Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well i have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the absolutely amazing Carolin
who is just the most lovely person you could possibly meet. This is indeed the 3rd award that Carolin has nominated me for and i just cant thank her enough! I will pass this award on to some fellow bloggers at the end of the post and i hope they will be as honoured as myself to recieve it!

|The Rules|


 1. Show the award on your blog.

 2. Thank the person who nominated you.

 3. Share seven facts about yourself.

 4. Nominate 15 blogs.

 5. Link your nominee’s blog and let them know.

|7 Facts About Me|


1-I am very shy and it takes a while for me to open up to new people although from all my many tweets,i might not come across as shy at all!

2-I dont like people who are false and who think they are above the rest of us!

3-I am not a morning person and i could without doubt say that i am a Night Owl!

4-I would love to design a dress which would have both stripes and polka dots. I already have my vision of this and it is so awesome,i actually dream about it!

5-I am a very very emotional girl who takes everything to heart!

6-If i take an interest in someone,for some strange reason,things always improve for that person!

7-I am sick of people/accounts following me for a follow back and then unfollowing again after i follow them. I have learned my lesson and now do not follow back at all unless it is an account that i am really interested in following!

This has been difficult for me as i have previously done blog posts with 25 and 50 facts about me lol!

|My Nominees|

So there you have it and i must say that the above girls who i have nominated are all so nice with really lovely blogs that are all worth a follow! 

Thanks for reading,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

FPL Wildcard Dilemma's

Apart from my BOTS posts,this is actually my first #fpl post and i decided to do this post after looking at alot of WC teams and seeing the SAME team time and time again! Is this taking the fun out of the game this year? I myself think it certainly makes the game less interesting with soooo many teams the same!

So why not try and mix it up a wee bit as if it works,it will shoot you up that table rather quickly but unfortunately if it doesn't,you just might find yourself in a much worse position than you are now!

So as we speak,my team lines up as follows,


Bench Wisdom,Taylor,Sigurdsson,Mannone

I have my WC to play but am holding out until after GW23 to play it! I do have 1 FT and i will use this to replace Gylfi (who i love) with probably Henderson for 1 week only!

This team has 1220 points and sits in 31803 position at the moment!

So when WC comes around,to give myself a chance,i will try to include some players that i hope will come good and be some sort of a differential!

The real problem is that there is only a small pool of players that are worth concidering for your team in my opinion!

I havn't as yet decided on my transfers in for my WC but i would like to concider the likes of Tadic who i believe will be a great addition to my team!

Other thoughts going through my mind are,is Sanchez as appealing as he was now that he is not on penalties and is very expensive! Since his 2 gw's in a row,late oct,early nov, that he scored 16 points in each,and when everyone jumped on the bandwagon (except silly old me) he has scored double figures twice with a 10 and a 19 point haul! He has done nothing or practically nothing in 7/12 games. He has scored 74 points in those 12 games but the likes of Cazorla priced at 8.3 has scored 72 points in last 12.Bandwagon seems to be with Cazorla who now being on penalties,seems quite appealing,but you all know that already. My point is do you keep Sanchez who is sitting in around 45% of teams. With so many flair players at Arsenal and most now available for selection,i can see the points being a bit more evenly distributed among the players.

In defence,i am going to keep Baines.I know he is in 18% of teams but has had 16k transfers out this GW alone and i suspect he may be in quite alot of goastships tbh and i dont see him mentioned or indeed in alot of WC teams!

So if i was to do my WC now,with just a slight bit of tweeking,my team could be,


It looks quite a balanced team to me but the problem is the forwards are showing up in way too many wc teams so i will give it some more thought before playing it!

Is it a team that will be the same as so many out there,will Liverpool be brimming with confidence by wc time (edit -maybe not after tonight)and maybe Sterling or Coutinho are worth concidering! Oscar could be worth looking at but to sacrifice Hazard might just be too much!Should i try and squeeze Eriksen in,will i keep Sanchez and Henderson is still there #decisions decisions!

Or how would this look which i could do too,



or if Baines was to go, i could have a defence of Bertrand,Koscielny,Van Aanholt along with same mid and forwards!

But thinking about it,i really dont want Sterling,would prefere Baines and Terry (Aspilicueta) in my defence,i want to keep Hazard and i like my 3 forwards! Next week should be fun and i will try and mix it up abit too and find a couple of differentials that just might work out,

Hollie x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Battle of The Sexes League 5 Update of how the girls done!

Ok just to put you all in the picture,it looks highly likely that Bots 1-4 will be cancelled and 2 new Bots leagues created but as Bots 5 is relatively new, i have decided to continue it on as all the fixtures from now until the end of the season are already on the website

Now prior to GW 22 the overall score was,

The Girls 183-215 The Boys and here were the fixtures

I must also point out that with the above fixture set up,i am unable to print actual scores so if you want to see your score and that of your opponent,please log into your Fpl account and check out the scores in the Bots 5 league!

Of the above games,i am delighted to say that the Girls won the gameweek by 45-36 thus making the overall score now,

The Girls 228-251 The Boys

There were wins for the girls by Kate, Holly Shand, Fenia, Bec, Joanne, Charlene, Mandy, Simar, Rumaana, Shish, Pamela, Lucia, Clodagh, Marche and myself giving us the 45 points!

For the record,the guys points came from wins by Waithe's Fort, The Scylla, Aliyybags FC, It's a tring thing, Beepy's Redemption, Azzak, Usual Suspects, Celtic Forrest, Wildcoast Warriors, ManchesterUtdPak, Dzeko my little Bony and Bambali Bhediyas giving the guys the 36 points!

Well done girls! We can go on and win the overall! #Teamgirls 

The GW 23 fixtures are as follows,

Just a few stats to mention for some of the girls,

Clodagh remains unbeaten with 5 wins and 1 draw from 6 games,
Pamela has won 5 from 6 games,
Dawn has won 5 from 6 games,
Shish has won 5 from 6 games

These are indeed,the inform girls,

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lack of Trust and Jealousy in a Relationship

All i can do here is speak from my own personal experiences and i hope that it may be of some value to somebody out there who reads it!

If you have already read my previous posts on how i met my husband and how i eventually left him for cheating on me,you will understand that my marriage was not all that good and led me to feel that i will never walk up the aisle again even though i have met the most wonderful man ever since!

What i can tell you is that if you dont have trust in your relationship and if the green eyed monster rears his ugly head too often,then you are in for a rough ride,believe me!

I remember the first time a trust issue came into play with me and my future husband and it was on the night of my hens do! I had to drop something up to his house that night on the way out with some of the girls in a taxi and when i pulled up at the house and got out,he said to me "i hope you dont end up gettin off with some bloke tonight". It was his rather agressive tone that in a way ruined my hens party before it actually began! It was the way it was said and i remember one of my best friends saying to me "Hollie,sorry for saying this but i dont think you should be marrying this guy"! I did not even question her at the time but i have to say,i did have this feeling deep down in myself that maybe she is right but i was attracted to him physically!

Anyway as you all know,we did get married and i would like to mention some incidents that occurred during the marriage with a view to his untrustworthy nature and his jealousy!

I worked in a bar/nightclub when he first met me and continued to do so after we got married as we needed the money! More times than not,he would come out to the club at 3am to collect me from work,sometimes even before this and he would sit at the bar staring at me all the time making sure that i was not talking to any of the guys that just might want to be friendly. My job working in this business was to be nice to the customers and i just felt so uncomfortable and i could not be myself with him looking on. I felt like i was walking on eggshells and did not enjoy working at all when he was around! He did not come to the club to see me and collect me for the love he had for me,it was from the fact that he did not want anybody talking to me and that meant anybody!

It had an awful affect on me as even when we would be out doing the shopping,i was in fear of somebody actually saying hello to me as he would immediately say "who's that, how do you know him/her" He always thought the worst and never had a problem questioning me knowing that it was draining my confidence and changing me from a normal outgoing funloving girl into what you could call a bit of a nervous wreck!

We decided to go out one night to the nightclub where i worked which for me was not much fun but he seemed to want to go for some reason. He spent the whole night just watching me as i tried to actually enjoy myself and oh i must mention my friend Lisa was also in our company! There was an incident that happened that night when a regular customer came up to me and said "have you seen him,is he here yet", he was talking about his pal who always came to the nightclub with him and as regulars,i knew them quite well obviously!
Well this set him off completely and he first asked "who the f*** is that,what's he talking about asking you is he here yet". I tried to explain that him and his pal are regulars and that he had just asked me if i had seen his friend yet! So off he goes and confronts this guy accusing him of all sorts with me! The security staff had to be called and he was asked to leave! I was never so embarrassed in my life! His jealous and untrustworthy nature was clear to be seen and i would like to point out that i never ever was unfaithful in my marriage! I was loyal to the very end as that is the type of girl i am!

And if ever i got a phone call or a text,it was the same again "who was that"! I could not live a normal life under these circumstances and as i mentioned earlier walking on eggshells and nervous wreck! Even when i was getting dressed to go out,it was always a case of,you have too much makeup on,why are you wearing red lipstick,that skirt is too short,those heels are too high! It was never a case of " Hollie,you look gorgeous" it was more like who was i out to impress!

These are only a few incidents that happened during my marriage and i will add to this post at a later date! The jealousy and lack of trust just wore me down,i was living in a marriage that i could not be myself and it was such a horrible feeling of being alone yet i had so many people around me in my life!

The irony of the whole thing is that if you have read my previous post about my marriage,you will infact know that my husband was having an affair with one of my best friends during the marriage and yet he was the one who had a jealous and untrustworthy nature,something that i would not wish on anyone!

Jealousy and lack of trust will not work in a relationship! I would not have put up with it for much longer in my marriage and eventually i would have left but i never had to make that decision based on them grounds!

Hope you enjoyed the read and please feel free to leave a comment,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Thursday, 15 January 2015

FAO all the GIRLS in "Battle of The Sexes" Leagues #fpl Important Update

This is a very important update regarding the situation with our 5 Bots leagues and is aimed at the fpl girls. While we have around 80 girls involved in this awesome game playing against 80 guys each week,we now feel that we have to go in a different direction with the whole concept!

The changes that will take place are due to the following facts which have influenced our decision and have been already backed up by many fpl managers for the good of the competition!

1-The website which is updated weekly with fixtures and results has recieved very few hits which suggests that only a handful of Bots players are checking it to see who they are playing and how they got on!

2-There is very little banter at all on twitter between the girls and the boys which is something that we had hoped would be a pivotal part of the whole concept!

3-Some fpl managers both guys and girls have not bothered to check their teams and for example still had Dzeko as captain while he was injured for weeks and made no FT's. This has a negative effect on the whole thing as when you check your opponents team and see this,it takes all the fun and competitiveness out of it and people then begin to lose interest quickly!

4-From my perspective,i am very competitive and want the girls to win the overall competition but if we all dont pull together as a team and keep the interest going,this is not going to happen!

I would also like to say that i am so proud of all the girls that have taken part in Bots as for one thing,we have shown that girls can be awesome Fpl managers in a competition that is generally dominated by the guys and by playing in the Bots leagues,i believe we have gained the respect as female managers that we all so rightly deserve!

Also i have to mention that the girls are losing all 5 Bots leagues and in some leagues,it would have been almost impossible to go on and win the overall so we would in theory just be playing out the rest of the season! The guys like and need a challenge and there is no better challenge that a guy can get than a game against a girl! Sure they can play against other guys etc in one of their other private leagues but when faced against a girl who plays #fpl and is damn good,they try and rise to the occassion (mmmm).We have proved that we are indeed damn good at this!

Now i will move onto the proposed changes to Bots which all going to plan will commence in gw 23 and continue weekly until the end of the season!

Firstly all 5 Bots leagues will be cancelled in respect of that their will no longer be fixtures and results generated from our side,however the actual Fpl leagues will still play out as is so each week you will still have a game but it will be against another opponent in the league rather than a guaranteed girl v guy match each week,so these leagues are still there to be won!

*****What we are now looking at is forming 2 new leagues of how many a side has not yet been decided but these leagues are only open to players who will be committed to the team,will regularly check the website for fixtures and results and who will if possible try and participate in some form of twitter banter possibly using the hashtag #fplbots.*****

So if you feel that you would like to be part of a girls team that can go on and WIN the new Bots leagues,please DM me expressing your interest!

If i dont hear from you,i would like to thank you for being part of the Bots girls teams and as i said earlier,i am so proud of you all! I think you are all amazing and i have made some really lovely new friends through Bots.There will however more than likely that is,still be another cup competition in which you all will be involved!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

May i ask you all a Question?

Hi everyone,
since i started my blog in August,it has been quite diverse with posts about fashion,lifestyle,beauty and fantasy football!
I dont know if this mix is putting off potential followers or indeed current followers and i would really appreciate any comments regarding the subject!
Most of my followers are fashion/beauty and lifestyle bloggers and this represents 95% of my followers however the 5% of followers are followers of fantasy football!
My fantasy football posts,although not too many have generated alot of pageviews but i would really like to know if these posts are off putting in your oppinion?
This post is aimed at the 95% of followers who are not into fantasy football and i would like to thank you in advance for reading this short post!
I am not going to "push and promote" this post in my usual way that i do as i would like to see how this goes too and if you are reading this,thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog,you are awesome,but please remember my question is about off putting and i will continue to write the occassional blog post about fantasy football,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 12 January 2015

BOTS 21 Update incl Overall Points

Today Walt posted a message on the website about the future of BOTS and i urge each and everyone to please read it 
First of all,i would just like to say that i am 100% behind Walt and his decision and i fully understand exactly where he is coming from! I dont know where this leaves us but we do have all the fixtures on the official website from now until the end of the season!

For me,this has been something really special as it has proved to many out there that Girls are awesome #fpl players and i am so proud of all the girls out there who play this amazing game of fantasy football and lets be honest,we are good!

I can only do it this way on my blog and i dont know how to input the scores as it wont allow me so all i can do is check manually each week and post the overall score and who got the points for the girls teams!
I dont want the whole Bots experience to die so for now,this is all i can do but i need you all to do a few things as they are all so important!

1-Check the website regularly to see who your next opponent is

2-Follow everyone in your Bots league and lets try and have some banter interaction between the guys and girls on twitter!
3-This is a very unique situation we are all in #fpl with 80 girls playing 80 guys each week so please lets be as competitive as we can as we are all members of a Team who rely on each and everyone in the team to try and get the 3 points!
For this week,all the BOTS results will have to be manually found by each individual Bots player by logging into fpl account and checking your score v that of your opponent! It is impossible for me to enter the scores into the below as the format will not allow me to do so and i am not great with all the computer stuff anyway!

These were the GW21 fixtures in Bots 1. In order to see your individual matchscore,please log into your FPL account,click on Bots1 and check your score v your above opponent!

The girls points were achieved by the following girls!  Hollie 1,Joanne 3,Clodagh 1,Gemma 3,Lucia 3,Clare 3,Kate 3,Radhika 3,Lauren 3,Simar 3,Leanne 3 and Charlene 3!

This gives the girls a victory by 32-20
 The girls points came from Gurjinder 3,Bibi 3,Claire 3,Zoe 3,Rio 3,Hollie 1 and Goolie Zee 1,

This gives the girls a total of 17 points to the boys 32 points!

 And onto Bots 3 and this one was oh so close and before checking the last game it was 22-22 but unfortunately for the girls,the guys won the overall by 25-22 points!
The girls points came from Therese 3,Tania 3,Elaine 3,Ena 3,Joanne 3, Leah 3, Kat 1 and Ellyn 3!
Well this was a thumping givin to the boys by the girls as the girls won 52-31!
The girls points were achieved by Pamela 3, Rumaana 1,Kirsty 3,Hayley 3,Sam 3,Kelly 3,Linda 3,Julie 3, Joanne 3, United girl 3,Anya 3,Hannah 3,Lynn Marie 3,Liz 3,Gurjinder 3,Zako 3, Stacey 3 and Gemma 3!
So finally onto Bots 5 and it was a win for the Boys by 44-32 points!
The girls points came from Julie 3,Bibi 3,Holly S 3,Joanne 3, Holly 1, Elaine 3,Therese 3,Dawn 3, V Shinya 3,Chriselle 3,Lucia 3,Clodagh 1!

For the moment guys and girls,this is all i can do but remember BOTS is still alive and please check website for your next opponent in GW22 and also leave a comment if you wish,


Thursday, 8 January 2015

50 Facts About Me

I recently got tagged by the wonderful and always lovely Florence Grace @flomatthews_ to do a post about 50 facts about me! Wow 50 could be difficult but i will certainly give it a try! So here goes,

1-I was born in Boston.
2-I support Swansea City FC.
3-I finished 23rd in the world #fpl in 2012/13 out of 3 million people.
4-My fav band are Nightwish.
5-I love all things 80's.
6-I am kinda obsessed with polka dot outfits.
7-I have been married but am now divorced.
8-I work in the f+b business.
9-My fav colour is red.
10-Much prefere heels to flats.
11-I love cats and dogs,especially dogs.
12-I would love to visit Australia.
13-I am a girly girl.
14-If i go out for a meal,my favourite dish would be steak,chips,mushrooms and fried onions,yummy.
15-I have no tattoo's although i am planning to get one,probably a swan in a love heart.
16-Things that scare me are heights,spiders and wasps.
17-My fav number is 4.
18-My fav lipstick is Lady Danger by Mac.
19-My fav perfume is Cool Water.
20-Polka dot dress over LBD.
21-I always like to help people.
22-My fav high heels would be by Zara.
23-I prefere tea over coffee.
24-I love getting flowers,that makes me very happy,especially pink and red roses.
25-I always cry when watching a movie with either a happy or a sad ending.
26-I had a miscarriage during my marriage.
27-My fav shows would be Game of Thrones,The Blacklist,Banshee and The Originals.
28-I failed my driving test 1st time but got it 2nd time round.
29-I want some pink in my hair someday.
30-My fav nail varnish colour is red.
31-I am 28 years old.
32-My husband cheated on me with my friend.
33-I love my new BF.
34-I have no plans on marrying again,it is so overrated.
35-One of my fav looks is all black,skirt,tights and heels/boots.
36-I dont like clubbing as i worked in nightclubs for a few years.
37-I would like to spend a night in the company of Mel Gibson.
38-I stayed single for nearly 2 years after my marriage breakdown.
39-I am a very shy girl.
40-My fav chocolate bar is a walnut whip.
41-I have a slight form of arthritis in my hip and leg.
42-My number 1 fav blog is  
      but there are a few others that i absolutely love too and you know who you are.
43-Dior Rouge 999 is my fav nail polish ever.
44-I get very moody from time to time.
45-I got a mention on Ireland's top fashion TV show Xpose!
46-My fav clothes shop would be Forever 21.
47-I love skater dresses and skirts.
48-I have spent way too much on twitter since joining.
49-I would love to be a sky sports news girl.
50-I dont like people who think they are above the rest of us.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if anyone who is reading it fancies doing it,i tag you,it is alot of fun,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 5 January 2015

People Gathering Accounts

I must stress that this post is only in my opinion!
Now this is one thing that is bugging me since joining twitter in July. And basically what it is is these twitter accounts that build up a massive following by sometimes following the maximum amount allowed per day. What happens next is that generally alot of people will follow back,like i do in most cases and then within a day or 2 or more,they then unfollow you. This really annoys me as they have not unfollowed me for my tweets or for being annoying to them,they have unfollowed me as their only purpose in my opinion was to get the original follow from me in the first place.

I have started to monitor this on my account from 18th November until today the 5th January 2015 and while i do understand that accounts genuinly will unfollow me because they may not like my tweet mix of fantasy football and fashion,i do however believe that these accounts are only interested in increasing their own followers while keeping their following ratio much lower! And as you will see,this post was started on 18th Nov as the post was updated at the time of follows and unfollows!

Now what i want to do is highlight some of these accounts that have recently followed and unfollowed so today being Tuesday 18th November, i will list account follows from these type of accounts and then show you when i was unfollowed. It can take anytime from a day to a week or more!

Here are copies of 2 of my most recent tweets regarding this subject,

 ·  Nov 17
got followed by an account called footy_banter_uk,followed back,they have 2.5k followers now,then they unfollowed me,

**I have been followed again by this account on Dec4th** It now has 3.6k followers and follows 1.4k,this should be interesting to see when i get unfollowed again.I only followed them as part of this blog post! On the 27th Dec i got unfollowed by this account,again!

oh and heres another account with 25k followers who follows and unfollows SanctuarySpaHolidays ,people gatherers,

And here is a real peach who has 62.2k followers and follows 7k. Friday 21nd Nov i got followed,i followed back and Sat 22nd, you guessed it,this people gatherer unfollowed me! So Frank,it is with great pleasure that i now unfollow you and please dont annoy me again!
*** Update on the above account follows/followers on 5th January is 6663/66.7k ,wow he has done so well!***
And here is a real gem who follows and practically unfollows very soon after you follow him back!

Chris Mac

 166k followers and 12.8 following, favour returned Chris 5/12/14 !Why did you follow me in the 1st place if you were just going to unfollow?

And earlier today the 9th Dec,i got followed by Success Appointements  and i followed back,3 hours later i have been unfollowed. This account has 1900 followers and follows 900! 

Another account which to me is another people gathering account is fashionglammy ! It has 5666 followers and follows 1367, this account followed me and within a few days,unfollowed! It also followed 764 people on 12th December,a prime example of an account looking to gather people! 

Oh and on the 16th, i am followed by this beauty who has 18k followers and follows 669 including little old me now. I am so honoured,now i await the inevitable lol!

carlos c caƱadas

  And on Christmas day i was subsequently unfollowed by this people gatherer,it must be so much fun to have all these followers,i hope he is proud of his achievement lol! And of course i have unfollowed! Oh Carlos, Christmas day of all days,now that's just not nice even if my tweets were not of interest to you lol!
On the 16th, i was followed by 

Perfect Tweets

and on the 17th,i was unfollowed! This account has 28.5k followers and follows 21.9, abot of a differential here dont you think! 

It's now the 18th dec and i have just been followed by the below account who has 9468 followers and follows 776! I wonder why she has followed me, anyway the account is 

Mariluz AV Protected Tweets

follows you

This could be an interesting one! 
The 22nd and as expected,i have been unfollowed by this people gatherer! She now has 9550 followers and follows 353 
***update on the 5th Jan now has 9568 followers and follows 189 lucky people!***

So there you have it,these accounts in my opinion are here to gain as many follows as possible and to keep their following down to a minimum! Good luck to them all in their quest to impress whoever they are trying to impress. This whole experience has made me more weary of who i follow back and i no longer automatically follow back anyone who follows me!

Hope you enjoyed my post and i was wondering if anyone has had similar with these accounts,please leave a comment,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Blogging "My 2014"

I started my blog on 27th August so i thought i would write a quick post as to where i am now with it,what direction i think i am going with it and how it all started!

Well to be honest,it was a strange start to blogging for me as initially i was trying to set up my new blog on bloglovin. I actually mean by trying to set it up as trying to create it in the first place. I had no idea about the fact that the likes of Blogger was required to set up a blog which in hindsight i really feel so silly but eventually i was put in the right direction by a lovely girl called Chelsea Marrs who told me what i should be doing!

I had no idea what direction i was going nor what i was going to write about so i decided to share my disasterous marriage story with anyone that would be bothered to read it and i wasn't expecting any page views tbh. So on the 1st of September my first real post was  in which i told my story about how i met my future husband. This was followed by  which was part 2 of my marriage story in which it tells why i left my husband!

In early September i got nominated for "One Lovely Blog Award" and "Liebster Award" by the absolutely lovely Carolin and i found these posts alot of fun to write which led me to doing a post about myself titled "25 Facts" which can be found here .

I also wrote a post about my 5 favourite blogs  which was a popular post but i must say that 3 months later,i could easily re do this post and not all would be included again. It is so important to me that the girl behind the blog is nice as well as having a fantastic blog and i am afraid to say that in my opinion,certain people do need a reality check and i do feel disappointed about this!

This brought me into October and having participated in a few online blogger chats for example #fblchat and similar and i found alot of bloggers felt under pressure in writing posts for their blog. This led to me writing this post about the pressure of blogging

The above 5 posts have been my most read and i am in a way proud of them. In the midst of these posts and some others, i found myself writing about the girls team that i am involved with in a fantasy football competition in which 80 or so girls play each week against 80 guys in a competition that is normally dominated by guys! I am so proud of all the girls involved as they are all awesome!

Also i actually got an opportunity to work with a product/brand for the first time ever and was so excited to write a review about the products on offer at and it can be found here  
and i hope that i do get another opportunity in the future!

When i started blogging,i have to mention the first blog that i followed and it is  and it will always be special to me for that reason! 

So we are now entering a new year and i havn't decided as yet what direction my blog is going. It is rather diverse in a way and i guess i will keep it that way as that is the type of girl i am but i will try and introduce posts such as OOTD'S which kinda scares me as i dont have a decent camera for example but we will see!

So to end this post i have to say i am astonished,happy and very proud of the fact that i have 150 blog followers on Bloglovin and my blog has had 10200 pageviews  and i would now like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to actually read any of my blog posts and anybody who has been kind enough to follow my blog! You are all awesome and i wish you all a very happy 2015 and finally,starting my blog was the best thing i have done as i have made so many new friends,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx