Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Taking a Hit v Not Taking a Hit #fpl

Very quick post about my thinking for taking hits in this wonderful game of Fantasy Football #fpl.

So we are all sitting here looking at our team that we spent weeks putting together and for the majority of us,GW1 has been a spectaculure failure! As it's early days,my thoughts are how detrimental is taking a hit or 2 in the opening few GW's against keeping your original squad intact as assuming that you did actually plan for GW's ahead of just the opening one!

Fair enough,where my squad is concerned,apart from having no GK for GW2,i am still kinda happy enough but i would prefere to have 1 or 2 different players going into GW2. Now there is no way in the world i would ever contemplate playing my WC now so i am thinking now that i should and will put these players in and hope it works out but it will mean a -4 hit to my overall score! I scored 29 points last week and sit in 1.9 mil position. It's pretty rubbish i know but it is only GW1 and there is a long long way to go!

The players i would like to have in now are Ayew and Gomis of Swansea and Payet of West Ham,nobody else interests me at the moment although i do like Gomez of Liverpool but i will eventually get him! I also would love to have Benteke,Pelle or Kane for this GW too but this is not going to happen!

So in order to get 2/3 of these guys,i will need a -4 hit and also play out GW2 with no GK as my backup to Courtois is Hennessy!

I like to play the game with a rather reckless (i will use this word) approach and going against what is generally advised where transfers and hits are concerned,but that's just me so please dont take it as advice,there are many top FPL accounts that will give top quality advice out there so please listen to what they have to say! Last year i played it very cautiously and i honestly believe that if i had of played it differently,i would have had a better finish then 20323,i really believe it!

I have already played it very recklessly before and had a great 2012/13 season overall and played it with a view that if i wanted someone,i just got him in my team regardless of points hits taken! Also last season,a friend of mine asked me to take over his team from GW31 as he was sitting in 430k position overall. I told him i would be taking hits to get whoever i wanted into the team and that there would be no mickey mouseing around! His overall finish was 60k. Not too bad with that approach yes!

So in summing up,i am not recommending taking hits #fpl and it's probably not worth listening to me as i really dont want to influence anyone in playing it this way but i personally like the idea of having a team every week that i am happy with! Also it does not mean taking hits every week as this would be rather silly and would not work but my plan is a hit GW2, no Ft's GW3 and then do 3 FT's at GW4 to accommodate Mr Aguero! It will take me 3,i have no doubt about that at all!

With this is place,i may not even have to play my planned WC after GW4 as hopefully i will be happy with my squad by then and it would have cost me -8 FPL points!

This season is a real challenge,more so than ever i believe as there are so many good options to choose from so you can take a cautious approach which is sensible and see where it takes you or you can be a little adventurous and see where this approach takes you!

The main this is to enjoy this wonderful game and hope for the best,

thanks for reading,