Tuesday, 25 October 2016

This Season's #FPL

Hi guys and girls,i will get straight to the point here and ask where has the fun aspect gone in playing #FPL? This season is just not the same and the general banter and all round interaction is just not the same as it used to be.

I have noticed that certain accounts and some friends seem to no longer have the same interest as they used to have and certainly are more twitter quiet than previous years. Could this be the introduction of  the Official FPL account that has put alot of former very active accounts off,maybe but i am not sure.And with now over 4 million players playing the game which is the most ever amount playing,i would have thought that interaction would be better than ever but it doesn't seem that way to me.

Also i have noticed that some fantastic accounts who do tweet about FPL are no longer getting the likes and comments that they used to get,they are getting them but not in the same volume of previous seasons. And to add that i have also noticed that when people in general tweet about FPL,they are not getting much of a response from the community in general,you can scroll down the posts and see no likes,comments or shares on so many posts. This must also be disheartening to those who tweet a post.

Previously when i logged into twitter and searched #fpl,i used to recognize so many accounts,nowadays when i search it,i hardly know anyone at all. It's just not the same. In my opinion,certain people and accounts used to "drive" FPL and make it an enjoyable experience but with alot of these people and accounts being less active,the fun aspect is diminishing week by week.

The demise of "Battle of the Sexes" #Bots has not helped as this used to generate alot of banter between the girls and the guys and this in general was a good thing for FPL. I must also mention that an fpl account who did not like girls playing the game and expressed his opinion on the matter has also caused some of the girls to no longer tweet about fpl as he called some of us Sluts and other choice language was used. All of his comments have been removed now but it certainly didn't help.

It is always awesome to see the opinions and thoughts of previous FPL Champions and Matt,Simon and Tom are amazing guys who do be twitter active and are always available to offer an opinion,it is such a shame that last years FPL Champion does not seem to be interested in the world of twitter.

Although the game has grown considerably over the years,to me it has lost the fun aspect,not fully but it's just not the same as it was before. It is also more difficult as there are more performing players across the board which is great and keeps the idea of template teams at bay and also with the highest ever amount of overall FPL managers playing.

I wonder if it is a case that so many post tweets like "had a great week and got 80 points" where most of us have only got around 30 that week,does this as they say piss people off and put them in bad form? Mmmmmmm i wonder.

Could it be that when we post that we have had an awful week,someone comments saying "you should have listened to me" or something to that affect or is it that there are so many accounts which include alot of new ones claiming to offer advice as fantasy football experts.I must point out here that this is not something that i am against and i do applaud all you guys. But there are some fraud accounts like the guy who has an account using the historical overall finishes of the legend that is Ville Ronke (whoever that really is) claiming to be an expert but this is not him and he is fooling over 400 followers into thinking that he is an expert with these amazing overall finishes. This guy is infact the same guy that has called some of the girls sluts. In the last few days,he has actually removed his overall finishes but he should never have claimed them in the first place.

Could it be that last season done major damage to our enjoyment of the game as a template team emerged which really destroyed the fun aspect of playing as so many teams had the same players.

Could it have something to do with the fact that some dead teams which sail along like a ghostship  are scoring more points that teams that spend hours analyzing everything before making transfers and captain choices.This can be very disheartening to active players.

I really dont know what has turned certain people/accounts off and what their reasons for not being as interested as had been previously but i would love to know as it's just not the same and i miss what it was. Maybe it's just me but i just cannot put my finger on it as to why things have changed,i just don't know but just remember that we all have bad weeks,some more than most but it is only a game so please try and enjoy it for what it is and hopefully the fun aspect will return.

I do really doubt that there are many players out there who are enjoying it as much as they used to but i hope i am wrong in saying this,or maybe it is just me,

thanks for reading,


Saturday, 8 October 2016

"BOTS Girls v Guys" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

This is the draw for the 3rd round of knockout cup fixtures,all ties will be played in GW10. With only 2 girls left in the cup,there are 6 guy v guy fixtures!

Jay Slack    71-85    David Porter

Francisco Campos    53-77    Jack Smillie

Pratulya Rajan    90-78    Jasprit Sudan

Steve Totterdell    76-82   Monil Jhaveri

Jonathan Ounsworth    90-60    Holly Shand

Aakash Chhabra    59-62    Craig McGorum

Andrew Openshaw    66-74    Pamela Mwashighadi

Khalil Darmoul    62-66     Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka

RESULTS of 2nd Round

FPL Walt   35-40    Jay Slack   

David Porter    51-41    Masroor Haider    

Ankit Dhul    40-46    Francisco Campos  

Callum Smith    47-51    Jack Smillie    

Pratulya Rajan    59-53    Professor Boogie  

Aakash Chhabra    32-25    Nicola Steatham

Khalil Darmoul    37-26    Kathryn Foster

Monil Jhaveri    55-29   Hollie Garner

Jasprit Sudan    42-30    Elaine Govender

Steve Totterdell    46-35    Patsy Blue

Jonathan Ounsworth    51-35    Teen McViegh

Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka  42-34    Tarah Stevenzon

Andrew Openshaw    32-23    Leslie Sawyer   

Craig McGorum     47-35    Gemma Harrison 

Greg Saunders     33-34    Pamela Mwashighadi  

Martin Coleman    38-44    Holly Shand     

14 Guys and only 2 Girls left now,

on behalf of the BOTS crew,


Friday, 23 September 2016

"Battle Of The Sexes" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

 Here is the 3rd round cup draw and all ties will be played in GW10. 1st and 2nd round results can be found further down the page!

Rob Black    72-60    Holly Shand

Ron Mcllreavy    74-71    Mauricio Arias

Patrick Cobbold    49-66    Lynne Walton

Sagar Chowdhry    82-40    Claire Lukka

Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  67-86   Alex Bower

Miguel Penetra    80-72    Patsy Blue

Arun Singh    46-75    V.Shirova

Mohammed Ebrahim    32-56    Becca Wilson

Results round 2

Rob Black   39-31   Vikki Marshall
Ron Mcllreavy   62-20    Julie Lea
Kaarthik Jayakumar   30-44    Holly Shand
Mauricio Arias    46-38    Lauren Cochrane
Fares Al-ansi    20-53    Lynne Walton
Patrick Cobbold   45- 34   Kate McAlister
Umar Bashir   36-41    Claire Lukka
Sagar Chowdhry   45-35    Gemma Harrison
Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  (wins on goals conceded) 34-34    Pamela Mwashighadi
FPL Junior 2    22-25    Alex Bower
Miguel Penetra  (wins 2-1 on goals scored) 43-43    Lucia Stiglich
*Leah Pardo   31- 34   V.Shiroya*
Mohammed Ebrahim    41-29     Hollie Garner
Arun Singh   54-47   Fay McCormick
Rafi Ali    28-35    Patsy Blue
Cameron Davies    29-35    Becca Wilson

now there are 9 Guys and 7 Girls left.

1st Round  RESULTS

As you are all aware,there are 3 separate Bots leagues and here is the 1st round knockout Cup Results for the league titled "Battle Of The Sexes"

Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

As there are 48 teams in the league,the highest ranking 8 girls and guys get a bye to round 2,this means there will be 16 ties in round 1. The following have a bye to round 2,

The Guys
Rob Black,
Ron Mcllreavy,
Kaarthik Jayakumar,
Mauricio Arias,
Fares Al-ansi,
Arun Singh,
Patrick Cobbold,
Mohammed Ebrahim

The Girls
Holly Shand,
Gemma Harrison,
Pamela Mwashighadi,
Lucia Stiglich,
Alex Bower,
Fay McCormick,
Becca Wilson,
Leah Pardo

@FPL Stag   41 -48    Kate McAlister
Kiel Smith   65 -73    Lauren Cochrane
Imtiaz Hussain    25- 51   Claire Lukka
Umar Bashir   53 -49    Kat Mortensen
Sagar Chowdhry   44 -31    Tania Plascencia
Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  51-47  Leanne Wheeler
FPL Junior 2    49- 26   Kirstine Dyg
Miguel Penetra   60 -47    Therese Kieve
Joshua Landon   51 -70    V.Shiroya
Moti Fanta    37-47    Hollie Garner
Ian Muhutsu    38- 51   Patsy Blue
Rafi Ali    58- 48   Zako Jeewa
@4everhornets    28- 50   Julie Lea
Rami Z    32- 55   Vikki Marshall
Owen Davies    41- 61   Lynne Walton
Cameron Davies    39- 37  Joanne Mayhew

on behalf of the Bots team,


Thursday, 22 September 2016

"The BOTS Prenup" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

Here is the draw for the 3rd round of the knockout cup,all ties to be played in GW10. All results from Round 1/2 can be found further down this page. Due to more girls left in the cup,there will be 1 girl v girl ties!

Potty Morbid FC    66-53    Tania Plascencia

Phil Hackett   70-49    Gurjinder K

PM    61-50    Aakriti Mehrotra

Christine Brown    94-35    Antoinette Buckley

Lee Seng Kwee   70-63    Laura Lawson

Ervin Ang    80-58    Charlotte Holmes

Vignesh Bhatt    59-79    Natasha Barratt

Procky Proctor   v    Calamity Jane

RESULTS from round 2

Sabellullah md     34-46    Tania Plascencia

Potty Morbid FC   41-32    Anthony Dosanjh 

Phil Hackett    44-35    Poppy Dinsey   

Sushant Garg     33-43    Gurjinder K

PM     38-29    Hollie Garner

Bryan Boen    28-45    Christine Brown

Ervin Ang    61-46    Linn Bjornbakk

FPL Maestro    34-35    Aakriti Mehrotra

Lee Seng Kwee    46-31    Vikki Marshall

Darren Wilson    17-53    Charlotte Holmes

Chuck May   26-45    Laura Lawson

Rags @FPL_TransTips     39-40    Natasha Barratt

Vignesh Bhatt    41-33    Holly Lewis

Mohammed Al-Juboori    35-36    Antoinette Buckley

Christopher Klein   44-47    Calamity Jane

Procky Proctor    33-23    Clare Colgan  

9 Girls and 7 Guys left now


Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

Sabellullah md    49-22    Kerry Bethorn

Potty Morbid FC    42-20    Cathy Francis

Kaarthik Javukumur    40- 57   Gurjinder K

Bryan Boen    55-52    Kate Eveleigh

Phil Henderson    55-70    Linn Bjornbakk

Robbie McDonnell    45- 47   Clare Colgan

Phil Hackett    36- 35   Avigail Z

Anthony Dosanjh    69-48    Marie Claire Platt

Sushant Garg    70-41    Chrysanthe Prashmita

PM    44-37    Yayo Z

Michael Bridger   36 -47    Hollie Garner

Ervin Ang   59 -16    Hayley Wright

FPL Maestro   62 -51    Nikki Jude

Lee Seng Kwee   57-32    Barbara Brown

FPL Junkie    31-31    Tania Plascencia (0-1 on goals scored)

Darren Wilson    68- 43   Jessica Swindol

Chuck May   55 -48    Ellyn C

DM Hann   48 -78    Poppy Dinsey

Rags @FPL_TransTips    49-48    Hannah Burt

FPL Muppet   38 -47    Christine Brown

Vignesh Bhatt   74 -70    V Shiroya

Mohammed Al-Juboori    58-31    Charly B

Allan Smith    17-65    Aakriti Mehrotra

Christopher Klein   50 -39    Simar Ghassane

Procky Proctor (2-1 on goals conceded)   51-51    Fatimah Zohroh

Ali Tahir    50- 55   Vikki Marshall

Ian Muhutsu   38 -44    Charlotte Holmes

Jesus FPL   51 -53    Laura Lawson

John Griffiths    44-48    Natasha Barratt

Cameron Davies   39 -43    Holly Lewis

Amogh Kelkar    46-51    Calamity Jane

Aaron Cottrell     46-47    Antoinette Buckley

on behalf of the BOTS crew,


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

"BOTS Girls v Guys" League Cup 1st Round Results


Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

FPL Walt   54 -48    Kate McAlister

Deepak Goplani    54-57    Nicola Steatham

Jay Slack    54- 49   Kat Mortensen

David Porter    44-31    Tania Plascencia

Masroor Haider    66-47    Leanne Wheeler

Ankit Dhul    56- 48   Hayley Garrod

Francisco Campos    56-46    Yema Stowell

Callum Smith    45-26    Kirstine Dyg

Jack Smillie    61-47    Therese Kieve

Pratulya Rajan    63-55    Natasha Sporn

Aashish Niroula    53-69    Kathryn Forster

Professor Boogie    52-42    Lauren Ayre

FPL Mitch    46-47    Hollie Garner

Aakash Chhabra    19-18    Supriti Goonerette

Ivan Hadyan    49- 61   Elaine Govender

Khalil Darmoul    62-48    Zako Jeewa

Monil Jhaveri    57-47    Kali A A

Stefano Ghost    46-51    Patsy Blue

FPL Junkie    31-65    Teen McViegh

Jasprit Sudan    66-53    Ness Scott

Steve Totterdell    49-31    Sharon Parry

Jonathan Ounsworth    76- 37   Joanne Mayhew

Anant Dhul   49 -74    Tarah Stevenson

Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka  39-33  Clodagh Mullarkey

Vikesh Rama    44- 57    Leslie Sawyer

Andrew Openshaw    66- 35   Biibsi A

Craig McGorum   38 -36    Claire Blanshard

Greg Saunders   52 -46    Alex Bower

Sean Kehoe   41 -45    Pamela Mwashighadi

PeakyDave Wilks   49 -82    Gemma Harrison

Darryl Hughes   28 -47    Holly Shand

Martin Coleman   84 -66    Joanne Coulson        

on behalf of the Bots crew,


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Looking For Advice #Relationship Issue

This is a different post for me to my usual but i am hoping for some advice on what has happened.

As some of you may know, i was once married but my husband cheated on me with a good friend of mine and it was the end of our marriage. I struggled for years and eventually in April i started anti-depressants for the first time. A certain amount of paranoia can be associated with taking these though.

So this is the situation guys and girls. I have been told by my boyfriend that one of my closest and best friends is interested in him. Her sister has contacted my boyfriend and told him of her interest and it was done with the intention of finding out if he could be interested and how the land lies.She told him in strict confidence and asked him to promise that he would not say anything to anyone. He did make that promise but has broken it as he told me. As far as i know,my friend has no idea that she has done this but maybe she does and did actually ask her sister to find out.

My boyfriend has been upfront with me about it but me being me and what has happened to me in the past,i cant help but feel worried and anxious about the whole situation. I have noticed recently that when we are out,she seems to be there more times than not.I dont want history repeating itself but there is so many similarities to what happened in the past. Also he has told me that she texts almost every day for some reason or another.

I do remember her saying to me in a joke that if things went wrong with me and him that she would love a crack at him,we were just having a laugh at the time,well at least that's what i though.

My boyfriend has told me that he has no interest in her but he has always seen her as a friend as they both get on well together. However,last week she asked him if he would go for a coffee with her someday as she has recently had a family death and needs someone to talk to and as he is good at this sort of thing,she would feel better for having that talk. They both told me about this and i was totally ok with this at the time but i know now that this was suggested after he knew of her interest. My God,i am so confused writing this!

He is actually going away for a week next week but it is work related and myself and my friend have arranged a few girls nights out while he is away,oh God i just thought of when i was married and my husband was away,my friend who my husband cheated on me with tried to get me to get with another guy while we were out but i was having none of it as i am not like that.

So to sum it all up,
he knows of her interest and has told me,
she does not know that we both know as her sister asked,
knowing of her interest,he was willing to go for that coffee,
i have no idea what to do now.

Surely it is an unwritten rule that friends dont try it on with their friends other half,this is twice it has happened to me and i dont know what to do,

any advice will be welcomed,

thank you,


Thursday, 21 July 2016

How BOTS will work this season

Ok guys and girls,we are trying something different this season where our Girls v Guys leagues are concerned and this is how it will work.

There will be 2 leagues of 32 Girls and 32 Guys and one league of 22 v 22 and all 3 leagues will be CLASSIC leagues. How the points scoring on a weekly basis for our respective teams will work is as follows,

1st in league 20 team points,
2nd in league 19 team points, (all the way down to)
20th in league 1 team point,
therefore if you are placed anywhere between 21st and 64th or between 21st and 44th in our 3rd league,you will score zero points for your team so please keep that in mind. At the end of each week,the team which scores the most cumulative points will get the win.

There will also be Cup knockout comps throughout the season and these will be H2H girl v guy matches. These should be alot of fun and hopefully create some banter on twitter.

Just a note on the cup knockout competition for the league of 22 v 22 which is called "Battle of the Sexes". As there are 44 teams,it will be required to have a qualifying round of 12 girls v 12 guys so this will be determined by the top 10 guys and girls in the league getting a bye to the 1st round after a GW which is still to be decided. So to sum up,it will be top 20 and the 12 winners of the qualifying round will take part in the 1st round of the knockout cup.

This is basically how it will work and i must stress that all leagues are of equal importance and are not categorized as league 1,2,3.

*All leagues are now full*

thanks to everyone who has joined both the Girls and the Guys teams and the best of luck to both teams,sure bragging rights are at stake and the girls are very confident of winning all 3 leagues so bring it on guys,

Hollie (on behalf of all the Bots crew)

Monday, 23 May 2016

My 2nd Month on Sertraline-Update

As i have previously wrote a post on my first month on sertraline which was a disaster,i feel it is only right to do a quick follow up post as my dosage was increased from 50mg to 100mg after being on the 50mg for a month.

If you have previously read my original post,you will know that the first month was horrible in so many ways. I was tired,had no motivation at all,never slept well,felt down all the time and even had suicidal thoughts throughout the month (it actually says on the side affects that it can cause thoughts of suicide).

After the month,i went back to my GP and even though i told him that these meds are not working,he suggested that we up the dose as he believes that these are exactly what i need and he did not want to change me onto something else.

5 days into taking the 100mg,i have to say that i feel alot better. I feel less stressed and have a little more positivity about me and i can handle situations alot better at the moment. I still feel a little tired though but all in all,i am pretty happy so far.

So what i would like to say is that if you are prescribed sertraline,stick with it as it takes time. In saying this,i know that everything could change but for the moment,all seems to be going well,

thanks for reading,

Hollie x

Monday, 9 May 2016

My First Month On Sertraline

As i have been prescribed Sertraline,i thought it may be helpful to document my first month on the meds.I have been diagnosed with severe depression while also having anxiety disorders and a mild OCD that does tend to wear me down even further.I do understand that every medication can affect each individual differently. Even if it is of interest to 1 person,i will be very happy so what i will try and do is tell you how i feel on a daily basis. I take one tablet a day in the morning after breakfast.

Day 1- Felt absolutely no difference whatsoever but i found it very difficult to sleep that night.

Day 2- OMG the tiredness i feel is like nothing i have ever felt before in my life. I took the tablet thismorning and it is now 6.30pm and i am exhausted and need my bed i am that tired. I also have felt very hungry all day and even shortly after eating,i feel like i want to eat more.

Day 3- Today has been a strange day in which i have felt a very strong feeling of not trusting my boyfriend. This has not happened me before and practically all day i have felt that he is having an affair with a co worker of his. I have also felt quite hungry all day.

Day 4- Again i have felt hungry all day and still have this feeling of not trusting my BF even though i know that i have absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Day 5- All i can say about today is that Sertraline seems to take my mind off some problems and concerns but seems to then create others. I have a strong feeling of paranoia but it is at this stage too difficult to explain.

Day 6- Today is not a good day at all,i feel rubbish and dont want to talk to anyone. I have spent the day avoiding people and turned off my phone.

Day 7- I feel exactly the same as i did before i started on sertraline,i am now having my doubts as to whether these are going to work for me or whether i will have to try a different anti-dep!

Day 8- After a terrible night's sleep in which my mind was going a mile a minute thinking all sorts,i actually believe that these tablets are having absolutely no affect on me at all!

Day 9- These are definately not working at all,i still feel crap,i am not eating as much however.

Day 10- Feelings of i just want to be on my own today. I have turned my phone off and even while i am on twitter,i have no inclination to talk to anyone at all. My friend has been trying to contact me and she has even sent me a private message on fb but as i have not actually clicked on the msg,she has no idea that i have seen it so i will leave it at that so!

Day 11- today is the worst i have felt in a long time,i actually feel worse than i did before i started on these meds. I feel totally unmotivated to do anything and still dont want to talk to anyone.

Day 12- i really dont think these are working at all,i still feel totally crap. I seem to have lost interest in alot of things that had previously kept me happy. I was told by my gp to give them time and i guess i will do but so far,i am very disappointed that i dont feel any better at all!

Day 13- i have absolutely no motivation at all to do anything and i have so much that i have to do. I feel like i just could not be bothered and some of the things i need to do are important.

Day 14- 2 weeks in now and i still feel crap. Today i fely very unhappy with my body and have been wondering all day why my bf is interested in me at all. I can honestly say at this stage that these tablets are not working for me and i am very frustrated at this moment in time.

Day 15- for some reason,today was a good day. Maybe it has nothing to do with the tablets as i have had good days before them but who knows. I still think at this stage,i have every intention to change to different  meds at the end of the month,this is my plan.

Day 16- still feel crap and very unmotivated. 16 days in now and i havn't had a decent night's sleep in so long and even writing this,it is now 2.45 am. I should mention that the feeling that my bf is having an affair has passed thank God as deep down i knew it was something that would never happen. The meds seemed to give me trust issues for a period of time.

Day 17- another day in which i feel the exact same as i did before i started and sometimes even worse. I cant wait to see out this month and i can go back to my gp. This is so frustrating as i want to feel better in myself and then hopefully go on to enjoy life.

Day 18- i feel totally unmotivated today and have had lots to do but actually getting around to doing anything was a real effort. Also felt very tired all day too. Also what i have noticed is that some people who i would call friends no longer talk to me,coincidently since i shared my first post about having depression and starting on meds. I am still the same person and am not like a fragile doll.

Day 19- another rubbish day in which i am certain that i am wasting my time taking these tablets. I had alot to do today but got everything done but felt under pressure all day.

Day 20- yet another day in which i felt pretty awful and negative practically all day,also felt very tired for most of the day too.

Day 21- a positive day for once,thank God. Actually had a really nice day but i doubt that i can put this down to the meds.

Day 22- not a great day,having some serious trust issues and again i feel like paranoia is settling in.I also must mention that my sex drive has diminished in the 3 weeks on sertraline. This is a side effect that i am not happy about.

Day 23- another crap day if truth be known,i did however get out and enjoy the sunshine and even got a little tan but generally i still feel quite down.

Day 24- ah these are just not doing anything at all and i am sick of it at this stage. Anxiety levels are almost at an all time high,i dont want to talk to anyone and if truth be known,i actually feel worse than i did before i started these. It is so annoying and frustrating!

Day 25-27- nothing changed at all,still feel rubbish,feel very unmotivated,tired and generally feel negative about everything.

Day 28- i went back to see my GP yesterday and explained everything to him and the fact that i dont think the tabs have done anything at all for me,that i still feel as bad as ever with no motivation,no positivity,wanting to be on my own and generally not enjoying life at all. He has suggested counselling but this is something that i am not interested in doing. He has upped my doseage of "sertraline" from 50mg to 100mg and said i should try this for a further month. To say i am surprised is an understatement as they have done nothing for me. Today i feel worse than ever but have started on the 100mg thismorning.

I hope this post may be of some help to someone out there and thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read it,

Hollie x

Friday, 22 April 2016

So Finally i Have Decided To Try Meds

This is my first blog post in quite a while as i really have been so unmotivated of late. As some of you may know,i have had some issues with depression/anxiety/ocd and have always refrained from going on any sort of medication as i believed i could fight this myself without them but unfortunately this has not been the case and i am not ashamed to admit defeat.

It has been suggested to me on many occassions by my doctor that i should go on anti depressants and yesterday i agreed to do so.

I have been prescribed Sertraline and have taken my 1st one thismorning,it's one a day for 3 months. I have been told about the side effects and i will just have to see what happens,if anything.

What is sertraline?

Sertraline is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).
Sertraline affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with depression, panic, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
Sertraline is used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorders.

I have no idea how they  may effect me as a person,my thoughts and just everything about me in general so only time will tell. I have not been myself at all recently and even on twitter,i have been nowhere near as active as i have been previously so definately something was wrong lol!

Also i have been prescribed Zolpidem and having read up about it,i read some strange things about it.The one that stands out for me is that unbelievably it is said to be a well known date-rape drug used in the USA and replaced the drug known as rohypnol as the drug used most often. I am not sure if it is true but it must certainly be strong.

So that's my update and from now,i will just see what happens,i just dont know what will happen but at least i am trying and if anyone is familiar with Sertraline,could you please let me know in the comments below,

thanks for reading

Hollie xxx

Saturday, 12 March 2016

My #fpl Quest For Top 1% Overall Finish

 I will be updating this post from the top rather than having to scroll down the page for updates!!! Starting position at GW28 375k


Well unfortunately i failed to make the top 1% but i did make the top 1.6% with an overall 61k finish and having 2181 points. It was however my highest position all season. Also i am kinda pleased that my team did rise 314k places since the start of this post.
This season i again played it cautiously for the 2nd year running and this does not suit me,i have learned that this approach does not work for me and next season will be different. I did create a 2nd team for that first time this season due to the fact that i had been asked by a few of the bots girls to join their leagues and i didn't want to let them down. This team was played with less caution and was a lot more adventurous and it finished in an overall position of 9275.
I am looking forward to next season already and i will revert back to my old way of playing. Thanks to everyone who has read my fpl posts,you are all amazing. Enjoy your summer and see you all back again in August!


today i scored 52 points with a -4 hit and mainly thanks to my 2 transfers in of Mane and Giroud. I have climbed the overall and am now in 61k overall (my highest position all season)with Smalling and Rashford to play,that is if they play at all.
So to sum up,at the moment and since the start of this post at GW28, my team has gone from 375k to 61k which is a rise of 314k places and an actual overall of 1.6%,ha ha i am clutching at straws now lol! I am pretty happy with this as it really has been a tough and challenging season!


going to take a -4 hit this week as i believe Payet is out so it will be Payet to Mane and Carroll to Giroud,i fancy both players this week and i think they are worth the hit and i will captain Sanchez. I know it is impossible to now finish inside top 1% as in 79k,it is abit much to ask so i will be happy if i can stay inside top 100k concidering what a disappointing season i have had.


After a gw score of 110 points with a -16 hit, i have moved up 45k places in total this gw from 124k to 79k overall. I am however about 35 points away from a top 1% finish with only the 1 gameweek left so i cant really see it happening but tbh i would be happy with anything inside the top 100k.
This week i dont plan to take a hit but will do just the one transfer.I am not sure as yet who it will be. Also it is important to pick the right captain.I cant see past Sanchez at the moment tho.


Well i can forget about a top 1% finish now as i am currently in 107k overall but was at 124k at the start of the gw. I decided to take a -16 hit this week and i actually cannot remember ever doing that before even in my very reckless days of playing fpl. My revised target overall is now top 100k which tbh is not to bad as the first time this season i actually entered top 100k was at gw 34.


What an awful gw in which i have recieved a red arrow and now sit in 124637 overall. Needless to say,i am very disappointed with this and now feel that an overall top 1% finish is beyond me. I will now set my target at a finish inside the top 100k.
This week's dbl gw is interesting as i plan to take either a -8 or even a -12 hit. At this stage of the season i feel like i should just enjoy it and hope for the best. The players i am looking at are Cresswell,Carroll,PVA and very possibly Hazzard too but i am not sure about him as he has both games away from home. I am also concidering taking out Rashford for Defoe or Borini as i dont fancy Rashford at all this dbl week. It will give me 9 dbls and will play triple captain this week.


I made 2 transfers and got rid of Coutinho and Alli for Payet and Brady. These were done with next week in mind as both have 2 games.


Finished the GW in 99928 position overall so i suppose i am inside the top 100k but have a long way to go to finish inside top 1% and time is running out fast. I will do 2 ft's this week and take a -4 hit.


After a pretty awful sunday,i am now in 100747 overall and sjust out side the top 100k. I have a long way to go to get inside top 1% and i am not that happy with my team at all. Tonight's game is important as i have Kane as captain and really need some points.


Well i have finally made it inside the top 100k and am now in 71154 overall after my 143 points in gw34 but had taken a -8 hit. It is now the 7th straight green arrow so i am pretty pleased and it represents a rise of 304k since gw28.
My plan for this week was to get Kane and Alli back in but it will require a -8 hit to do so,also Simpson was my 3rd choice transfer but mid week Kane unexpectedly rose in price and i had been watching the price changes all day and never thought he was going to rise so this has only givin me 4.1 to spend on my 3rd choice.
Thisevening i have bought Kane and Francis and have taken a -8 hit to do so. It has dropped me down to 82k overall but i figure i have strengthened my team in doing so. Coleman and Mitrovic have been transferred out. I am not too concerned about dbl gw37 at the moment as i now plan to do no ft's next week and have 2 for gw37 in which i will probably take a hit and have about 6/7 dbl players as well as Aguero/Sanchez/Alli and 1 other.


Wednesday night's games promised so much but for my team it was nothing special. I still managed however to pick up 26 points and climb inside the top 100k. My current overall position is now 97651 with Sanchez (c),Ozil,Gabrielle and Evans to play tomorrow,here's hoping that i can stay inside the top 100k for the 1st time all season at the end of a GW.


After Saturday's games,i am inside the top 100k at 98.5k overall having scored 39 points but did take a -8 hit. It was still a green arrow of 6k though. Onto Sunday's games and the Liverpool resting of Coutinho and Mignolet has not helped but i still did score 32 points and now have a gw total of 71 (-8). My overall rank is now 76614 before the mid week games and this is the highest position i have been in all season.
Quick update after Monday night football without have any Spurs players in my team,i have fallen to 110k overall now but still hope to be inside top 100k by the end of the GW! After tuesday's games,i fell to 115k overall.


At this stage of the season and with the oportunity of points with a double gameweek,i feel that i have to go for it and play bench boost. My current team however is not really set up well for it so i have decided to do 4 transfers at a cost of -8. My reasoning behind this is as follows,i have in my 15 players Olsson who has lost his place at west brom, Flanagan who has disappeared in the Liverpool set up and although i believe he will start 1 of the dbl week,he has to go. Also Barkley is very doubtful and Lukaku is doubtful,plus Barkley was always only in for 1 week anyway and Lukaku has been too disappointing. So taking all this into concideration,it makes sense to me to make the following transfers,
Olsson - Smalling,
Flanagan - Evans who also has a game in 35,
Barkley - Coutinho (GW35)
Lukaku - Mitrovic (GW35)

In doing these transfers,it meant that hopefully i will have 14 doubles plus Mahrez and also gives me 10 for gw35. With regard to the Flanagan to Evans,i figure that should Flanagan not play at all,he will get me 0 points in 34 and 35 whereas Evans has cost me 4 points but if he plays both in 34,he should at least get me my 4 points back and then be actually up on the deal in gw35 all going to plan. To me this is exactly where a hit makes sense.The players who i thought about and so nearly did and i have a feeling will come back to haunt me are Milner and Carroll,i was so close to bringing these guys in but didn't!


After the C Palace v Everton game in which i scored nice points from Hennessy/Delaney and Coleman and even with a captain Lukaku fail,i have a green arrow for the gw of 34.5k and now my team is in 104k overall after scoring 81 points in gw33. It is my highest overall position after a GW all season and am now so close to getting inside the top 100k and then hopefully move on towards that top 1% overall finish.
This week i have to put some thought into my 2 transfers and i will most likely do 3 and take a -4 hit. The problem i have is that i have players like Flanagan/Olsson/Barkley and Rashford in my team and although i think Rashford will get some minutes,i have my doubts about the 2 defenders and Barkley was always just a 1 week punt anyway as it's the 1st time i have ever had him and will for sure never buy him again.
So it's now 6 consecutive green arrows and a rise of 271k since gw28 from 375k to 104k.


As i had used my wildcard at gw32,i went into gw33 with 5 double players and have saved my transfer so i will now have 2 for gw34. After saturday's games in which i scored 50 points,i have finally moved into the top 100k and now stand at 81778 overall which is a green arrow of 57k and my highest ranking so far this season. Now with only Mahrez to play tomorrow,i do expect to drop in the rankings but with 5 of my gw doubles to play again,i have fingerscrossed that i will be inside top 100k at the end of the gw. As expected after Sunday's games i have dropped to 148k overall but have 5 dbl players to play on wednesday night so still hoping for another green arrow!


After Sunday's games i am now in 138,867 overall and have a GW green arrow of  23.5k. I actualy believed that this gw would see a red arrow as i had played my wc and going without the likes of Kane/Vardy etc so i am pleasently surprised at having got a green arrow. Looking at my team,i am not happy with Olsson of West Brom and Flanagan of Liverpool as they both did not play this week at all. My transfer thoughts have changed slightly and am concidering doing Ozil to KDB this week but i am watching price changes before doing anything. Next weeks team will have 5 double gw players in it and although i am not overly confident with the dbls being from everton/c palace,i do however hope that they may do something. Sure afterall,Delaney scored for me this week so who knows.
Overall since the start of this post,the team has gone from 375k to 139k having got 5 consecutive green arrows.


Now before you think that my team is crap and it may very well be,i will expain some thoughts behind my WC selections. As i said previously,i wanted 5 dbl gw33 players so i have included them. I have kept Mahrez but had to sacrifice Kane and Vardy. My plan and the reason why i kept 0.8 in the bank is to that it will be needed to buy KDB for gw34. I will be making no ft's next week and using 3 the following which will be
out----Coleman/Barkley/Mahrez (for 1 week only)
in-----Janmaat/Lanzini or Antonio/KDB

After saturday's games and having scored 50 points (and also 7 points due off my bench), i am now in 147k overall and have a green arrow today of 15k.
31/03/16 (current position 162k from 375k at start of original post)

i have hit that "play wildcard" button after spending alot of time thinking about it during the dreaded international break. One of the main reasons for this is the inclusion in GW33 of Crystal Palace v Everton which may not be the greatest of extra games but afterall it is a double for both teams. I think that the double week 34 has in a big way deterred people's thoughts away from GW33. My plan is to have 5 double players in 33 and by using no transfers in 33,i will then be able to shift out 2 of these for the GW34 team. I will include the likes of Dann or Coleman and Barkley in my wc team but these 2 will be making way in gw34 for either of Coutinho or Firmino and also i will bring in a West Brom or Newcastle defender as they all play in GW35 also. All going well and barring injuries and hoping that they all will play,i would have 14 doubles in GW34 with using bench boost chip.

The way my team will be set up will require a total of 2 hits between gw35 and 37 in order to field 11 players in 35 and have 9 dbls in 37 and plan to also play Aguero and Sanchez and will also use Trip Captain that week too. I could however have 11 doubles playing in 37 but it is too far away now and the inevitable injury or suspension will have changed everyone's planning i am sure.

1 transfer done which was Alli in for Stanislas and i am carrying over 1 ft for next gw. After Saturday's games i scored 36 points and now my overall position is 189232, climb of 14k overall and still heading in the right direction.

After Sunday's games,my total GW31 score was 83 points and current overall position is now 162386 which was just under a green arrow of 41k for the gw.

So overall since the start of GW28, my team has gone from 375k to 162k. Another 126k more places to go now to reach my target.

Plan is to WC in GW33 and bench boost in GW34 as i see this as an opportunity of a double GW that really should not be missed in favour of the other option of WC in 36 for double in GW37. I do plan on having 14/15 doubles in 34, 11 playing in 35 and 10 doubles (with taking a -4 hit) in 37 with the triple captain chip used,all of course depending on no injuries to any of my players!

***Start Of Original Post***

I originally started to write this post prior to GW28 and was feeling optimistic and today i still fell optimistic of reaching my overall target but i will say that i will be happy with anything inside the top 100k as i have not been there at all all season!!

This is my aim and i will document my progress on a weekly basis and will update and publish my transfers also.I dont claim to be an fpl pundit or anything like that but i will do my very best to finish in the top 1% overall.

Previous Overall Finishes

 season            points        overall
2011/12          2156           14779
2012/13 2408           23
2013/14 2209           268064
2014/15 2159           20323

Current Position 375,661 with 1423 points  **prior to GW28**

Highest Position this season 114,978 at GW23

Chips Available---Bench Boost and Triple Captain

Wildcard Available

So taking this into concideration,a top 1% finish would be nice and i am up against it but i will give it a go.

GW28-30 has gone to plan although i am not over the moon about my scores but as i currently write this update,i am in 271302 overall so since the start of GW28,i have moved up 104k positions.

My current team prior to g GW30 is,

Francis,Van Dijk,Alderweireld,Morgan,
Aguero (c),Kane,Vardy


For GW30 i made no transfers as i had 12 players available for selection and choose Aguero as captain over Kane and now knowing that Aguero did nothing,it seems to have been the wrong decision but anything can happen in fpl and Kane is still to play. But it is not all about not making Kane my captain,i still hope he scores big as he is in my team.

All thoughts of GW31 transfers are on hold as i am awaiting news on the Double GW's before doing anything.

***To be updated after Monday night's match***


GW30 i scored a total of 60 points which is ok i suppose as the average was 35. I am now currently in 203165 position overall so i am still on course and it is now a rise of 172k in 3 GW's.

Still awaiting the double GW's announcements as they will determine my next moves.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Goodbye 20's Hello 30's

Just a very quick post today to celebrate my 2nd day into my 30's as it was my Birthday yesterday. While i was in my 20's,i always dreaded the day i would reach the big 3 0 as they say but as i am here now,it is fine and i plan to enjoy them.

To quickly sum up my 20's;

Got married at 21 (way too young),
Got seperated at 23,
Got divorced at 27 and met my BF!

I am going to do a list of 40 things i want to do before i am 40 so that could be fun.

So now as i am in my 30's now,i have a few things to sort out with myself but i do plan on enjoying them,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xx

Monday, 22 February 2016

Today's Post

I actually really dont think anyone has noticed but i havn't been on twitter much lately and only posted the odd tweet here and there over the last little while. It makes me feel that if i closed my account,not many would care at all. I have however made some lovely friends since joining twitter 18 months ago and you guys mean so much to me.

I tweet alot about all different things including #fpl and fashion as well as my thoughts,however i have held back so many tweets lately as they would have been negative. I dont want to put out a negative vibe to anyone who follows me as alot of you cheer me up so much with your tweets and your all round positivity. It is so difficult for me to be positive and to create a positive vibe with the way i am feeling and i would love to say now that i will be positive but i just cant,it seems impossible. So many things and people annoy me and alot of it is small petty things but i just cant get passed it and hold back tweeting. On the other hand,there are some people and accounts who cheer me up so much.

I am so honoured and happy to be followed by so many people,alot from different communities and my tweets dont fit into the norm of their respected communities as they are a mix of fantasy football and fashion. I would just like to say that please dont feel that you have to follow me especially if you have followed me for quite a while. I wont take it personally and go all "Taylor Swift" about it. I mean some of my followers are all strictly #fpl or strictly beauty and fashion and when i post a pic of a pretty dress and high heels that i want to buy or the latest mascara,does the #fpl follower really want to see this on their timeline (i know some do tho) and also when i tweet that i am buying Gylfi Sigurdsson for my team,does the fashion/beauty blogger who only tweets about these really want to see this on their timeline.

Some of the girls/guys that i follow and follow me back have a massive following and also follow me,some may only follow 500 or so and have a following of maybe 5k+ and yet i am one of them.I am so honoured to be followed but i do wonder why as they have zero interest in my football tweets. The same applies to some of the big fpl accounts who follow me and just reversed with my fashion tweets.

So i guess i am saying that i wont take it personally if i get unfollowed by anyone and i will fully understand it so if you feel that you have had enough of my diverse tweeting,go for it and i wont hold it against you in any way. I will also continue to follow you if i have had interaction and if i really like what you do,

thanks for reading,


Monday, 8 February 2016

Latest Post

This is a very difficult post to write and i am not going to promote it in any way,it will just be here on my blog and i am interested to see who actually will read it,that being said,it will require a visit to my blog.

I feel so down at the moment and find it hard to put into words.Everything and nothing seems to be wrong. This laptop failing has caused me so much stress and frustration.When i eventually manage to get online after hours of waiting,if i click on a link,click on a DM message or even hit the reply button on twitter,it freezes and my laptop has to be turned off again and can then take hours to get back online. I have not spoke to anyone on twitter for a while apart from the very odd tweet that actually did not freeze my laptop. As i have not been too active recently,i have actually lost about 15-20 followers on twitter and also around 5 blog followers. Yes this is fine and all part of the experience!

But this is only part of the problem,i actually feel like i dont want to talk to anyone,it's just the way i feel.Maybe i should take a break alltogether from all social media and come back fresh and myself again.Maybe i really need this as i have spent alot of time on twitter over the past 12 months.It has helped with my depression being active online and i am afraid that being offline will make me feel even worse than i do now.I just dont know what to do but i do realise that probably nodody will actually read this so why am i writing it????????????.

I have also accessed my twitter on a mobile phone and it really sucks as my Timeline feed is all over the place and i have no interest in using my phone to go on twitter,i would rather not do so at all,

a very depressed,confused and disillusioned Hollie

**I will however try to comment on as many of my fav blogs as you people cheer me up with your posts **

Thursday, 4 February 2016

This Week #FPL (My Team)

**As this post was originally written before the 2 games on Wednesday night,i will keep it as it was and just make a few adjustments.It does show just how easy it is for fpl to be a cruel mistress!**

After what i would describe as recent progress for my team "No Messin Around",i went into this week with the hope of finally getting inside the top 100k overall for the first time this season! With 4 points being the difference between my position of 115k and 99k,i decided to make it an 8 point difference as i fancied Sanchez in my team,not only for this week but for long term. Also with an eye on GW27 as my team currently had only 8 players that might play in this gw,i felt that i may as well look to fielding 11 for that week so i did the following ft's,

KDB and Davies

Sanchez and Targett

Targett was the only possible one to bring in as i had 0.0 to spare and i know he was on the bench last night but afterall,he is my 5th def so this is fine.

So i went into the GW with the following team,

Baines,Van Dijk,Morgan
Aguero (c),Kane,Lukaku

To be honest,i wasn't expecting a clean sheet from Saints and Leicester so to get these was a nice little bonus and with Baines to play tonight,i am hoping for points from him too. Apart from a Mahrez assist,my midfield was disappointing with the other 3 guys getting 3 points each (Ayew substituted before West Brom equalised). Kane with 2 goals and max BP's was nice too but the booking for Aguero was really disappointing as it cost him 4 points in total as he was on for the 3 BP's if i am not mistaken.

So with 51 points before tonight's games,i am not that impressed as it was not a good score within the overall. It also represented a drop to 152k overall but the encouraging thing is that i am only the following points away from,

14 points off 100k
36 points off 50k
45 points off 36k (top 1% overall)

and with the Triple Captain and Bench Boost still intact and my Wildcard still to play.

*** As we all know Baines did not play and Lukaku did nothing so i added 2 points to my overall score and dropped further down the rankings to 194k overall.***

And this shows how the 2 games also affected my targets as i am now,

23 points off 100k
44 points off 50k
52 points off 36k


This is a nice problem to have,one which i dont currently have at the moment but i soon will as i plan to buy Alli which will give me a selection headache almost every week until i play my WC.In order to do this,i will have to downgrade my forwards which has always been my plan and the man to go will be Lukaku for a 6.0m striker who i am excited about and will be a massive differential if he fires. I will be bringing him into my team this week and playing him in my 11 thus giving me the headache of who to bench as soon as i buy Alli. His ownership is currently 0.0% but in this strange fpl season,i have to try something.
So it will be welcome to my team Alberto Paloschi,

He made his debut on Tuesday night away at West Brom coming off the bench to replace the injured Ki and had a very promising 45 mins or so in which he hit the post,made Foster make a fine save,was involved in the goal and really should have been givin the assist and his link up play with Siggy showed signs that this could be a fruitful partnership.

Now i must stress that i am not recommending him to anyone for their fpl team as i dont do this.There are many amazing fpl accounts and individuals on twitter that can give awesome recommendations every week so please dont see this as me giving one,i dont do this! He seems right for MY team,that is all and also the fact that Swansea will be involved in gw27.

***Transfer done Wednesday evening before Lukaku dropped in price*** I now have 3.1 mil in the bank and will be ok for GW27 so

So now we move on to the next GW in this strange and challenging season,

best of luck everyone,


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Short Term Plan #FPL and Some Thoughts

As twitter is acting up at the moment,i thought i might as well do a new #fpl post.In this post i will try and write about my personal fpl plans which i hope will get me to a top 1% finish (35k) which is my aim and also has always been.I think a finish around that would be a very good achievement concidering this season is such a challenging one! And tbh,i am not that optimistic but i will certainly try my best.

I cant go into too much at the moment as i do play the game looking ahead 2-3 GW's max. Now also i realise that the League Cup Final takes place Feb 28th (GW27) so 2 of the following teams will not play this GW-Everton,Man City,Liverpool,Stoke unless their re-arranged game is played the midweek after the final and included in GW27. Strangely enough Liverpool play Everton in GW27 so if both teams get to the final,this will be the only game affected this week. At this present moment,i do not have a stretegy regarding the final but as soon as i know who will be in it,i will then have a plan.

Also just to mention that GW30 is the date for the FA Cup quarter final games if i am not mistaken which will clash with a full set of premier fixtures so the possibility is that there will be alot of games to be re arranged to what could be a nice DGW!

Still having your Wildcard could be very valuable around this time as with the potential for a big DGW offers the possibility of some big points if played at the right time and followed up by your bench boost or triple captain chip.

But all this is weeks away and for now,the aim is to try and get some green arrows.What i have been doing  recently is looking at 2 games at a time,hench my recent transfers 2 games ago were Ozil/Lukaku out for Ayew/Costa. In the 2 gw's my new guys scored a total of 23 points between them with the other 2 scoring 6 which suggests that my -4 hit paid off. My plan all along was Costa for 2 weeks only and then to buy back Lukaku as he now has 3/4 games at home before GW27! Also a player who is interesting me now is Baines and i may go a -4 hit this week to buy him too with fixtures in mind. I would also be looking at Arsenal players at the moment as like Everton,3 of their next 4 games are at home and will for sure be playing in GW27. This is where it now gets awkward as i cant have everyone without bigger hits so i will stay away from Arsenal players but this is not by choice! Sanchez is one that i will buy when he is fully fit again.

So that's it for the moment,a short term plan but also with one eye on slightly longer term,it will involve a hit or 2 but in all honesty,i dont believe that a -4 is going to be that detrimental if you are in my position of 178k overall and also after GW20,i was in 450k so progress has been made.

Finally regarding my team,i have concerns about KDB with his away form being awful and also with Silva looking quite good last week and with a lower ownership,i am watching him closely. Harry Kane's next few games being away from home in 3 from next 4,i cant see massive returns here.Van Dijk next 2 games away at Man U and Arsenal.These are just a few things that are on my mind at the moment!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Risky Transfers #FPL Possibly

Hollie's team is playing at home!!!

Now anyone who knows me will know that i sometimes play the game of FPL rather recklessly from time to time and what i am thinking of doing now may well be a silly move or it could move me up the overall rankings if it pays off! I need to do something as i am currently lying in 450k overall which is very disappointing.

My thoughts involve the transfer OUT of both Ozil and Lukaku.Noooo dont do it i hear you saying but this is my reasoning behind my thinking. First of all,i have not owned Ozil all season before i actually bought him before last weekend's game,purely as a blocking tactic as way too many fpl managers had him and it was killing me almost every week.Well anyway as you all know,he did nothing at all so for my team to get rid of him does not feel at all bad as i would not be getting rid of a player that has served me well.And also his next 2 fixtures being away to Liverpool and Stoke are also influencing my possible decision!

As for Lukaku,now he is a guy that has served me very well over many weeks but again his next 2 fixtures away to Man City and then Chelsea are influencing my decision.

Now the players in my thoughts to bring in are 2 from these 3--Ayew,Payet and Costa. Both Ayew and Costa have 2 home games coming up and i fancy these 2 players over Payet at the moment My plan would also involve the possible transfer in of Payet for Arnautovic at GW22 but this is only a thought.Also i am looking at bringing in Williams for Morgan as i like his next few fixtures but not sure about taking the hit here.

My team for GW 21 and 22 would be as follows and i would also have the problem of selection too as it may involve the benching of Mahrez for both GW's.

Butland HOME v Norwich/Arsenal

3 from the following 4
Van Dijk HOME v Watford/West Brom
Moreno  HOME v Arsenal/Man Utd
Francis   HOME v West Ham/Norwich
Davies    HOME v Leicester/Sunderland

4 from the following
KDB           HOME v Everton/C Palace
Arnautovic HOME v Norwich/Arsenal
Ayew        HOME v Sunderland/Watford
Stanislas   HOME v West ham/Norwich
Mahrez  Away v Spurs/A Villa

Aguero  HOME v Everton/C Palace
Kane     HOME v Leicester/Sunderland
Costa    HOME v West Brom/Everton

What i like about this is the fact that all 11 will be playing at HOME for 2 consecutive GW's if indeed i do decide to bench Mahrez.I fully understand that after the next 2 GW's i will have alot of players that will be playing away but i will worry about that when the time comes but also at this stage i should also have obtained Payet and reobtained Lukaku so by GW 23 it could look like this,

Hennessy,Morgan,Payet,Mahrez,Lukaku with all having 2 concecutive HOME games as well as the likes of Aguero,Kane,KDB and 3 of the others to field 11,not too bad i would think! The above would cost me -4 in total hits which is ok too!


my only concerns with the above is getting rid of Ozil,benching Mahrez and buying Costa which is an fpl gamble but in saying this,i have to do something as there is no point in not trying this out as otherwise,i will just be hovering around the 400-500k overall with no real chance of progress! Also this season,fixtures even home games for any team have no guarantee of points as there have been way too many strange results.When Sanchez is fully fit,i want him in my team and will have to find a way of doing so!Having Ighalo would give me a few £££ to spend elsewhere but this is the beauty of the game,you cant have everyone so we all just roll the dice and hope for the best!

Anyway,these are a few of my thoughts at the moment,they may change and an injury or 2 before the next GW may also change things too.

To be honest,nothing has really worked out for so far this season,hence my 450k overall ranking at the moment so maybe i am due a bit of luck.I am not concidering playing my wc as yet as i want to hold it for just before a possible DGW where i would then play my bench boost or triple captain and hope for the best,

thanks for reading,


**Update 10/01/16  Costa is a doubt after picking up an injury today so i will hold on as long as possible to see how he is! Also Swansea were just beaten by Oxford (deservedly beaten) and although Ayew did not play,this will have a massive impact on team confidence so now i am having 2nd thoughts **

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Things That Turn Me Off Following Back On Twitter

Just a quick post to tell you a few reasons why i may not have followed you back on twitter! Now apart from some of the obvious reasons such as "Dick Pics" and general pics of naked people on your timeline,i always have a look at your twitter feed and see what you have been saying,are you interactive with your followers or are you just an account that is looking to increase your follower count.

If i see that you are an account that has followed "797" people today,for me you are someone that is only interested in increasing your follower account and i will very rarely follow back as i know that i will have no interaction with you at all! It is also possible that as soon as i do follow,i will immediately be Muted by you along with hundreds of others that i would think that you have on mute!

If you are an account that just constantly just churns out sayings and quotes,all of the same from so many different accounts,this is of no interest to me at all and i will not follow back!

If you are an account that offers us to "Buy Followers",i will never ever follow you back and will immediately block you.I dont know who is worse,the account that sells followers or the silly people who actually pay money for them!

If your account is locked (private),it puts me in a position where i cannot see your tweets and your timeline so i do be nervous about following back so i generally dont!

If you are an account that has an egg as it's profile pic,again i dont feel comfortable in following back but it may depend on what is on your timeline!

I guess what i am saying is that i like to be followed for me and my tweets and then possible interaction at some stage on twitter,not for the sake of increasing follower numbers which are of no significance to me as i am not concerned about my numbers. I do realise that this will not always be the case as twitter is a platform to promote yourself and your business as well as all other forms of everything else associated with social media!

While i am here,i may as well mention certain things that annoy me after i have followed an account back! The first and most annoying is when you get an automated DM saying thank you for the follow,please follow my blog,instagram,my life etc. These are so horrible,thoughtless and impersonal and can sometimes lead to an unfollow.Please people who do this,STOP as everyone hates this!

Another thing i do not like are DM's to my twitter as i am not a big fan of these but only when they are from people who are asking me all about myself,looking for too much information and this generally scares me! I dont like anyone asking me for pics of myself,where i work and if i am single! Guys,there are dating sites out there if you are looking for this sort of thing and if i was,i would be on one of them so please dont ask me for pictures,my phone number,where i work etc as this really scares me!

I do get private messages from some accounts asking me about my thoughts on fpl and for this,i am kinda honoured and proud that some people do ask me about this but again,i do draw the line when the conversation drifts away from fpl! Someone recently called me a "c**t" in a DM after havin a chat about fpl which them moved off the subject! Again these sort of things and people scare me!

Also i have to mention that if you have followed me,i do not always follow back immediately,sometimes your follow may have got lost in my feed and i do appologise if this is the case but when i have interaction with someone that i then realise follows me,i can then have a look at your TL and return the follow. And also i noticed that the longer that someone has followed me without my follow back,it does suggest that this person has followed me for me and my tweets rather than just looking for a follow back so thank you!

I hope this post has made sence and thank you for reading,i really appreciate it alot.I always try and support as many people as i possibly can as i feel that even a blog comment can cheer someone up so i do my best! I will however say now that i am disappointed in some people who say they support me but yet never read anything i write and i would bet that even if i mentioned names here,they would never even know as they will not be reading this post! I understand that's how it goes and that's life,i dont expect anyone to have read this or even comment but on the plus side,i do know who my genuine real friends and the people who really support me are and you people are truly amazing.

I would absolutely love to know who has actually read this post as my posts might get alot of views but not too many comments so if possible could you please comment or even give it a like on twitter as it will show me who you amazing people are,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xx