Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Lovely experience with e.l.f Store Cardiff

I am writing this blog post as i believe credit should be givin where it is due and my word, e.l.f  Store Cardiff @elfStoreCardiff 
deserve all the praise and recommendation i can possibly give!

So it all started while i was on twitter when i favourited a tweet from e.l.f about Go-To-Glam makeover's that were being done in the Cardiff store that day!

About half an hour later or so,i received this message by DM,

Hi Hollie! Thanks for the we would love to treat you to a complimentary Go-To-Glam makeover! When's best for you to book in? Chelsey

Now as i live in Dublin, i replied,

Hi Chelsey! This is so nice of you and i appreciate it so much but i am in Dublin unfortunately but when i do visit Wales,i am dying to visit your store! It looks so awesome!

The reply was,
 Aww thank you Hollie that's so kind! We'll look to send you a little treat in the post anyway! Chelsey


 If you ever plan a visit to Cardiff, be sure to let us know and we will plan a special experience for you! Chelsey

Now i must say this was really so nice of Chelsey and i felt great after such a lovely gesture!

So that was my DM's with the lovely Chelsey so i awaited Mr Postman for my lovely lipstick as it is a lippy in the above pic emoji!

So the following week,Mr Postman delivers a package and when i opened it,i was so delighted and so happy with what was inside from e.l.f Store Cardiff as a competition winner!

Inside was the following,

A beautiful e.l.f nail polish in a fabulous colour,

An e.l.f eyebrow lifter and filler which is amazing,

An e.l.f glitter eyeshadow,

An e.l.f natural lash kit which i love!

I honestly cant thank e.l.f Store Cardiff enough for their kindness and especially a lovely young lady named Chelsey! I really needed cheering up and this just made my week!

Well all i can say is please give e.l.f a follow on twitter and i will without doubt be purchasing from them in the near future. It just makes such a huge difference when you have a company with staff that are so nice and friendly and just overall superb!

I would highly recommend checking out elf cosmetics website and if you get the chance,you should visit their store in Cardiff! I cant wait to visit myself!

Hope you enjoyed reading my e.l.f experience and please feel free to leave a comment below!

Have you purchased from e.l.f cosmetics before?

lots of love,

Hollie xxx