Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Short Term Plan #FPL and Some Thoughts

As twitter is acting up at the moment,i thought i might as well do a new #fpl post.In this post i will try and write about my personal fpl plans which i hope will get me to a top 1% finish (35k) which is my aim and also has always been.I think a finish around that would be a very good achievement concidering this season is such a challenging one! And tbh,i am not that optimistic but i will certainly try my best.

I cant go into too much at the moment as i do play the game looking ahead 2-3 GW's max. Now also i realise that the League Cup Final takes place Feb 28th (GW27) so 2 of the following teams will not play this GW-Everton,Man City,Liverpool,Stoke unless their re-arranged game is played the midweek after the final and included in GW27. Strangely enough Liverpool play Everton in GW27 so if both teams get to the final,this will be the only game affected this week. At this present moment,i do not have a stretegy regarding the final but as soon as i know who will be in it,i will then have a plan.

Also just to mention that GW30 is the date for the FA Cup quarter final games if i am not mistaken which will clash with a full set of premier fixtures so the possibility is that there will be alot of games to be re arranged to what could be a nice DGW!

Still having your Wildcard could be very valuable around this time as with the potential for a big DGW offers the possibility of some big points if played at the right time and followed up by your bench boost or triple captain chip.

But all this is weeks away and for now,the aim is to try and get some green arrows.What i have been doing  recently is looking at 2 games at a time,hench my recent transfers 2 games ago were Ozil/Lukaku out for Ayew/Costa. In the 2 gw's my new guys scored a total of 23 points between them with the other 2 scoring 6 which suggests that my -4 hit paid off. My plan all along was Costa for 2 weeks only and then to buy back Lukaku as he now has 3/4 games at home before GW27! Also a player who is interesting me now is Baines and i may go a -4 hit this week to buy him too with fixtures in mind. I would also be looking at Arsenal players at the moment as like Everton,3 of their next 4 games are at home and will for sure be playing in GW27. This is where it now gets awkward as i cant have everyone without bigger hits so i will stay away from Arsenal players but this is not by choice! Sanchez is one that i will buy when he is fully fit again.

So that's it for the moment,a short term plan but also with one eye on slightly longer term,it will involve a hit or 2 but in all honesty,i dont believe that a -4 is going to be that detrimental if you are in my position of 178k overall and also after GW20,i was in 450k so progress has been made.

Finally regarding my team,i have concerns about KDB with his away form being awful and also with Silva looking quite good last week and with a lower ownership,i am watching him closely. Harry Kane's next few games being away from home in 3 from next 4,i cant see massive returns here.Van Dijk next 2 games away at Man U and Arsenal.These are just a few things that are on my mind at the moment!

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    1. thank you so much,you are so lovely xx

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    1. thank you so much hunni,you always cheer me up xx

  3. I can't deny that I don't understand much of the rules of this game but I love how passionate you are about it. Keep it up Hollie :) It's lovely to see someone enjoy a hobby Xx


    1. ah thanks Sheren,i try my best #doinitforthegirls xx

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    1. thank you so much sweetie,you have brightened up my week already xx

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    1. Happy Wednesday to you too lovely ManueLita xx