Friday, 28 August 2015

Is The WC the Solution To Your #fpl Problems

**UPDATED 12-09-15**

Having seen how the current season has started,it has occurred to me that playing your Wildcard is not necessarily the solution to your #fpl problem.The reason for this is that there are still so many options to be concidered and unless your team is truly awful,by playing it now,i believe that you will still not be happy and wishing that you had of put in X instead of Y.

My team as well as many others is sitting in 1.8 million position overall and i am sure i am not the only one thinking "it's not really that bad" and is it that much worse than the team who sits number 1 overall. So is the overall league table mis-leading if that is the right word against previous seasons and by saying this,i mean by chips having been played well and also by the use of very early WC's in which the majority have jumped on bandwagons which have indeed been successful moves.

So is my team really in need of major changes,i think not myself but afterall i am sitting in 1.8 million position overall so does the overall position influence you to hit that WC button,i think it has done with many fpl players.My current lineup is,



I know i would love certain players in my team,for example Silva when he is fit,possibly KDB,Shaqiri and possibly Pedro but to do this,i would have to play my WC to get these guys in.Is my team really that bad that i should waste my WC taking out a few of the above to accomodate others. I think i would rather hold my WC and even take a few hits to get the team i want and keeping in mind that certain players who have not yet performed,will do soon and will become so called must haves.

Certain players are surprising us all and even today Naismith scoring 3 v Chelsea but i wont be rushing out to get him, Walcott starting and scoring, Hoolahan looks a very good cheapie (nice one Chief) and Martial comes off the bench and scores and gets a BP.But none of these have me saying,i have to play my wc to get them as they are must haves.

What i am saying is that there are still so many options available so with the start of this season being rather eratic,i think that the WC will not solve your fpl problems as i believe the game has still not "settled down as yet"!

There are so many players performing early in every position and there is no point in listing them all here but in reality you could actually make 4 or 5 different teams which would be equally as good by playing your WC but still wish that you could have that other guy and will your team be actually that much better than what you have now concidering all the options out there. It's a tough decision.

I still dont believe that the 1st WC is anywhere near as valuable to you as it was in previous years and i have previously done a post about this but it is still a very valuable tool to have and when to play it depends on the individual themselves. I would love to know the actual % of wildcards played and also chips.

As The Chief says in a recent post "I value patience in FPL" and this is so true. Other experienced managers and accounts but not all,have held off playing their WC and are trusting their original selections as they had set up their team for a number of weeks and are keeping the faith and even taking the odd hit too to sort out a problem.

So to finish off,my original plan was to play my WC after GW4,i did not as i didn't think it would significantly change my team for the better. Yes i know my team does need a little tweeking but a wc is not worth it at this stage even concidering my overall position.

At this early stage,overall position should not dictate that you have to use your WC,price changes seem to have influenced some,injuries might just be an influence to others as we await the news on silva/aguero etc but at this stage,it is a nice feeling to still have it intact and i may just use it but at the back of my mind,i cant help think that i will be wasting it as there are only a couple of players that i would like and i believe the game still has to settle down so to speak,

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to my Little Blog

Today 27th August marks the 1st anniversary of my blog.This time last year,obviously,i decided to set up a blog for the first time and as i was 28 years old,i was a little late to blogging but said sure why not give this a go.I had just joined twitter for the 1st time too in late July and had started to follow some bloggers,my first being the beautiful Sammy of

So in setting it up,i had absolutely no idea where to start and infact was trying to actually set up my blog through bloglovin and it was with the help of the lovely Chelsea of who sent me in the right direction to where i was then able to set it up.

I had no idea what to write about but i did call it "Hollie's Lifestyle,Fashion and Fantasy Football Blog"! So my first posts were all personal posts about my marriage breakdown and i followed them up with some review posts and a couple of #fpl posts too.It was beginning to look like a very diverse blog and to this day,it still is. I can write about anything without sticking to a particular niche and this really suits me as i have said many times that my blog is a reflection of myself which is at times "all over the place".

I remember getting my first follower on bloglovin and i was so excited by this and in the course of the year,i have managed somehow to now have over 500 followers.I really am quite astonished by this as i could never see why anyone would possibly want to follow me.One of my first followers was a lovely and talented young lady called Flo of  
who had started her wonderful blog around the same time as me and has always been there for support,thanks Flo.

I have made so many new friends through blogging and i would like to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to read an article and i so much appreciate it.

For anyone who has followed me or read a post,you will know that my posts vary from fantasy football to fashion and beauty and personal posts which include some mental health issues that i have and i am being honest when i say that i am amazed that anyone actually follows me!

This is my 113th post which is not too bad for someone who only blogs for a hobby and finally i would like to say,starting my blog was one of the best things i ever did so here's to another year,

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lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Taking a Hit v Not Taking a Hit #fpl

Very quick post about my thinking for taking hits in this wonderful game of Fantasy Football #fpl.

So we are all sitting here looking at our team that we spent weeks putting together and for the majority of us,GW1 has been a spectaculure failure! As it's early days,my thoughts are how detrimental is taking a hit or 2 in the opening few GW's against keeping your original squad intact as assuming that you did actually plan for GW's ahead of just the opening one!

Fair enough,where my squad is concerned,apart from having no GK for GW2,i am still kinda happy enough but i would prefere to have 1 or 2 different players going into GW2. Now there is no way in the world i would ever contemplate playing my WC now so i am thinking now that i should and will put these players in and hope it works out but it will mean a -4 hit to my overall score! I scored 29 points last week and sit in 1.9 mil position. It's pretty rubbish i know but it is only GW1 and there is a long long way to go!

The players i would like to have in now are Ayew and Gomis of Swansea and Payet of West Ham,nobody else interests me at the moment although i do like Gomez of Liverpool but i will eventually get him! I also would love to have Benteke,Pelle or Kane for this GW too but this is not going to happen!

So in order to get 2/3 of these guys,i will need a -4 hit and also play out GW2 with no GK as my backup to Courtois is Hennessy!

I like to play the game with a rather reckless (i will use this word) approach and going against what is generally advised where transfers and hits are concerned,but that's just me so please dont take it as advice,there are many top FPL accounts that will give top quality advice out there so please listen to what they have to say! Last year i played it very cautiously and i honestly believe that if i had of played it differently,i would have had a better finish then 20323,i really believe it!

I have already played it very recklessly before and had a great 2012/13 season overall and played it with a view that if i wanted someone,i just got him in my team regardless of points hits taken! Also last season,a friend of mine asked me to take over his team from GW31 as he was sitting in 430k position overall. I told him i would be taking hits to get whoever i wanted into the team and that there would be no mickey mouseing around! His overall finish was 60k. Not too bad with that approach yes!

So in summing up,i am not recommending taking hits #fpl and it's probably not worth listening to me as i really dont want to influence anyone in playing it this way but i personally like the idea of having a team every week that i am happy with! Also it does not mean taking hits every week as this would be rather silly and would not work but my plan is a hit GW2, no Ft's GW3 and then do 3 FT's at GW4 to accommodate Mr Aguero! It will take me 3,i have no doubt about that at all!

With this is place,i may not even have to play my planned WC after GW4 as hopefully i will be happy with my squad by then and it would have cost me -8 FPL points!

This season is a real challenge,more so than ever i believe as there are so many good options to choose from so you can take a cautious approach which is sensible and see where it takes you or you can be a little adventurous and see where this approach takes you!

The main this is to enjoy this wonderful game and hope for the best,

thanks for reading,