Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Short Term Plan #FPL and Some Thoughts

As twitter is acting up at the moment,i thought i might as well do a new #fpl post.In this post i will try and write about my personal fpl plans which i hope will get me to a top 1% finish (35k) which is my aim and also has always been.I think a finish around that would be a very good achievement concidering this season is such a challenging one! And tbh,i am not that optimistic but i will certainly try my best.

I cant go into too much at the moment as i do play the game looking ahead 2-3 GW's max. Now also i realise that the League Cup Final takes place Feb 28th (GW27) so 2 of the following teams will not play this GW-Everton,Man City,Liverpool,Stoke unless their re-arranged game is played the midweek after the final and included in GW27. Strangely enough Liverpool play Everton in GW27 so if both teams get to the final,this will be the only game affected this week. At this present moment,i do not have a stretegy regarding the final but as soon as i know who will be in it,i will then have a plan.

Also just to mention that GW30 is the date for the FA Cup quarter final games if i am not mistaken which will clash with a full set of premier fixtures so the possibility is that there will be alot of games to be re arranged to what could be a nice DGW!

Still having your Wildcard could be very valuable around this time as with the potential for a big DGW offers the possibility of some big points if played at the right time and followed up by your bench boost or triple captain chip.

But all this is weeks away and for now,the aim is to try and get some green arrows.What i have been doing  recently is looking at 2 games at a time,hench my recent transfers 2 games ago were Ozil/Lukaku out for Ayew/Costa. In the 2 gw's my new guys scored a total of 23 points between them with the other 2 scoring 6 which suggests that my -4 hit paid off. My plan all along was Costa for 2 weeks only and then to buy back Lukaku as he now has 3/4 games at home before GW27! Also a player who is interesting me now is Baines and i may go a -4 hit this week to buy him too with fixtures in mind. I would also be looking at Arsenal players at the moment as like Everton,3 of their next 4 games are at home and will for sure be playing in GW27. This is where it now gets awkward as i cant have everyone without bigger hits so i will stay away from Arsenal players but this is not by choice! Sanchez is one that i will buy when he is fully fit again.

So that's it for the moment,a short term plan but also with one eye on slightly longer term,it will involve a hit or 2 but in all honesty,i dont believe that a -4 is going to be that detrimental if you are in my position of 178k overall and also after GW20,i was in 450k so progress has been made.

Finally regarding my team,i have concerns about KDB with his away form being awful and also with Silva looking quite good last week and with a lower ownership,i am watching him closely. Harry Kane's next few games being away from home in 3 from next 4,i cant see massive returns here.Van Dijk next 2 games away at Man U and Arsenal.These are just a few things that are on my mind at the moment!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Risky Transfers #FPL Possibly

Hollie's team is playing at home!!!

Now anyone who knows me will know that i sometimes play the game of FPL rather recklessly from time to time and what i am thinking of doing now may well be a silly move or it could move me up the overall rankings if it pays off! I need to do something as i am currently lying in 450k overall which is very disappointing.

My thoughts involve the transfer OUT of both Ozil and Lukaku.Noooo dont do it i hear you saying but this is my reasoning behind my thinking. First of all,i have not owned Ozil all season before i actually bought him before last weekend's game,purely as a blocking tactic as way too many fpl managers had him and it was killing me almost every week.Well anyway as you all know,he did nothing at all so for my team to get rid of him does not feel at all bad as i would not be getting rid of a player that has served me well.And also his next 2 fixtures being away to Liverpool and Stoke are also influencing my possible decision!

As for Lukaku,now he is a guy that has served me very well over many weeks but again his next 2 fixtures away to Man City and then Chelsea are influencing my decision.

Now the players in my thoughts to bring in are 2 from these 3--Ayew,Payet and Costa. Both Ayew and Costa have 2 home games coming up and i fancy these 2 players over Payet at the moment My plan would also involve the possible transfer in of Payet for Arnautovic at GW22 but this is only a thought.Also i am looking at bringing in Williams for Morgan as i like his next few fixtures but not sure about taking the hit here.

My team for GW 21 and 22 would be as follows and i would also have the problem of selection too as it may involve the benching of Mahrez for both GW's.

Butland HOME v Norwich/Arsenal

3 from the following 4
Van Dijk HOME v Watford/West Brom
Moreno  HOME v Arsenal/Man Utd
Francis   HOME v West Ham/Norwich
Davies    HOME v Leicester/Sunderland

4 from the following
KDB           HOME v Everton/C Palace
Arnautovic HOME v Norwich/Arsenal
Ayew        HOME v Sunderland/Watford
Stanislas   HOME v West ham/Norwich
Mahrez  Away v Spurs/A Villa

Aguero  HOME v Everton/C Palace
Kane     HOME v Leicester/Sunderland
Costa    HOME v West Brom/Everton

What i like about this is the fact that all 11 will be playing at HOME for 2 consecutive GW's if indeed i do decide to bench Mahrez.I fully understand that after the next 2 GW's i will have alot of players that will be playing away but i will worry about that when the time comes but also at this stage i should also have obtained Payet and reobtained Lukaku so by GW 23 it could look like this,

Hennessy,Morgan,Payet,Mahrez,Lukaku with all having 2 concecutive HOME games as well as the likes of Aguero,Kane,KDB and 3 of the others to field 11,not too bad i would think! The above would cost me -4 in total hits which is ok too!


my only concerns with the above is getting rid of Ozil,benching Mahrez and buying Costa which is an fpl gamble but in saying this,i have to do something as there is no point in not trying this out as otherwise,i will just be hovering around the 400-500k overall with no real chance of progress! Also this season,fixtures even home games for any team have no guarantee of points as there have been way too many strange results.When Sanchez is fully fit,i want him in my team and will have to find a way of doing so!Having Ighalo would give me a few £££ to spend elsewhere but this is the beauty of the game,you cant have everyone so we all just roll the dice and hope for the best!

Anyway,these are a few of my thoughts at the moment,they may change and an injury or 2 before the next GW may also change things too.

To be honest,nothing has really worked out for so far this season,hence my 450k overall ranking at the moment so maybe i am due a bit of luck.I am not concidering playing my wc as yet as i want to hold it for just before a possible DGW where i would then play my bench boost or triple captain and hope for the best,

thanks for reading,


**Update 10/01/16  Costa is a doubt after picking up an injury today so i will hold on as long as possible to see how he is! Also Swansea were just beaten by Oxford (deservedly beaten) and although Ayew did not play,this will have a massive impact on team confidence so now i am having 2nd thoughts **

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Things That Turn Me Off Following Back On Twitter

Just a quick post to tell you a few reasons why i may not have followed you back on twitter! Now apart from some of the obvious reasons such as "Dick Pics" and general pics of naked people on your timeline,i always have a look at your twitter feed and see what you have been saying,are you interactive with your followers or are you just an account that is looking to increase your follower count.

If i see that you are an account that has followed "797" people today,for me you are someone that is only interested in increasing your follower account and i will very rarely follow back as i know that i will have no interaction with you at all! It is also possible that as soon as i do follow,i will immediately be Muted by you along with hundreds of others that i would think that you have on mute!

If you are an account that just constantly just churns out sayings and quotes,all of the same from so many different accounts,this is of no interest to me at all and i will not follow back!

If you are an account that offers us to "Buy Followers",i will never ever follow you back and will immediately block you.I dont know who is worse,the account that sells followers or the silly people who actually pay money for them!

If your account is locked (private),it puts me in a position where i cannot see your tweets and your timeline so i do be nervous about following back so i generally dont!

If you are an account that has an egg as it's profile pic,again i dont feel comfortable in following back but it may depend on what is on your timeline!

I guess what i am saying is that i like to be followed for me and my tweets and then possible interaction at some stage on twitter,not for the sake of increasing follower numbers which are of no significance to me as i am not concerned about my numbers. I do realise that this will not always be the case as twitter is a platform to promote yourself and your business as well as all other forms of everything else associated with social media!

While i am here,i may as well mention certain things that annoy me after i have followed an account back! The first and most annoying is when you get an automated DM saying thank you for the follow,please follow my blog,instagram,my life etc. These are so horrible,thoughtless and impersonal and can sometimes lead to an unfollow.Please people who do this,STOP as everyone hates this!

Another thing i do not like are DM's to my twitter as i am not a big fan of these but only when they are from people who are asking me all about myself,looking for too much information and this generally scares me! I dont like anyone asking me for pics of myself,where i work and if i am single! Guys,there are dating sites out there if you are looking for this sort of thing and if i was,i would be on one of them so please dont ask me for pictures,my phone number,where i work etc as this really scares me!

I do get private messages from some accounts asking me about my thoughts on fpl and for this,i am kinda honoured and proud that some people do ask me about this but again,i do draw the line when the conversation drifts away from fpl! Someone recently called me a "c**t" in a DM after havin a chat about fpl which them moved off the subject! Again these sort of things and people scare me!

Also i have to mention that if you have followed me,i do not always follow back immediately,sometimes your follow may have got lost in my feed and i do appologise if this is the case but when i have interaction with someone that i then realise follows me,i can then have a look at your TL and return the follow. And also i noticed that the longer that someone has followed me without my follow back,it does suggest that this person has followed me for me and my tweets rather than just looking for a follow back so thank you!

I hope this post has made sence and thank you for reading,i really appreciate it alot.I always try and support as many people as i possibly can as i feel that even a blog comment can cheer someone up so i do my best! I will however say now that i am disappointed in some people who say they support me but yet never read anything i write and i would bet that even if i mentioned names here,they would never even know as they will not be reading this post! I understand that's how it goes and that's life,i dont expect anyone to have read this or even comment but on the plus side,i do know who my genuine real friends and the people who really support me are and you people are truly amazing.

I would absolutely love to know who has actually read this post as my posts might get alot of views but not too many comments so if possible could you please comment or even give it a like on twitter as it will show me who you amazing people are,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xx