Thursday, 8 January 2015

50 Facts About Me

I recently got tagged by the wonderful and always lovely Florence Grace @flomatthews_ to do a post about 50 facts about me! Wow 50 could be difficult but i will certainly give it a try! So here goes,

1-I was born in Boston.
2-I support Swansea City FC.
3-I finished 23rd in the world #fpl in 2012/13 out of 3 million people.
4-My fav band are Nightwish.
5-I love all things 80's.
6-I am kinda obsessed with polka dot outfits.
7-I have been married but am now divorced.
8-I work in the f+b business.
9-My fav colour is red.
10-Much prefere heels to flats.
11-I love cats and dogs,especially dogs.
12-I would love to visit Australia.
13-I am a girly girl.
14-If i go out for a meal,my favourite dish would be steak,chips,mushrooms and fried onions,yummy.
15-I have no tattoo's although i am planning to get one,probably a swan in a love heart.
16-Things that scare me are heights,spiders and wasps.
17-My fav number is 4.
18-My fav lipstick is Lady Danger by Mac.
19-My fav perfume is Cool Water.
20-Polka dot dress over LBD.
21-I always like to help people.
22-My fav high heels would be by Zara.
23-I prefere tea over coffee.
24-I love getting flowers,that makes me very happy,especially pink and red roses.
25-I always cry when watching a movie with either a happy or a sad ending.
26-I had a miscarriage during my marriage.
27-My fav shows would be Game of Thrones,The Blacklist,Banshee and The Originals.
28-I failed my driving test 1st time but got it 2nd time round.
29-I want some pink in my hair someday.
30-My fav nail varnish colour is red.
31-I am 28 years old.
32-My husband cheated on me with my friend.
33-I love my new BF.
34-I have no plans on marrying again,it is so overrated.
35-One of my fav looks is all black,skirt,tights and heels/boots.
36-I dont like clubbing as i worked in nightclubs for a few years.
37-I would like to spend a night in the company of Mel Gibson.
38-I stayed single for nearly 2 years after my marriage breakdown.
39-I am a very shy girl.
40-My fav chocolate bar is a walnut whip.
41-I have a slight form of arthritis in my hip and leg.
42-My number 1 fav blog is  
      but there are a few others that i absolutely love too and you know who you are.
43-Dior Rouge 999 is my fav nail polish ever.
44-I get very moody from time to time.
45-I got a mention on Ireland's top fashion TV show Xpose!
46-My fav clothes shop would be Forever 21.
47-I love skater dresses and skirts.
48-I have spent way too much on twitter since joining.
49-I would love to be a sky sports news girl.
50-I dont like people who think they are above the rest of us.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if anyone who is reading it fancies doing it,i tag you,it is alot of fun,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for commenting lovely lady! xx

  2. Mel Gibson interesting choice lol hey Hollie

    1. ha ha, i think it must be the accent Dee lol! x

  3. Replies
    1. just normal run of the mill tea like lyons or barrys, nothing special,i am not really mad about the different flavours available! x

  4. thank you so much honey to inserted me in your post ... I'm so happy !!!!!
    kiss kiss

    1. well i am so delighted to follow you and your blog is just the best ever! xx

  5. Love how I can get to know you more through this post :D
    I also want to visit Australia soo badd, it's such a peaceful and beautiful country


  6. i really enjoyed doing this post Chrisylla! Hope some day i can visit! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! x