Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I Am Not On Instagram

When i went online thismorning,i recieved an email from Instagram welcoming me and also stating to confirm my email address to verify my account.

Now obviously this is not me trying to set up this account and it is some sad person out there who is trying to.I did not open the emails and just deleted them. It is awful to think that someone out there wants to impersonate me by trying to do this and God only knows what sort of pictures they would put up.I feel sick even thinking about it.

Also i use the app and today i have noticed that i am no longer signed up.They also want me to sign up using my email address which i was already signed up to anyway so i have revoked access from twitter and will look elsewhere now.This is also strange and i feel uneasy about using them again.

I am for the moment making my account private too!

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Unfollowing To Look Important

Hi guys and Girls!

Today's post is brought on by what i have seen happening alot lately with certain twitter accounts and i have had first had experience of it of late.

This post is not aimed at the "People Gathering" accounts that exist purely to gain followers and then after following back,they unfollow you shortly after having built up their followers making their account look special in some way which is so annoying in itself but this post is aimed at accounts that build up their followers while also following you back but keep following you until oneday they decide and think that they are bigger than they really are and decide to unfollow hundreds to make it look like they are important in some way.I believe this is their sole reason for doing this as they have had interaction with the majority of the people that have unfollowed.This was not their original idea to actually do this when they started out first though.

So an example of this is as follows,
a new account is set up and interacts with a certain community be it the blogging community or fpl community which are both massive communities.They interact alot and thus gain followers through this interaction but in the mean time following accounts and following back the majority of their followers.

After settling into the community and being accepted into it and supported in many ways including being promoted by some of the members,they all of a sudden have over 1000 followers while following back 800 or so accounts.This is fair enough as it is not a case of following everyone back,only the accounts that the individual themselves want to follow back.

So at this stage and having formed a connection with some of the bigger community accounts,the individual decides that they are bigger and more important within the community so to reflect this thought,they unfollow hundreds of people including alot who helped promote them along the way to gain followers in the first place.

It now looks like for example , account name, following 70,followers 1400.

I understand people unfollowing me and i have recently wrote a post wondering why anyone follows me in the first place but for the hundreds of others,all within the same community,this to me is rather strange.Why do it! If they just unfollowed me,so be it and that's the way it goes but surely they cannot possibly not like 100's of other accounts too and including alot who i myself follow and are really nice people.

So am i right in thinking that this account wants to make it look like they are important in some way and in their own mind actually believing it?

I for one will never again have any interaction with this person on twitter or indeed any other form of social media and that is fine with me but honestly some people really need to stop being absorbed in their own self importance,

thanks for reading,


ps-this is my personal view of things and i will never name names in this case!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Wildcard Team #FPL

I decided to play my wildcard this GW mainly due to not really liking some of my players rather than the injuries that have decimated alot of teams after the international break.

The injuries my team had were only Kolarov,Coates and Aguero and also having Oxford on the bench as a non playing player,it meant i had 4 out. With the 1 ft,i could field 10 men but when i looked at my team,i was just not happy.I had already done an early ft bringing in Pelle for Martial before his price rise.

My 10 would have been


All in all i am not impressed as my bench looks like this

Hennessy,Oxford,Kolarov,Aguero and Coates as my extra player as i can only field 10 that will play.Also with gametime questions over Sanchez and Mahrez,this could possibly be a spectacular fpl disaster.

I would have had to take a -8 to make it half decent so i decided to hit that wc button before the confirmation that Kolarov was also out.

So after having a good look at certain players,i have decided to build a team of players that i want rather than certain players that have performed well to date,i am not talking about all but certainly a few.I have decided to not go for Payet,Mane,any Man Utd players and also to get rid of Mahrez and Vardy who have both been top performers.

The only players that are staying in my team are

Hennessy 3.9 back up keeper (may lose his place soon but it is his to lose after 2 clean sheets)
Ayew - who as a Swans fan,i just have to keep him plus he can be awesome especially against the big teams
Sanchez - no need to justify this decision
KDB - again no need to justify this either

So now it was a case of 11 new guys needed,well 10 actually as i had already bought Pelle


Begovic 5.0 with an ownership of 2.3%,i think this is an easy way into the Chelsea def cover and i expect them to tighten things up sooner rather than later.


Van Dijk 5.5 with an ownership of 0.8%,he is a player i really like as i know Swans have been linked with him in every transfer window before he joined Saints.He has the potential to score points at both ends of the pitch and i am excited to have him in my team.

Moreno 4.7 with an ownership of 1.6%,with the arrival of Klopp and with Gomez out,i am hoping for attacking returns as well as some clean sheets if Klopp can sort out this area.

Dawson 5.1 with an ownership of 3.8%,every team should have a Tony Pulis defender in it and he looks the best bet,i am surprised at his low ownership.

Fernandez 5.0 with an ownership of 0.4%,what i like about him is that he seems to find his way into the box on alot of occasions and has been unlucky not to have a couple of goals and is a solid nailed on defender for Swansea.

Davies 4.5 with an ownership of 1.4%,as an ex Swan and has played the last 4 games for Spurs,i think he is worth a gamble but i am worried about Rose taking his position.

So with these guys bought,as you can see the low ownership of all of these could possibly pay off if they perform.


Tadic 7.0 with an ownership of 6.0%,i always liked him and the fact that he is pens is a plus,if he holds his place,i expect big things from him soon.

Tettey 4.3 with an ownership of 0.2%,he has played in the last 7 games and even managed to score 2 goals for Norway during recent internationals,1 v Italy.He will be my bench player but as a playing player,i am happy to spend low and use the funds elsewhere.I dont expect him to be in my team unless there are alot of injuries.


Pelle 8.0 with an ownership of 25.7%,since buying him he has gone up by 0.2 and it is the first time i have ever had him in my team.

Costa 10.9 with an ownership of 6.8%,still not owned by that many and has been awful so far but i am hoping his season will start soon and i expect it to.

Bony 8.2 with an ownership of 1.4%,now this is a player who as a Swans fan,i am very aware of just how good this guy really is,he is a natural goalscorer who has not had a run in the side to show his talents.With the likes of KDB etc supplying him,i am hoping he will score loads of points and justify my faith in him.

So there you have it,my new fpl team which if any of the guys are not performing,i will have no problem getting rid of them even if it means taking a hit.I am looking at bringing in Sturridge depending on how Klopp settles in,also if it is needed i will bring back Vardy and also buy Payet but this all depends on how well my new team are doing.I also have Lukaku targeted for a few weeks time.I could have included these guys now while using my wc but decided against it just for the moment.I do expect my team to change again over the next few weeks or so but for now,i will stick with these guys.

My GW9 Lineup,

Fernandez,Van Dijk,Dawson

All in all,i am reasonably happy with this lineup.I am not 100% over the moon happy with my team but it is only a game and i feel that these guys just might get me some green arrows if all falls into place,and also only 4/15 have high ownership so it could be a case of my team will either sink or swim but it is worth taking the chance.

Just before i go,i want to stress that Costa and Tadic are 1 week punts here.If they fail to perform,they are out,

thanks for reading,


ps-all ownership % are taken at the time i bought the player.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why Do People Follow Me On Twitter

I know this might sound like a silly title but i am being really honest when i ask this question and i will talk through my reasoning about it now!

Firstly i have a big interest in 2 very different communities which happen to be miles apart.These communities are fashion/beauty and fantasy football #fpl.

Practically all of my tweets are about fashion,beauty,lifestyle and fantasy football so what happens is that my tweets become very diverse and if you look at my timeline,you will see that there is no consistancy regarding what i actually tweet about.

So the problem as i see it which goes back to the title is that as my followers are a mix of fashion/beauty and fantasy football,alot of my tweets will not appeal to almost half my followers depending what i have tweeted.

When i tweet about an outfit that has caught my eye from a favourite blogger,i am sure that some of my fantasy football followers are scratching their heads wondering why they are following this girl who puts up pics of nice dresses and shoes and indeed i have lost some followers having done this. Also when i tweet about #fpl and football in general,again i am sure that some of the girls/guys that follow me for everything else but football are also scratching their heads wondering why they are following me either.

I recently got followed by my favourite Irish model Sarah McGovern and to say i was excited is an understatement as i am a massive fan of hers.Since she followed me,i have wondered what she thinks about my football tweets on her timeline and i dread the day that she unfollows me if she decides to.I would be so upset.

So all in all,i can only be myself and with that comes alot of diversity so if you do follow me,thank you and i really appreciate it and while i wont appologise for what i tweet about,i do however wonder at times why i am followed at all and this is based on my love for 2 completely different communities which dictate the majority of my tweets and are worlds apart.

And just to finish off,if you think my tweeting is diverse,you have to see my blog lol.It is totally all over the place but i guess that sums me up perfectly,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx