Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Early #FPL Selection and Thoughts!

I am just literally throwing this post together so please bear with me and i am not a professional fpl writer like many of the amazing accounts out there. My plan is to use my Wildcard after GW4 as with the new WC system in place,i might as well do so if required that is! I dont think the 1st WC is as valuable to hold onto this season as previous with the new change!

Now with all this in mind,i am only concentrating on the first 3 GW's only as with doing no FT's for GW2,i will have 2 FT's before GW3 starts,so my first thoughts are to have as many home players as possible for the 3 GW's in Gk/Def! And afterall,the first 3 GW's account for just about 8% of the total season so they are important!


Yesterday has thrown up an interesting rotation possibility with the news that Lloris may be out for a while so step up one of my old favs Michele Vorm to rotate nicely with Petr Cech!

GK COST--£10.00M

Rotation for 1st 4 games

Cech H v West Ham
Vorm H v Stoke
Cech H v Liverpool
Vorm H v Everton

Even if Lloris comes back before GW4,it is my opinion that Petr Cech could still be a good GK option away to Newcastle anyway in GW4!


First thoughts on defence,do i really want Chelsea coverage in the first 3 GW's? Not really imo but for GW4 yes and my plan is to have used one of my FT's by then!
Swansea H (i fancy the Swans to score)
Man City A, West Brom A, i honestly cant see clean sheets here either so with this i am staying away from Chelsea defenders until GW 4 at the earliest regardless if Ivanovic scores 2 or so in any of GW1-3!

I like West Ham's 2nd and 3rd games both at home to Leicester and Bournmouth respectively! In fact West Ham and Bournmouth rotate well for opening 4 games so with this in mind,i am bringing in Mings 4.5 of Bournmouth and Jenkinson 5.0 of West ham to start with! I originally had Cresswell but i had to downgrade as i dont have the extra 0.5M.

I also like Man Utd's opening fixtures.especially GW1-3 so i am bringing in Darmian at 5.5M but i may change to another option before the season starts!

Morgan of Leicester and O Shea of Sunderland are my last def choice's at 4.5M each due to fixtures but i am not 100% happy with these guys tbh but for the sake of my plans,i will stick for the moment!


Darmian H v Spurs,
Mings     H v A Villa,
Morgan  H v Sunderland


Jenkinson H v Leicester
O Shea      H v Norwich
Darmian    A v A Villa


Jenkinson   H v Bournmouth
Darmian     H v Newcastle
O Shea       H v Swansea
Morgan      H v Spurs

So basically for the 1st 3 GW's if you are playing with 3 defenders and obviously a GK you will have(barring injuries) 11/12 players playing at home! I dont think it is possible to get better than that tbh! Also before GW4,i should have my Chelsea coverage in defence.


Total cost so far £34.00M with £66.00M left to spend!


Now when it comes to midfield,i am not really concerned about whether or not my guys are playing Home or away so with this in mind,i will pick my 5 players for GW1-4!

There are so many options available in midfield that it really does seem like a lottery but with WC after GW4 in mind,i am thinking a mix of tried and trusted and new players! Also FT's can add anyone who seems like a must have before GW5!

Hazard or Fabregas,Silva or Ya Ya,any of the many Arsenal guys,Payet looks a good signing for West Ham, Cabaye for Palace, Ritchie for Bournmouth and Ayew for Swansea could be fpl gold when settled in!

After some thought,i have decided for the moment to go with Hazard 11.5M, new guy Payet at 7.5,Walcott at 9.0 as he has potential to score alot of points plus had a good end to last season!

My 4th choice is Depay 8.5 who is i believe a bit of a gamble i honestly think but i will see how he gets on in pre season first before confirming him in my team!

My 5th choice midfielder has got to be Ayew of Swansea who i believe can be FPL gold who could possibly shine regardless of the opposition!


Total cost so far £77.50M with £22.50M to spend on forwards!


Now i must point out that Aguero will be straight into my team as soon as he is available to play!

So my 3 forwards will have 2 out of the first 3 games at home too so i have chosen,

Rooney  10.5 H v Spurs, A v Aston Villa and H v Newcastle all whom are teams that Rooney likes to play against! I only plan on holding him for 3 GW's though!

Sakho   6.5 A v Arsenal but his next 2 at home to Leicester and Bournmouth are quite appealing especially if Payet can provide the assists!

Deeney 5.5 A v Everton, H v West Brom and H v Saints and with 2/3 at home and probably on pens too,he looks good value at the moment!


So at the moment,it is a team with No Man City or Liverpool coverage at all but my plan is to rectify the City coverage and also to add Ivanovic before GW4!

Now to give you an example how all the above works,here is my fpl team predicted lineups

GW1 Lineup,

Cech H v West Ham
Darmian H v Spurs, Mings H v A Villa, Morgan H v Sunderland
Depay H v Spurs, Walcott H v West Ham, Hazard H v Swansea, Awey A v Chelsea
Rooney H v Spurs, Deeney A v Everton
and one of either Payet or Sakho A v Arsenal!

GW2 Lineup,

Vorm H v Stoke
O Shea H v Norwich, Jenkinson H v Leicester, Darmian A v A Villa
Payet H v Leicester, Awey H v Newcastle, Hazard A v Man City, Depay A v A Villa Walcott A v Palace
Rooney A v A Villa, Deeney H v West Brom, Sakho H v Leicester
(12 players chosen so all going to plan,i have a selection problem here) and with 0 transfers used!

GW3 i now hopefully should have 2 FT's but my GW3 lineup without these transfers should be,

Cech H v Liverpool,
Darmian H v Newcastle, Jenkinson H v Bournmouth, O Shea H v Swansea
Depay H v Newcastle, Walcott H v Liverpool, Payet H v Bournmouth, Hazard A v West Brom
Rooney H v Newcastle, Deeney H v Southampton, Sakho H v Bournmouth

GW3 has 10 players playing at home and this is without the 2 FT's that are available,my plan is to use 1 FT here and hold the other for GW4 but i will need £££ as i have Ivanovic in mind at this stage (all going to plan and barring injuries that is)!

It is difficult to predict my team for GW4 so i will not do so but if all goes pearshaped,i plan my WC after GW4 but also i do not mind one little bit taking a -4 hit if needed to change my team without using the WC! Last season i played the game way too cautiously but this season,i plan a more adventurous approach!

My worries with this team set up if just looking at it are, no Silva,no Ivanovic,no Costa,no Liverpool coverage,Depay,Payet,Ayew who are all new to PL,should i have Cresswell/Cazorla rather than Jenkinson/Walcott! But you cant have everyone,right! I just dont really like the early fixtures of City and Chelsea tbh!

Yes i could change my team and have the likes of Silva,Ivanovic,Cazorla etc in from the start but i figure i will buy them at some stage but not to start with!

I hope that this team can get me off to a good start unlike last year when i had an awful start but as with any FPL team selected,there is alot of luck involved but also some planning ahead can certainly help too!

So that's my current FPL team and thoughts,any suggestions are greatly appreciated in the comments section,and i have no doubt that there will be changes before August 8th but at the moment,i kinda like this,

thanks for reading,



  1. Wow, Hollie! You are way more with than I am, at this point. My head's spinning! Good thing you're responsible for the first week in Potty's league, not me!

  2. As usual Wonderful article . . . .I never select players on form/ playing home/away or other factors... but in dis points are equally important i guess . . . u r correct . . . Playing @ home is an advantage and we need to hv as many players frm home side as possible . .will surely think on this point when I make my Final team for first 2 GW's . . as m not gonna use FT in d 2nd GW !

    1. thank you so much,it will be alot of fun eitherways!