Friday, 10 July 2015

10 Questions i Would Like To Ask My EX

Just thought of this post now and i have 10 questions that i would love to ask my ex husband! I know i never ever will ask him these as i will never speak to him again but i would really love to know!

Q1- Why did you marry me?

Q2- Did you ever love me?

Q3- Why did you try and control my life?

Q4- Why did you have an affair with one of my best friends?

Q5- Do you regret having an affair?

Q6- You obviously knew this girl before me so why didn't you go out with her?

Q7- Why did you only give me a set amount of money each week to spend on housekeeping and why did you want to see receipts?

Q8- Do you ever miss me and wish that you hadn't cheated and wish you had treated me better?

Q9- How do you feel about the fact that i know so much personal things about you?

Q10- Why were you such a D***Head

Well if i ever met him again i wouldn't give him the time of day but i would still like to know his honest answers to these questions,

have a nice weekend,

Hollie xxx


  1. Me too i want to know this

    1. Hi Serena, thanks for commenting! We both would love to know the answers xx

  2. LOL question 10!! In all seriousness, I hope you're okay now - from the questions above, the fella in question sounds like a massive bellend and you of all people certainly never deserve to be treated like that. Definitely intrigued to know the answer about the housekeeping allowance / receipt situation too ... this post has got me all nosey haha it's a great idea!


    1. Thanks lovely! I am fine now,all in the past! And yes he was a massive bellend who wanted to control me all the time xx