Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Risky Transfers #FPL Possibly

Hollie's team is playing at home!!!

Now anyone who knows me will know that i sometimes play the game of FPL rather recklessly from time to time and what i am thinking of doing now may well be a silly move or it could move me up the overall rankings if it pays off! I need to do something as i am currently lying in 450k overall which is very disappointing.

My thoughts involve the transfer OUT of both Ozil and Lukaku.Noooo dont do it i hear you saying but this is my reasoning behind my thinking. First of all,i have not owned Ozil all season before i actually bought him before last weekend's game,purely as a blocking tactic as way too many fpl managers had him and it was killing me almost every week.Well anyway as you all know,he did nothing at all so for my team to get rid of him does not feel at all bad as i would not be getting rid of a player that has served me well.And also his next 2 fixtures being away to Liverpool and Stoke are also influencing my possible decision!

As for Lukaku,now he is a guy that has served me very well over many weeks but again his next 2 fixtures away to Man City and then Chelsea are influencing my decision.

Now the players in my thoughts to bring in are 2 from these 3--Ayew,Payet and Costa. Both Ayew and Costa have 2 home games coming up and i fancy these 2 players over Payet at the moment My plan would also involve the possible transfer in of Payet for Arnautovic at GW22 but this is only a thought.Also i am looking at bringing in Williams for Morgan as i like his next few fixtures but not sure about taking the hit here.

My team for GW 21 and 22 would be as follows and i would also have the problem of selection too as it may involve the benching of Mahrez for both GW's.

Butland HOME v Norwich/Arsenal

3 from the following 4
Van Dijk HOME v Watford/West Brom
Moreno  HOME v Arsenal/Man Utd
Francis   HOME v West Ham/Norwich
Davies    HOME v Leicester/Sunderland

4 from the following
KDB           HOME v Everton/C Palace
Arnautovic HOME v Norwich/Arsenal
Ayew        HOME v Sunderland/Watford
Stanislas   HOME v West ham/Norwich
Mahrez  Away v Spurs/A Villa

Aguero  HOME v Everton/C Palace
Kane     HOME v Leicester/Sunderland
Costa    HOME v West Brom/Everton

What i like about this is the fact that all 11 will be playing at HOME for 2 consecutive GW's if indeed i do decide to bench Mahrez.I fully understand that after the next 2 GW's i will have alot of players that will be playing away but i will worry about that when the time comes but also at this stage i should also have obtained Payet and reobtained Lukaku so by GW 23 it could look like this,

Hennessy,Morgan,Payet,Mahrez,Lukaku with all having 2 concecutive HOME games as well as the likes of Aguero,Kane,KDB and 3 of the others to field 11,not too bad i would think! The above would cost me -4 in total hits which is ok too!


my only concerns with the above is getting rid of Ozil,benching Mahrez and buying Costa which is an fpl gamble but in saying this,i have to do something as there is no point in not trying this out as otherwise,i will just be hovering around the 400-500k overall with no real chance of progress! Also this season,fixtures even home games for any team have no guarantee of points as there have been way too many strange results.When Sanchez is fully fit,i want him in my team and will have to find a way of doing so!Having Ighalo would give me a few £££ to spend elsewhere but this is the beauty of the game,you cant have everyone so we all just roll the dice and hope for the best!

Anyway,these are a few of my thoughts at the moment,they may change and an injury or 2 before the next GW may also change things too.

To be honest,nothing has really worked out for so far this season,hence my 450k overall ranking at the moment so maybe i am due a bit of luck.I am not concidering playing my wc as yet as i want to hold it for just before a possible DGW where i would then play my bench boost or triple captain and hope for the best,

thanks for reading,


**Update 10/01/16  Costa is a doubt after picking up an injury today so i will hold on as long as possible to see how he is! Also Swansea were just beaten by Oxford (deservedly beaten) and although Ayew did not play,this will have a massive impact on team confidence so now i am having 2nd thoughts **


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    1. ah thanks lovely lady,it is so nice to hear from you xx

  2. Although I don't really understand this game, I love how much passion you have for it :) It's good to have a hobby that you're really interested in X


    1. ah thanks Sheren,it is an interesting hobby to have xx

    2. Interesting on your thoughts about Ayew because I currently have him as captain thinking that he's rested and has something to prove because of their embarrassing loss in the cup. I know he was not involved but I thought he might want to show the world something about Swansea. Hehehehe it's hard to know how they'll react right? I just know from my own sporting experience. Also Lukaku is 75% so that probably helped you make the trade right? I was going to have my first gameweek ever without a trade but then silly Cabaye got a knock (that purchase has not paid off for me) so it was time to bring my guy Payet back (I call him mine because I was the first in my league to get him). I do love differentials though so I need to look out for my next one. Jordan Ayew worked for me for a bit as one actually. It's so cool to interact with another woman about this topic btw. :D

    3. ah thank you so much Nessie,i am so happy that you have commented on my post xx

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    1. thanks so much lovely lady,you always cheer me up xx

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    1. ah thanks so much,you always put a smile on my face xx

  5. buon weekend!!!

    1. thanks sweetheart! Buon weekend too,baci xx

  6. I love so much how passionate you ar about it! :) I was wondering if you'd like to follow each other, so we can keep in touch! If so just let me know once you're following me and I'll be right back!
    Laura xx