Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Battle Of The Sexes GW6 Scores

Wow what an exciting GW this was with the boys finally getting the better of the girls in League 1 and the girls getting a very creditable draw in League 2.

So here are the scores in both leagues;

So the overall score in League 1 is Victorious Secret  86  -  74  The Gentlemen

Great wins for Gemma,Cathy,Lucia,Kate,Abbigayle and Myself and a very creditable draw for Clodagh against a team who has won both his games before this. Hope to get back to winning ways next week but all credit to the boys this week,well done lads!

And now onto League 2

And the overall score is now Nutmegging Mermaids  46  -  55  What's Offside,Honey?

Well that was some week with the girls doing alot better than the opening week There were great wins for Lauren,Bibi,Tania,Zoe,Crystal,Hannah,Patrycja and Myself and a point for Kali in an exciting draw.

So lets hope for another exciting GW next week and with so little points seperating both leagues,it should be another rollercoaster ride next week.

Thanks to the brilliant Walt for supplying the scores.

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Sunday, 28 September 2014

25 Facts About Me-The Girl Behind The Blog

****14/06/15  I have slightly modified the original post and added a couple of new facts!****

Recently i came across a blog post titled "25 Facts About Me" so i thought why not give this a go. After talking to the girl behind the blog post,she told me that it was a difficult post to write but i thought sure why not give it a go,so here we are now. Even before i write any facts,i am finding it difficult lol! Anyway i hope you might enjoy a little bit of Hollie facts and interests and i hope it might give you an indication of the girl behind the blog!

1-I was born in Boston but moved to Ireland when i was 1 so have no memory of my birthplace at all.I have however promised myself that i will visit someday.

2-I support Swansea City for 11 years now since going for a weekend with the girls and going to The Vetch for a football match not knowing what to expect. I was hooked immediately,

3-I love anything Polka Dot especially skirts and dresses. I believe this all came from watching a video of Strawberry Switchblade singing since yesterday when i was a little girl and the fact that my dad had the record too.

4-I love playing Fantasy Football #fpl and finished 23rd in the world out of around 3 million people in 2012/13. I am very proud of this fact.

5-I was married at age 21,seperated at age 23 after my husband cheated on me and divorsed at age 27. I am now 29 years old.

6-I started my working life in a nightclub serving drinks and to this day i still work in the f+b industry although i dont work in nightclubs anymore. I will leave that to the younger girls.

7-I prefere wearing high heels to flats,a 4" and 5" heel are my favourites but do like a 6" from time to time and on occassions.

8-I love animals especially dogs and cats,i have a border collie,actually she is my BF's but she is mine now.

9- My favourite music is generally from the 80's for example The Bangles,A Flock of Seagulls and Cyndi Lauper.

10-Since joining twitter 10 months ago,i have had a mention on Irish TV,had a request played on national radio have been invited to audition for a reality show and have been offered big money to pose nude lol.

11-I suffer from Depression for a long time now but was officially diagnosed in January just gone! I will find the courage to write a proper post about this someday!

12-I know this might sound strange but when i take a real serious interest in something or someone,for some reason things always improve for that person. An example of this is Swansea City going from the 4th division to the premier league. My latest real interest is in someone who i believe the world is her oyster and something big will happen to her career. This will indeed prove my point.

13-I was not very girly in school but that changed over the years,i would describe myself as quite a girly girl now!

14-If i go out for a meal,my favourite dish would be steak,chips,mushrooms and fried onions,yummy.

15-I have no tattoo's although i am planning to get one,probably a swan in a love heart.

16-I find it difficult to go to sleep early,i guess that's from working till all hours in my younger days and it never left my system. I am a real nitebird!

17-Things that scare me are heights,spiders and wasps.

18-My favourite TV shows are Banshee,The Blacklist and The Originals. Also Game of Thrones is awesome!

19-I won a competition on Irelands top fashion show "Xpose" on Feb 4th but to this day,i have never recieved my prize! So disappointed with this!

20-I would love to have a child some day and fingers crossed it will happen but not just right now lol,i had a miscarraige during my marriage,

21-I always cry when watching a movie with either a happy or a sad ending especially when it involves animals,i get so embarrased at times with this.

22-I love getting flowers,that makes me very happy,especially pink and red roses. (Hope my lovely BF reads this lol).

23-Favourite quote recently "if in doubt,wear polka dot".

24-I have a girl crush if that's the right word to use and most girls do i believe,it doesn't mean i want to jump into bed with her or anything like that but i do think she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen but unfortunately i cant say who it is because i follow her,she's a blogger but she doesn't follow me or my blog (sad face). It's always ok for a girl to have a girl crush right lol! ****Since originally writing this,i have taken a turn off this girl as she loves herself too much! ****

25-Fav number is 4, fav colour is red, fav nail varnish is Rimmel 030 red, fav perfume is cool water, fav lippy is anything by MAC, fav high heels by New Look, tea over coffee,polka dot dress over LBD and finally bra size is, well that's just going a little too far lol!

Well there you have it,i hope you enjoyed my 25 or so facts about me and just got a little more of an insight into me. One of the best things i ever did was to join twitter and start this blog! I have made so many new lovely friends and you all know who you are and i would love to get to know some more people that i follow abit better,

thanks for reading,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Battle of the Sexes GW 6 Fixtures for Both Girl v Boys leagues

Here are the fixtures for both leagues of the Battle of The Sexes

 Good luck to all the girls involved, lets hope for plenty of 3 points for both girls teams!

The overall score in league one is Victorious Secret 67 - 40 The Gentlemen

The overall score in league 2 is Nutmegging Mermaids  21 - 30  What's Offside, Honey?

So this is an important week for both teams,especially teamgirls2!

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 22 September 2014

Teamgirls2 v Teamboys2 GW5 Update Battle of the Sexes H2H 2

So this was the first games for the new teamgirls which will have a proper name before gw6 kicks off. Our opponents are a team filled with professional fpl players and in this league we certainly have our work cut out.

As it is only a new team,it will take a little while to gel together as a group but we are in the process of hopefully making this happen. If all the girls can follow each other on twitter,this will be a start and then hopefully we can have a similar close knit unity such as team Victotious Secret has within the group.And also follow the boys for some banter before and after the matches. It will be a tough season but we will certainly give it our best against which is probably the best fpl boys team ever assembled as a group.

There were some great wins for Bibi,Crystal,Tania,Gwenda,Gurjinder,Rio and myself against some tough opposition which give the girls their 21 points.

The girls started with 7 wins and 10 defeats so we have a total of 21 points to the boys 30 points.Hopefully next week,we can get a weekly victory which will close the gap. Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

So here are the scores from our first set of matches;