Monday, 16 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (free with March ELLE Magazine) a review

I dont normally do too many reviews of beauty products but i just have to do this one! The reason for this is that this mascara is in my opinion simply put,amazing!

So Elle magazine march edition is offering us the chance to be the first to try this new miracle mascara four weeks before it's official release!

I originally heard about this offer from the lovely Joanne @joannesherrell and i spent an hour on Saturday looking in the shops but it was all sold out so on Sunday i visited a shopping centre and i was lucky enough to pick up my copy of Elle! It was my 6th shop to try!

In all honesty,for the price of £4 or what i paid in euros €6.50 or there abouts,i cant actually remember the exact price,you are getting a 400 page mag filled with fabulous articles and pics and of course the free sample size mascara!

It says it is super curling and lifting and believe me,in my opinion,it certainly is and it adds volume too! There is no need for the use of eyelash curlers as apparently,the flexible wand has small rubber hooks that gently grab your lashes and curls them. It also gave length to my lashes! The curl on them was amazing and no smudging and i for one will most certainly be buying the full size on it's release!

I have been previously using Maybelline colossal volume express mascara and Collection longer lash and i do like both tbh but they are not in the same league as Benefit Roller Lash!

So in summing up,this mascara is amazing and it does exactly what it claims to do and as the sample size is Free with March Elle magazine,you really have nothing to lose and for £4,even if you dont like the mascara,you will have a fabulous magazine to read! Just go out and buy it,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

My 1st Valentine's Day as a Married Woman

Well seeing as it's Valentine's Day today,i thought i would share my first experience of this day as a married woman! It was 2008 and i was married roughly 7 months!

Thinking back,i remember having to nearly force my husband to actually do something special on what is a special day! I just automatically thought that he would have had a table booked in a nice restaurant as afterall it was our first one together since getting married but no he did not!

On the morning i remember getting a lovely cuddly bear with the love heart,a box of chocolates and a lovely bunch of flowers! Yes i felt special and was very happy with my lovely gifts! I asked him what he had planned for the evening and he just looked at me as if i had 2 heads so to speak!

I asked him if we were going out for dinner and he said there is no way we would get a table as everywhere was booked out! I asked him if he had actually tried to get one and he said no and he also said that if i can manage to get a table somewhere,he would gladly take me out for a meal (how romantic of him)!

Now i worked in a nightclub/bar/restaurant at the time so i had actually met a few people who work in and run restaurants so i decided to call in a favour with someone who on many occassions i had arranged a late drink for! A table for 2 was no problem at all after i made the call!

I went and told my husband that i had booked the table and he seemed quite put out by it tbh but did say ok,lets go out and have a nice evening! He also suggested that we should ask my friend Lisa and her new BF (another new one whom she had just met apparently) and make it a table for 4!

I was excited about this so i phoned Lisa and made the arrangements! Sure it was a night out with one of my best friends and my husband so it was something to really look forward to!

I had already bought a new dress during the week so i already had my outfit all sorted! We had the table booked for 8.30 and we arrived right on time and to my surprise,the guy who had arranged the table for me had a lovely bottle of complementary champagne on our table and 2 red roses for us girls! It was such a lovely gesture!

The evening went well but i did feel like there was a bit of a strain on it somewhere but i just couldn't put my finger on it! Lisa's new guy was rather quiet but he did seem like a nice guy, Lisa didn't really seem herself and gave an impression of being a wee bit uncomfortable and my hubby seemed in alright form but it was not great. I put this down to the fact that i had arranged the night out and perhaps he felt guilty about the fact that he was not behind it! I however was enjoying myself and felt good about myself in my new dress and the special treatment that we were getting from a friend of mine who had organised our table in the first place!

I now know why the atmosphere was strained that night as it was around the time that my husband was starting an affair with one of my best friends! I cant be 100% sure if it had already started by then but thinking about it,it is very possible! There was certainly an air of guilt in the atmosphere that evening but i just wonder why he suggested asking Lisa to join us! Is it because it gave him an opportunity to spend Valentine's night with her too and "got off" on this idea of having dinner with 2 women that he was sleeping with on this special night or was it that he just did not want to spend the evening with only me! Mmmm i wonder what Valentine's gifts She got that year!

Now tonight,myself and my BF were due to go out for a meal but as i am off work ill,we will just have to spend it at home with a movie and a few bottles of wine! I dont mind this one little bit and am so looking forward to it!

I hope that whoever is reading this has a very special weekend and thank you for taking the time,

Hollie xxx

Thursday, 12 February 2015

BOTS 5 GW25 Results

So GW 25 has givin the guys revenge for last weeks hammering and oh my,it was sweet revenge with a 55-25 victory over the girls!

This result gives the guys a 2-1 lead and the pressure is now back on the girls! We really need to win next week and get back to level again!

Thank you once again to the marvelous Andrew @andjope for all his help and so here are the results,

18 wins and a draw for the guys is very impressive with the girls only managing 8 wins and a draw! There were some really nice high scores from Indore fc 78, Dhansu Laundey 74 and Azzak with 71 for the guys whereas the highest individual points score from the girls was 66 by Rumaana!

So well done to the guys,great scoring,great win but we will bounce back next week hopefully!

Next weeks games are as follows,

Good luck to everyone next week and just to say, all the fixtures can be found on    where also you can comment on the site and make any suggestions!



Monday, 9 February 2015

A Comment that has stayed with me for years

A few years ago i was in the local pub when a guy that i had not seen in years came over to me and was chatting away for most of the night! I had met him on many occassions over the years as i did work in a nightclub that he used to visit quite regularly!

He knew i had been married and that things had not worked out and i was now going through the divorce! But for some reason,everytime i had spoken to him,i always was in a good mood! He just always used to catch me at the right time where my mood was concerned!

So his quote that has stayed in my mind and annoys me so much to this day is,

"nothing seems to bother you Hollie,you have not got a care in the world and you just sail through life with no worries at all"

You have no idea how much this has bothered me for years now and almost a day does not pass that i dont think about what he said! I know you are probably thinking that what he said was nothing bad,which it wasn't but it just plays on my mind,endlessly!

This guy does not know what goes on in my head and for him to say that and actually believe it to be true really upsets me and for him to make that judgement about me when he doesn't know me that well to be able to have that opinion,well let's just say my blood is boiling even writing this! Please dont think i am being silly but i just cant get it out of my head what he said!

I have my problems like everyone else does and this guy thinks that nothing bothers me and i sail through life with no worries,i just wish it was true and i really wish i had never heard this comment! I guess nobody knows what goes on inside the head of another person and i for one would not have the courage to write about what goes on inside mine.

Maybe it's my own fault as sometimes i might come across that way to people but you have no idea how much this relatively harmless comment has played on my mind for so long,

Hollie xxx

BOTS5 #fpl GW 24 Update and Scores

Well the Girls have evened up to score with a great win this GW with a score of 45-36 and this makes the overall score one GW each for the guys and the girls!

There were wins for the girls from Julie,Fatimah,Kate,Bibi,Mrs Morbid,Joanne,Simar,Therese,Dawn,Rumaana,Shish,Chriselle,Clodagh,Marche and myself giving us the 45 points!

The guys had wins from The Scylla,Its a tring thing,CFCBoas,guy 2fc,Azzak,Walt,Usual suspects,Celtic forest,Union fc,Crazy j fc,Manchester rhinos, and Bambali bhediyas giving the guys a total of 36 points!

Massive thanks to Andrew @andjope for all his help with the results!

Now there is a quick turnover to the next set of games which start tomorrow so dont forget to check your teams and make any transfers if needed.

Well done to team girls on a great win!

The fixtures for the next game's are as follows,

I just want to point out again that BOTS5 was a relatively new league with all new players so as you all probably know by now, Bots 1-4 was combined with only interested players now involved! Next season,the Bots leagues will include interested players from Bots 5 in leagues which will be bigger and better than ever! This season being the first season where guys can play girls on a weekly basis has been somewhat of a "lets test the water and see where it goes" type of season so to speak so by next season,all the creases will have been ironed out and we will move forward from there!

There will be a cup competition starting soon (just to confirm with Walt) in which all Bots5 members will be involved along with all Botsrebooted teams so please stay tuned!
Best of luck to all involved,


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Lovely experience with e.l.f Store Cardiff

I am writing this blog post as i believe credit should be givin where it is due and my word, e.l.f  Store Cardiff @elfStoreCardiff 
deserve all the praise and recommendation i can possibly give!

So it all started while i was on twitter when i favourited a tweet from e.l.f about Go-To-Glam makeover's that were being done in the Cardiff store that day!

About half an hour later or so,i received this message by DM,

Hi Hollie! Thanks for the we would love to treat you to a complimentary Go-To-Glam makeover! When's best for you to book in? Chelsey

Now as i live in Dublin, i replied,

Hi Chelsey! This is so nice of you and i appreciate it so much but i am in Dublin unfortunately but when i do visit Wales,i am dying to visit your store! It looks so awesome!

The reply was,
 Aww thank you Hollie that's so kind! We'll look to send you a little treat in the post anyway! Chelsey


 If you ever plan a visit to Cardiff, be sure to let us know and we will plan a special experience for you! Chelsey

Now i must say this was really so nice of Chelsey and i felt great after such a lovely gesture!

So that was my DM's with the lovely Chelsey so i awaited Mr Postman for my lovely lipstick as it is a lippy in the above pic emoji!

So the following week,Mr Postman delivers a package and when i opened it,i was so delighted and so happy with what was inside from e.l.f Store Cardiff as a competition winner!

Inside was the following,

A beautiful e.l.f nail polish in a fabulous colour,

An e.l.f eyebrow lifter and filler which is amazing,

An e.l.f glitter eyeshadow,

An e.l.f natural lash kit which i love!

I honestly cant thank e.l.f Store Cardiff enough for their kindness and especially a lovely young lady named Chelsey! I really needed cheering up and this just made my week!

Well all i can say is please give e.l.f a follow on twitter and i will without doubt be purchasing from them in the near future. It just makes such a huge difference when you have a company with staff that are so nice and friendly and just overall superb!

I would highly recommend checking out elf cosmetics website and if you get the chance,you should visit their store in Cardiff! I cant wait to visit myself!

Hope you enjoyed reading my e.l.f experience and please feel free to leave a comment below!

Have you purchased from e.l.f cosmetics before?

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 2 February 2015

BOTS 5 GW23 Update including Scores

Well done to the GUYS!

As BOTS 5 is still alive and well,it is being run through my blog and not through the official BOTS website. The reason for keeping this alive is it is relatively new and with BOTS 1-4 being rebooted with only interested participants,it was only fair to everyone in this new league to see out the season and it will also give us an indication for next season of who is competitive on a regular basis!

The overall score before this GW was reset at 0-0 so still all to play for! The fixtures and results are as follows;

Well done to the guys on a resounding victory by 51-30 and a special mention to Redchecks who got a massive 101 gw points and sits in 12k in the overall fpl rankings!

I would also like to thank Andrew @andjope for all his help with the results and it really is so much appreciated!

Next week the girls will have to bounce back as it is so important not to fall too far behind and it really is a must win GW for the girls!

So here are the GW24 fixtures and i would like to wish all the guys and girls the very best of luck,also to see all future fixtures and articles such as Potty Page,please visit and dont forget,you are all very welcome to post comments etc on the site!