Monday, 9 February 2015

BOTS5 #fpl GW 24 Update and Scores

Well the Girls have evened up to score with a great win this GW with a score of 45-36 and this makes the overall score one GW each for the guys and the girls!

There were wins for the girls from Julie,Fatimah,Kate,Bibi,Mrs Morbid,Joanne,Simar,Therese,Dawn,Rumaana,Shish,Chriselle,Clodagh,Marche and myself giving us the 45 points!

The guys had wins from The Scylla,Its a tring thing,CFCBoas,guy 2fc,Azzak,Walt,Usual suspects,Celtic forest,Union fc,Crazy j fc,Manchester rhinos, and Bambali bhediyas giving the guys a total of 36 points!

Massive thanks to Andrew @andjope for all his help with the results!

Now there is a quick turnover to the next set of games which start tomorrow so dont forget to check your teams and make any transfers if needed.

Well done to team girls on a great win!

The fixtures for the next game's are as follows,

I just want to point out again that BOTS5 was a relatively new league with all new players so as you all probably know by now, Bots 1-4 was combined with only interested players now involved! Next season,the Bots leagues will include interested players from Bots 5 in leagues which will be bigger and better than ever! This season being the first season where guys can play girls on a weekly basis has been somewhat of a "lets test the water and see where it goes" type of season so to speak so by next season,all the creases will have been ironed out and we will move forward from there!

There will be a cup competition starting soon (just to confirm with Walt) in which all Bots5 members will be involved along with all Botsrebooted teams so please stay tuned!
Best of luck to all involved,