Monday, 23 March 2015

The Unattractiveness of Too Much Drink

I am writing this post as i have spent many years working in a nightclub in Dublin and have witnessed first hand the affects of alcohol on guys and girls and now i would just like to express an opinion on this!

Dont get me wrong as i was young once and indeed at 29 i still am young enough but what i have seen over the years is so to put a word on it "unattractive"!

So anyway,i used to work in a nightclub in Dublin a few years ago and it was always gas to see the difference in the guys and girls  from when they first entered the club until the time they left! The guys would all be fashionably dressed and the girls would always look great in their short skirts and high heels which seemed to be the preferred choice of outfit!

At the start,everyone would be enjoying the dancing and as they say not being an abnoxious idiot but when the affects of excessive drinking kick in,these guys and girls become so less attractive!

The guys and for example just seemed to want to get drunk rather quick and then they become just plain fools that i would think to myself,who on Gods earth would be possibly interested in him,even though he is a good looking guy,the state that he is in is just so much of a turn off! I used to find it funny the fact that i had some admirers but it took the guys getting absolutely slaughtered before thinking they had a chance with me and the chat up lines and the asking me out would begin! If only they could see how ridiculous they sounded with their slurred speech and silly grin on their face,they would be so embarrassed! And the fact that at this stage,they think they are God's gift to all women! It is "So Unattractive"!

Yes the guys can get messy but my word,the most unattractive thing is a girl getting drunk! If only they could have seen themselves in the state they have gotten themselves into,it would be so embarrassing! They go from lovely sweet girls to loud and abnoxious witches in a short space of time! The makeup starts getting more excessive,the language gets very rude indeed and to see tham struggling to walk in the 5 and 6 inch heels is just downright embarrassing for all to see! And please dont mention the state that the Ladies toilets used to be in,i mean it was totally unbelievable at times and just downright sick! There would be water everywhere with taps left running,spilled drink everywhere,toilet paper everywhere and even sanitory towels in practically every cubicle on the floor or in the toilet,blocking it up,anywhere but in the actual bin solely provided for their disposal! I mean how is it possible to be so messy and dirty without having a thought for the person who has to tidy up this awful mess! Girls are by far the worst by an absolute mile and indeed can be the cause to the majority of fighting that occurred at times and this includes girls actually fighting amongst themselves!

I do have a drink myself and have had way too many in my time too but all i am saying is that it is so unattractive what excessive drinking can do to you and i have seen the results first hand and by far,it is much worse for a girl! Maybe the guys dont see it that way but i as a girl do!

My whole point of this is that it is so unattractive to get yourself into this state. I am all for going out for a good night and having a few drinks but honestly,the way drink changes a person can be frightening at times! Try having a look at a programme called "Booze Britain" sometime and just have a look at what it does to people and think "is that me"!

I think it is certainly worth thinking about! I really dont know if i have explained my thoughts too well with this but i hope you get the jist of my meaning and i have to say i am not against drinking or people going out and getting drunk as i have done it myself but i never make a show of myself,

Hollie xxx

ps-here in Ireland,there is a campaign starting to discourage our apparent excessive drinking culture,i myself do not agree with this at all as everyone should have the choice as to how much they want to drink and how much they want to buy! It is aimed at the adult population who are "adults"! They want to increase prices on spirits/wine/beers in off licences to discourage people from buying too much as they may not be able to afford it! It's like a do-gooder campaign that is only trying to take more money out of our pockets that we dont have!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Liebster Award Post

First of all i want to thank the beautiful and always wonderful Annie Rose for the nomination and for thinking of me! I have already done the liebster before but as i love doing these posts,i am delighted to have the opportunity to do it again all thanks to the lovely Annie whose blog is really well worth following and she is just so lovely! And also you really should follow her on twitter as she is well worth it @Miss_Annie_Rose

So on with the questions as set by Annie!

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush would have to be George Clooney and even at 53 or so years old,he is just so handsome and dreamy! 

2. Film or TV?

TV for me especially as there are so many great shows on at the moment! I love The Blacklist,The Originals and recently i have drawn towards programmes such as FirstDates on C4!
3. Guilty Pleasure?

Strange guilty pleasure but one of mine would be listening to the Welsh accent! I just go weak at the knees with it! I recently watched an episode of The Call Centre and the Swansea accent just had me feeling like i was melting lol!
4. How long have you been blogging?

I started my blog on 27th August last year so only for slightly over 6.5 months now and i am loving every minute of it! 

5. Twitter or Instagram?

Twitter by an absolute mile plus i am not on instagram anyway!

6. Do you have a job?

I do, i work as a waitress/bartender! I have worked in this business for 11 years now! 

7. If you could have anyone's life whose would it be?

Tough question this one as there are so many successful people that i would love to be but if i had to pick one,it would probably be Zooey Deschanel who is an awesome young beautiful lady!
8. Who do you look up to the most?

The person i look up to the most is my mother! She is such a good living person who is always there for me! I love her so much!
9. What kind of phone do you have?

Just an ordinary samsung android phone! I am not into spending big money on phones as they are a waste of money!
10. Earphones or Headphones?

11. Favourite Take Away?

My favourite take away would have to be from a place called Abrakebabra which obviously does kebabs and taco chips,my favourite with extra sauce and extra cheese! Yummy!

Now the hard part as i have already done a post with 25 facts and another with 50 facts about me lol so i will try and think of a different 11 if possible!
 11 facts

1-Recently i have been having some really bad mood swings and when i am emotional,my word i am emotional and find myself crying at quite alot!

2-I have done my best to try and convince the guys that play fantasy football that girls are good at it too! I think i have done ok at this as i have quite a few guys who follow me for my fantasy football tweets!

3-My pet peeve on twitter is accounts who follow me for a followback and when they get it,they unfollow me again! I even wrote a blog post about this!

4-I always try to be there for anyone who might need some reassurances or help in any way,in real life and social media!

5-I am a very quiet girl until i get to know someone,then i never shut up lol! The bottom line is i am quite shy!

6-I really want to go blonde with some pink in my hair! I have wanted to do this for many years and am afraid that i am too old now for it now,i was 29 last week!

7-I never told anyone it was my birthday last week,apart from my BF and family of course!

8-My fashion style can be colourful at times and i have a fear to do OOTD's this summer for fear that people will think my style is awful!

9-I tend to keep things to myself and not open up too often to people! This is a problem that i need to address now!

10-One of quite a few parts of my body that i dont like is my arms!

11-one of the best things i ever did was join twitter last July and start my blog last August! For reasons that i cant say at the moment,i really needed to do this!

Well that was quite difficult to think of another 11 facts (that's 86 now) lol!

I know i am supposed to now nominate 11 bloggers to recieve this award but as i have already done this before,i would just like to nominate anyone who is kind enough to be reading this and fancies doing a post and afterall,these type of awards are hard to come by as you must be nominated in the first place! If you fancy the Liebster Award,please contact me and i will update this post!

I would also like to keep the questions used by the lovely Annie for anyone who may be interested! I have enjoyed doing this post as i love these type of posts and just to finish off with a masive Thank You to Annie for thinking of me and my nomination,

hope you enjoyed my post,

have a wonderful day,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Male Contraceptive Pill

First of all i have to say that this post does not affect me in any way and it is just a few general thoughts on the subject!

So i believe it is getting nearer to the release of the male contraceptive pill and i am wondering if indeed we could trust our partner to take it!

Guys in general seem to have a more lackadaisicle approach to anything where health and medication are concerned in my opinion and i could imagine the scenario,

"did you take the pill"
"yes i did honey"
"ok lets make love"
"oh yeaaaa,lets have sex"

Most guys would not turn down the chance of a of an aul roll in the hay and for this reason,i personally would not trust them at all and would always feel doubtful! At least from my side,if i am on the pill,i will take it assuming that is what i want to do!

Some of many question's would be would a guy be willing to take a pill that brings his sperm count down to zero? And with the possibility of it being permanent in certain cases and God only knows what other side effects it might have too and also would the girl trust that he has taken it? And would you actually put your man on the pill?

It is very high risk all round i think and in some cases will it solve the scenario of somebody having to say "she trapped me by getting pregnant"!

Do we need it at all,the pill for women is enough as well as many other forms of contraceptives or is it fair to have it available to men and to give them the opportunity to go on the pill! If the guy doesn't want children and the girl does,he can just go on the pill without saying anything to his partner and continue being unlucky in their quest for kids! Also this option is currently available to the woman should she decide to be deceitful in the relationship!

My opinion is that in general i would not trust the guy to take it but that would depend on who he is,how well you know him etc (if you just met him in a nightclub,would you believe he is on the pill),and i also think that the majority of guys themselves will be very weary of it when it is available on the market! I think it will be controversial all round tbh but i like the thought of the fact that it will allow a more equal sharing of responsibility for contraception and in this world of equality being important,why not!

If there are any guys reading this,would you go on the pill?

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Haul from H&M and New Look

This is my mini haul from H&M and New Look in Dublin! And as i had not been out shopping in a while as i was ill,i was so looking forward to it today! I even made out a wishlist the night before and took it with me along with photos from the websites as they had no product numbers listed! So i set off with high hopes of buying the majority of what was on my wishlist! By the way, my wishlist consisted of 4 skirts and 3 dresses! I think i am just more of a skirt/dress type of girl!

The one i wanted the most was the Cameo Rose Monochrome Scuba Striped Skater Dress from New Look and to my delight,they had it and i paid €24.99

Next up was this Patterned dress priced at €14.99 from H&M and the one thing i notice about this on trying it on is it is short but i love it!

Next while still in H&M and unable to find the other dress on my wishlist, i came across these 2 beauties which are certainly my style and both priced at €19.99 each!

I just had to buy a polka dot dress as tbh i always end up buying something polka dot whenever i go shopping! And when i got to checkout,there was a 10% reduction on those dresses too so they actually cost €17.99 each!

So at this stage i had bought 4 dresses,1 more than was on my wishlist but no sign of the skirts that i had on my list! Today was really so so difficult to actually buy a skirt that i wanted and the one's on my wishlist were not in stock,infact the girls in the shop had never seen them in the shop at all! They must only be available in the UK or just online!

So i popped back to New Look in search of a skirt and asked about a skater skirt and i was shown the only one that they had in the store which was an imitation leather one which i just did not like at all! On the way out of the shop,i noticed a tartan skirt which looked nice and was reduced from €15 to €7 so i just had to buy and here it is,

sorry the pic doesn't do it justice but it is really nice and i love it!

In to penneys (primark) for a quick look and found this nice little mini skirt priced at €4.50 so i just bought it as it is an absolute bargain,

And to round off my mini shopping spree,i bought a pair of tights for €4! Oh and i also managed to pick up these 2 for €9 which was a great deal alltogether,

they are a Rimmel liquid eyeliner "exaggerate" which looks amazing and a red lippy Ultimate colour "red my lips" by Catrice which is really nice! I think i got a bargain here but cant remember where i bought them!

I enjoyed my day as it has been a while since i had the opportunity to have a wee look in the shops and today i noticed that it is so difficult to buy a skirt that i really like and the girls in H&M are so friendly and helpful and are a credit to the company! I just wish they would stock the shops as per their website,things would be alot easier! So all in all,i spent €100.50 today and for that i got, 4 dresses,2 skirts, a pair of tights,an eyeliner and a lippy! Yea i am happy enough even though i only managed 2 dresses from my original wishlist!

Just wondering what you all think of my mini haul?

Hope you enjoyed the read,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Beware the Hollie Captain Curse #FPL

Ok so,i have decided to write a post about my unbelievable run of awful Captain choices of late #fpl! So i can now give you the heads up so to speak for future gameweeks in regard to avoiding my Captain picks and rising up the rankings of FPL by doing so! I have seen previous curses #fpl which affected Gemma @gemmabaggies and Pathetico Morbid FPL @patheticomorbid so i must have a chat with these 2 to see how they got the curse removed!

It all started at GW 14 so here is an account of my Captain/VC scores from then till now! Enjoy lol!

GW14----Bony 5 pts 1 assist, VC Aguero 16 pts 2 goals,1 assist and 3 Bp's!
GW15----Aguero 1 pt (played 6 mins), VC Costa 1 pt!
GW16----Costa 5 pts 1 goal, VC Hazard 14 pts 1 goal,1 assist and 3 Bp's!
GW17----Costa 2 pts, VC Hazard 7 pts, 1 assist and 1 Bp!
GW18----Bony 2 pts, VC Costa 11 pts, 1 goal,1 assist and 2 Bp's!
GW19----Austin 2 pts, VC Silva 6 pts, 1 goal!
GW20----Silva 2 pts, VC Costa 6 pts, 1 goal!
GW21----Hazard 3 pts, VC Costa 6 pts, 1 goal!
GW22----Aguero 1 pt, VC Kane 2 pts!
GW23----Pelle 2 pts, VC Cazorla 17 pts, 1 goal,2 assists and 3 Bp's!
GW24----Aguero 5 pts 1 assist, VC Silva 2 pts!
GW25----Hazard 3 pts, VC Aguero 11 pts, 2 goals and 2 Bp's!
GW26----Kane 4 pts 1 goal 1 missed penalty, VC Aguero 9 pts, 1 goal,1 assist and 1 Bp!
GW27----Aguero 5 pts, 1 assist, VS Di Maria 1 pt!
GW28----Kane 2 pts, VC Austin 6 pts, 1 goal (so far).

I dont count GW27 as breaking the curse!

So as you can see above, my captain choices have accumulated the following in 15 gameweeks,

2 Goals, 3 assists and 0 Bonus points and while also managing to miss a penalty!

My VC's however have accumulated the following,

12 Goals, 7 assists and 15 Bp's!

Points gained from my captain 44 points against points that could have been if i had chosen vc 115 and of course doubled up is

Oh if only as it has been very detrimental to my overall ranking which is currently 29950.

So please Beware of who i choose to captain in my side because until this curse is broken,you are all in trouble because even the most inform player with the most favourable fixture is not immune to the Hollie Captain Curse!


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Bloglovin is "All Over The Place"

I am writing this post as it seems my bloglovin account is "all over the place". I just logged in there and it says i have 1833 new posts that i havn't read!

Also i am following a massive 760 accounts and am being followed by 227 although the figure following me is 240! Now dont get me wrong,i dont expect to be followed back by anyone once i follow a blog but i myself do follow back as i feel it is supporting the blogging community and there is nothing better than getting a new blog follower but this leads me on to another problem that i have noticed recently and i will explain later!

Now the fact that i am following 760 accounts cant be right as a few weeks ago when i was infact following 600+ accounts,i decided to go through every account that i was following! There were so many that had no name on the account and indeed had an option to "claim the blog" and i am almost 100% sure that i did not follow in the first place! There was one guy that i did follow as in i followed his blog and it turned out that when i checked,i was actually following something near to 40 blogs created by this guy and each of these blogs were blogs that i would have absolutely no interest in following and some looked suspicious to me and looked to me like they might contain a virus or something similar! I unfollowed all of these and also the unclaimed blogs too!

Now this brought the amount of blogs that i follow to around 500 which was only a few weeks ago and since then i have followed maybe 30 or so blogs so here i am now following 760! This just does not add up so now i am back at square 1 again with having to check through all the blogs i follow and see what has happened! I do understand that when i follow a blog,in most cases it automatically follows the person too!

Now also what i have noticed recently is i am getting a few notifications by email that i have new followers on bloglovin and when i go to check out their blog,i then notice that they are not following me at all or have unfollowed me! Are they just looking for followers and follow loads of people who then get notified of new followers and some follow back not knowing that they have infact unfollowed you! I dont like this at all!

As i said earlier,i always follow back on bloglovin as i like to support a blog and the person behind it who was kind enough to follow me and support me and my little blog but there is something just wrong with these numbers!

Now to go and try and figure it all out! This is so frustrating!

Does anyone else have similar problems with bloglovin?

Thanks for reading,

Hollie x

Monday, 2 March 2015

BOTS 5 GW 26/27 Update

Hi all, sorry for no update last week but unfortunately i was quite ill so was unable to do up the post! So what we have here now is the results from both GW 26 and GW27 in which the guys won both GW's! Well done guys and we now have an overall score of,

TeamGirls 1-4 TeamGuys

So as we can see, us girls really need to "get the finger out" and start winning again soon! We cant afford to lose this coming GW as to be 5-1 will i fear be too much to pull back!

Good luck to all involved and here are the fixtures for GW 28!

And a masive Thank you again to Andrew @andjope for all his valued help!