Monday, 15 September 2014

I’ve Been Nominated For The One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely Carolin  from . Thank you so much Carolin ,this means alot to me as a new blogger who has a rather diverse set of blog posts to date. It was really nice to get the nomination and i am really so honoured! Thank you once again Carolin!x

I am not exactly going to play by the rules fully but it does give me the opportunity to mention 15 of my favourite blogs which i can 100% recommend that you all follow and they are listed in no particular order of preference. So i am playing this slightly different with my Nominations for the OLBA going to the following absolutely lovely bloggers who all have fantastic blogs which i thoroughly enjoy;

"The rules of the award"

1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post.
2. Share seven things about yourself.                                                                                                      
3. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

"7 Random Things About Me"



 1--I love anything polka dot which i believe my obsession came from watching a video by Strawberry Switchblade singing "Since Yesterday" when i was a little girl.

2--I support Swansea City FC after going to Swansea with the girls for a weekend 10 years ago and somehow deciding to go to a football match,i was hooked since then.

3--I finished 23rd in the world in a fantasy football competition #fpl in 2012/13 out of over 3 million people. I am really proud of this.

4--I was engaged,married,seperated and divorsed all between the age of 19-27.

5--I see myself as a girly girl as the defination seems to describe me perfectly but i can play hard when needed.

6--When i was younger i wanted to look like Susanna Hoffs,now i wish i looked like Tamara Kalinic .

7--I once got pulled over for speeding but after playing the really sorry girly card to the lovely police officer,he let me away with it.


1-Row Bow 
Row Bow always has the most gorgeous outfits and i sometimes try to style myself on her choices.Every blog post is always interesting and i really mean every one of them.A must follow,believe me.

Gabrielle's posts are interesting,colourful and inspirational with lovely stories and a superb fashion sense.I always enjoy reading anything that Gabrielle publishes.Her 21st birthday posts were just lovely as is Gabrielle herself.You just have to follow Gabrielle.

Carolin is such a wonderful person with a fantastic blog.She has a passion for writing and this reflects in her amazing posts on her blog.Fashion,film and lifestyle and others are all covered.Carolin is just a must follow.

Chelsea's blog is just so amazing. She writes about her fashion and food adventures in my birthplace Boston.Every post is always so enjoyable and i always look forward to every new blog post by the lovely Chelsea.Another must follow.

Serene is one really friendly blogger with a rather brilliant fashion and beauty blog.There are always some fantastic beauty tips on the blog and it's well worth following.

Sheren has the most amazing blog with really fantastic OOTD posts with some even linked to a brilliant youtube video. Sheren for me is a must follow and her style is just so inspiring.

7- Polly
Polly is one of the nicest and inspirational people i have been lucky enough to come across. I urge anybody that has not seen her blog to please have a look and follow.

Terri has an incredible blog which has the most amazing outfits you will ever see online. Believe me,every outfit is gorgeous. And she is such a lovely person. I always look forward to Terri's blog posts.Follow Terri,you wont be disappointed.

Beth's blog is so wonderful with posts about fashion,food travels and fun. Beth was one of the first bloggers i followed and i always look forward to her posts.Entertaining and with superb fashion style and Beth is just so nice too.

Becky's blog always has the most amazing outfits which are styled brilliantly and have givin me some ideas in the past. Well worth a follow for some inspirational fashion posts.

Leanne always has some fabulous OOTD posts with some really inspiring outfits and she is such a lovely person to follow with a really lovely blog that is just so enjoyable.Leanne is a must follow.

Eleanor's blog is on of my most recent to follow and i am just so impressed with it.Plenty of beauty product reviews as well as some really lovely OOTD posts. Eleanor is a must follow. 

Nikki has a really lovely blog which contains posts with some really gorgeous outfits. Every outfit looks superb and each one of them are something that i would wear myself. There is alot of variety on Nikki's blog and she is certainly a must follow.

Mel has the blog with the best blog name ever and her outfits are all just amazing. Mel is a recent newlywed with the most fantastic fashion style.Absolutely lovely blog,lovely girl and a must follow. 

Hannah's blog is relatively new but believe me,this is a blog worth following.Hannah is a Professional Make-up Artist for TV who's blog posts are just so interesting with beautiful outfits and fabulous beauty recommendations.So delighted that Hannah is now on bloglovin.

Any of my blog posts to do with my favourite blogs would not be complete without mentioning the following who believe me,you just must follow;

and finally,

I have already explained my reasons for following these blogs in a previous post titled "My Favourite 5 Blogs"  Please have a read as i really enjoyed writing it.

So there you have it,rules slightly broken but the opportunity for me to recommend 15 of my fav blogs made this post very enjoyable to write. Hope you enjoyed it and thank you once again Carolin for nominating me and all your lovely comments,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx



  1. Aww thank you so much Hollie. You are far too sweet <3 Xxx

  2. You are more than welcome,you have a lovely blog and you are a lovely blogger too,one of my favourites! xoxo