Monday, 2 February 2015

BOTS 5 GW23 Update including Scores

Well done to the GUYS!

As BOTS 5 is still alive and well,it is being run through my blog and not through the official BOTS website. The reason for keeping this alive is it is relatively new and with BOTS 1-4 being rebooted with only interested participants,it was only fair to everyone in this new league to see out the season and it will also give us an indication for next season of who is competitive on a regular basis!

The overall score before this GW was reset at 0-0 so still all to play for! The fixtures and results are as follows;

Well done to the guys on a resounding victory by 51-30 and a special mention to Redchecks who got a massive 101 gw points and sits in 12k in the overall fpl rankings!

I would also like to thank Andrew @andjope for all his help with the results and it really is so much appreciated!

Next week the girls will have to bounce back as it is so important not to fall too far behind and it really is a must win GW for the girls!

So here are the GW24 fixtures and i would like to wish all the guys and girls the very best of luck,also to see all future fixtures and articles such as Potty Page,please visit and dont forget,you are all very welcome to post comments etc on the site!