Monday, 22 September 2014

Teamgirls2 v Teamboys2 GW5 Update Battle of the Sexes H2H 2

So this was the first games for the new teamgirls which will have a proper name before gw6 kicks off. Our opponents are a team filled with professional fpl players and in this league we certainly have our work cut out.

As it is only a new team,it will take a little while to gel together as a group but we are in the process of hopefully making this happen. If all the girls can follow each other on twitter,this will be a start and then hopefully we can have a similar close knit unity such as team Victotious Secret has within the group.And also follow the boys for some banter before and after the matches. It will be a tough season but we will certainly give it our best against which is probably the best fpl boys team ever assembled as a group.

There were some great wins for Bibi,Crystal,Tania,Gwenda,Gurjinder,Rio and myself against some tough opposition which give the girls their 21 points.

The girls started with 7 wins and 10 defeats so we have a total of 21 points to the boys 30 points.Hopefully next week,we can get a weekly victory which will close the gap. Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

So here are the scores from our first set of matches;


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