Monday, 12 January 2015

BOTS 21 Update incl Overall Points

Today Walt posted a message on the website about the future of BOTS and i urge each and everyone to please read it 
First of all,i would just like to say that i am 100% behind Walt and his decision and i fully understand exactly where he is coming from! I dont know where this leaves us but we do have all the fixtures on the official website from now until the end of the season!

For me,this has been something really special as it has proved to many out there that Girls are awesome #fpl players and i am so proud of all the girls out there who play this amazing game of fantasy football and lets be honest,we are good!

I can only do it this way on my blog and i dont know how to input the scores as it wont allow me so all i can do is check manually each week and post the overall score and who got the points for the girls teams!
I dont want the whole Bots experience to die so for now,this is all i can do but i need you all to do a few things as they are all so important!

1-Check the website regularly to see who your next opponent is

2-Follow everyone in your Bots league and lets try and have some banter interaction between the guys and girls on twitter!
3-This is a very unique situation we are all in #fpl with 80 girls playing 80 guys each week so please lets be as competitive as we can as we are all members of a Team who rely on each and everyone in the team to try and get the 3 points!
For this week,all the BOTS results will have to be manually found by each individual Bots player by logging into fpl account and checking your score v that of your opponent! It is impossible for me to enter the scores into the below as the format will not allow me to do so and i am not great with all the computer stuff anyway!

These were the GW21 fixtures in Bots 1. In order to see your individual matchscore,please log into your FPL account,click on Bots1 and check your score v your above opponent!

The girls points were achieved by the following girls!  Hollie 1,Joanne 3,Clodagh 1,Gemma 3,Lucia 3,Clare 3,Kate 3,Radhika 3,Lauren 3,Simar 3,Leanne 3 and Charlene 3!

This gives the girls a victory by 32-20
 The girls points came from Gurjinder 3,Bibi 3,Claire 3,Zoe 3,Rio 3,Hollie 1 and Goolie Zee 1,

This gives the girls a total of 17 points to the boys 32 points!

 And onto Bots 3 and this one was oh so close and before checking the last game it was 22-22 but unfortunately for the girls,the guys won the overall by 25-22 points!
The girls points came from Therese 3,Tania 3,Elaine 3,Ena 3,Joanne 3, Leah 3, Kat 1 and Ellyn 3!
Well this was a thumping givin to the boys by the girls as the girls won 52-31!
The girls points were achieved by Pamela 3, Rumaana 1,Kirsty 3,Hayley 3,Sam 3,Kelly 3,Linda 3,Julie 3, Joanne 3, United girl 3,Anya 3,Hannah 3,Lynn Marie 3,Liz 3,Gurjinder 3,Zako 3, Stacey 3 and Gemma 3!
So finally onto Bots 5 and it was a win for the Boys by 44-32 points!
The girls points came from Julie 3,Bibi 3,Holly S 3,Joanne 3, Holly 1, Elaine 3,Therese 3,Dawn 3, V Shinya 3,Chriselle 3,Lucia 3,Clodagh 1!

For the moment guys and girls,this is all i can do but remember BOTS is still alive and please check website for your next opponent in GW22 and also leave a comment if you wish,