastle, Deeney H v Southampton, Sakho H v Bournmouth

GW3 has 10 players playing at home and this is without the 2 FT's that are available,my plan is to use 1 FT here and hold the other for GW4 but i will need £££ as i have Ivanovic in mind at this stage (all going to plan and barring injuries that is)!

It is difficult to predict my team for GW4 so i will not do so but if all goes pearshaped,i plan my WC after GW4 but also i do not mind one little bit taking a -4 hit if needed to change my team without using the WC! Last season i played the game way too cautiously but this season,i plan a more adventurous approach!

My worries with this team set up if just looking at it are, no Silva,no Ivanovic,no Costa,no Liverpool coverage,Depay,Payet,Ayew who are all new to PL,should i have Cresswell/Cazorla rather than Jenkinson/Walcott! But you cant have everyone,right! I just dont really like the early fixtures of City and Chelsea tbh!

Yes i could change my team and have the likes of Silva,Ivanovic,Cazorla etc in from the start but i figure i will buy them at some stage but not to start with!

I hope that this team can get me off to a good start unlike last year when i had an awful start but as with any FPL team selected,there is alot of luck involved but also some planning ahead can certainly help too!

So that's my current FPL team and thoughts,any suggestions are greatly appreciated in the comments section,and i have no doubt that there will be changes before August 8th but at the moment,i kinda like this,

thanks for reading,


Friday, 10 July 2015

10 Questions i Would Like To Ask My EX

Just thought of this post now and i have 10 questions that i would love to ask my ex husband! I know i never ever will ask him these as i will never speak to him again but i would really love to know!

Q1- Why did you marry me?

Q2- Did you ever love me?

Q3- Why did you try and control my life?

Q4- Why did you have an affair with one of my best friends?

Q5- Do you regret having an affair?

Q6- You obviously knew this girl before me so why didn't you go out with her?

Q7- Why did you only give me a set amount of money each week to spend on housekeeping and why did you want to see receipts?

Q8- Do you ever miss me and wish that you hadn't cheated and wish you had treated me better?

Q9- How do you feel about the fact that i know so much personal things about you?

Q10- Why were you such a D***Head

Well if i ever met him again i wouldn't give him the time of day but i would still like to know his honest answers to these questions,

have a nice weekend,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 6 July 2015

TODAY 06/07/15

I had every intention to write a post reviewing a beauty product that i should have purchased today but rather than doing this i am doing a post about today and how things started off so well and now i feel so down that i cant even describe it properly! I feel like i am broken!

I got up around 11am thismorning and felt good but i knew i had to do the shopping and i dont like doing the shopping! Anyway i went online and checked my emails etc and checked out twitter! All good and i am in good form.

After lunch i went and got the shopping and while out,i decided not to buy that beauty product that i had in mind! I was out without any makeup and began to feel a little down in myself but this was only a little! When i got home i went on twitter again and had a couple of lovely chats with some lovely friends! I then noticed that FPL was open to re register and i was excited at this!

Had dinner and sat down afterwards with my BF and just started to watch tv! Xpose is on,my fav show but they let me down as i won a prize on their show and i never recieved it,i think i am the only one to never have recieved their prize,i feel so disappointed with this! I think about this every day! After a while,my head just started to go all over the place, an advert for Coca Cola came on. The song "What Are You Waiting For" as part of their Choose Happiness Campaign! What's all this about,you cant just choose happiness,well i cant! I hate the song,i hate the add and it annoys me so much! Right now i cant be happy!

This add did not trigger how i am feeling and i am writing this down as the thoughts are going through my head,this post is not thought out and is just happening. I am sitting beside the most wonderful man i have ever met,i love him and he loves me,i dont want to lose him,i dont think he will understand! He's going to be embarrassed of me,i dont want to let him down,i want to tell him i love him but even though i do i cant say it,i am too down to say nice things!

I have to meet a friend soon who i have not seen in a long time,i dont want to,i dont want to have to meet up with anyone. Christmas will be upon us soon,i dont like christmas anymore,i cant be happy,i dont want to go to my work xmas party,i cant pretend to be happy,i dont want to go back to work,i cant be nice to people,i am a nice person but i dont want to be false!

I have nothing to look forward to tomorrow,i just want to sleep and sleep all through tomorrow and wake up Wednesday,but what is there to look forward to on Wednesday,nothing!

I dont want to go to bed,i am not tired but really i am exhausted but i wont sleep,i never ever get a good nights sleep,ever,i am so sick of this,i know i will be still up at 3am!

I got excited by the impending return of my fav game #fpl earlier,now i couldn't be bothered at all but i dont want to let the guys and girls down,i will never do that!

I feel worthless!

The battery on the tv remote is playing up,i think i am going to lose it soon,make sure you dont Hollie,it's not fair on him,he has done nothing wrong,he has been lovely to me tonight,he loves me and is so proud of me,

"what's up darlin,are you ok" he just asked me,
"nothings up,i am fine"

i am not fine at the moment,i am messed up with my thoughts,i fell like crying,he sees me crying alot from watching something on tv,please put on something that is sad and i can cry and he will think it is because of the tv programme,wheres that remote, Big Brother on tv3 and it's emotional with letters from home!

The tears are flowing now,i am sad watching what is going on in the big brother house but this is only a small part of my sadness at the moment! I cant be happy!

"You fancy a drink" he just asked me,
"yes but there is no wine,i dont fancy one of your beers"
"no problem darlin,i will go and buy you a bottle" he just said

He is mad about me,i know that and i am mad about him,will it change if i tell him about my issues,no way i will tell him tonight,i cant do it,i want to but no,i dont want to lose him!

He has just left to buy me some wine and is due back in about 10 mins,i feel horrible,why does he fancy me,am i attractive,i have no makeup on now,i dont feel pretty,i should have made the effort today!

Maybe i will feel better after having a glass of wine,maybe i wont as i cant just flick a switch,how could my day just turn from being fine and ok to how i feel now,i dont know!

This post is probably all over the place but so am i,