Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Haul from H&M and New Look

This is my mini haul from H&M and New Look in Dublin! And as i had not been out shopping in a while as i was ill,i was so looking forward to it today! I even made out a wishlist the night before and took it with me along with photos from the websites as they had no product numbers listed! So i set off with high hopes of buying the majority of what was on my wishlist! By the way, my wishlist consisted of 4 skirts and 3 dresses! I think i am just more of a skirt/dress type of girl!

The one i wanted the most was the Cameo Rose Monochrome Scuba Striped Skater Dress from New Look and to my delight,they had it and i paid €24.99

Next up was this Patterned dress priced at €14.99 from H&M and the one thing i notice about this on trying it on is it is short but i love it!

Next while still in H&M and unable to find the other dress on my wishlist, i came across these 2 beauties which are certainly my style and both priced at €19.99 each!

I just had to buy a polka dot dress as tbh i always end up buying something polka dot whenever i go shopping! And when i got to checkout,there was a 10% reduction on those dresses too so they actually cost €17.99 each!

So at this stage i had bought 4 dresses,1 more than was on my wishlist but no sign of the skirts that i had on my list! Today was really so so difficult to actually buy a skirt that i wanted and the one's on my wishlist were not in stock,infact the girls in the shop had never seen them in the shop at all! They must only be available in the UK or just online!

So i popped back to New Look in search of a skirt and asked about a skater skirt and i was shown the only one that they had in the store which was an imitation leather one which i just did not like at all! On the way out of the shop,i noticed a tartan skirt which looked nice and was reduced from €15 to €7 so i just had to buy and here it is,

sorry the pic doesn't do it justice but it is really nice and i love it!

In to penneys (primark) for a quick look and found this nice little mini skirt priced at €4.50 so i just bought it as it is an absolute bargain,

And to round off my mini shopping spree,i bought a pair of tights for €4! Oh and i also managed to pick up these 2 for €9 which was a great deal alltogether,

they are a Rimmel liquid eyeliner "exaggerate" which looks amazing and a red lippy Ultimate colour "red my lips" by Catrice which is really nice! I think i got a bargain here but cant remember where i bought them!

I enjoyed my day as it has been a while since i had the opportunity to have a wee look in the shops and today i noticed that it is so difficult to buy a skirt that i really like and the girls in H&M are so friendly and helpful and are a credit to the company! I just wish they would stock the shops as per their website,things would be alot easier! So all in all,i spent €100.50 today and for that i got, 4 dresses,2 skirts, a pair of tights,an eyeliner and a lippy! Yea i am happy enough even though i only managed 2 dresses from my original wishlist!

Just wondering what you all think of my mini haul?

Hope you enjoyed the read,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx


  1. What a lovely haul, and you got a polka dot dress (sooo youuu). Its a shame they didnt have a few things you lusted over, but you got a really cute and cheap skirt from Primark (go you!). I really like the skirt, i wanna get it :) xx

    1. Thanks Leanne! Anything polka dot and i just get sucked in lol! Love the skirt and it was so cheap! It is very short but my BF seems to like it ha ha! xx

  2. I love the first dress!
    Actually I am a trousers girl, but nothing beats a dress in the summertime.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Thanks again for commenting on my post honey! The first dress is my fav x

  3. Great haul post! I'm so in love with your new dresses and skirts :D They're gorgeous and just perfect for Spring/Summer :) Fashion love, El xxx

    1. Thank you so much El! I am very happy with them and the weather is nearly right to wear them! Cant wait xxx