Friday, 19 September 2014

Battle of the Sexes H2H 2 Girls Team

So this is the 2nd league created with 16 new fpl girls ready to fight for 3 valuable points against  from what i can only describe as probably the strongest ever assembled squad of boys which contains many big hitters in fantasy football terms. This will be a battle between Girls and Boys in a H2H league in which each week until the end of the season a girl will play against a boy with 3 points up for grabs for either #teamgirls or #teamboys.
The team name for the girls is still to be decided and will be in place before GW6.

So here are the details of the new 17 strong girls team in order of joining the league and with location  based on global league entered #fpl not necessarily birth country,
and i doubt these will line up properly in this post;

Gwenda @GWENDAHAYKAL            Lebanon
Gurjinder  @gurjinderks                          USA
Kalina  @MissAndreeva                         Bulgaria
Lauren @LaurenSAFC92                       England
Bibi  @biibsi                                           Bulgaria
Tania  @tplasc                                        Mexico
Claire @LFCGirl85                                England
Charlotte @Charly216                           South Africa
Zoe @Zoe_8812                                   England
Rio  @RioScotty                                    England
Marie Claire  @MCPlatt                        England
Jennifer  @JPCajasR                              USA
Crystal  @LadyTigeress27                      South Africa
Hannah  @hannahvictorius                      England
Patrycja  @patolcja                                Poland
Goolie Zee                                             Israel
Hollie Garner @fplfashion                       Ireland

 This is the link to Walt's rather brilliant summary of the game ahead.


So this is the 2nd girls team that will be representing all the wonderful girls that play #fpl. Hopefully this league will create alot of good natured banter and interest from the online fpl community and i have no doubt that in the coming seasons,it will grow conciderably.Well with the interest already i am sure this will happen.

All the twitter names are also listed so please feel free to follow these awesome girls in our quest for the ultimate prize on offer,bragging rights.

With this particular league and the boys team of fpl Galacticos, #teamgirls have absolutely nothing to lose,are not expected to win even though we have high expectations ourselves, and have no pressure at all on us but in all honesty boys,there has to be tremendous pressure on you lot,are you feeling it!

Thank you for reading and i promise,this girls team should not be underestimated!

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

ps--when i am writing this post,it is all neat and tidy but on the preview,some of the script is crooked,i dont know whats up with that!

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