Monday, 20 February 2017

My First Post in 4 Months

Hey guys and girls,it's been 4 months since my last post so today i decided that it is about time that i actually went back to writing a post. I am sure nobody missed my writing but just on the slim chance that someone actually did lol,i am now going to give an update on how i have made a few changes in my life since i started on anti depressants almost a year ago.

Just to say briefly that i was not in a great place a year ago and i have other blog posts about this but nowadays i feel 100% better and although i have absolutely no idea if being on "sertraline" has contributed this but i assume it has. I take one 50mg tablet daily and i have 1 months prescription left before i have to go back to my GP and see what he has to say. I do have some bad days though but nowhere near as many as before.

I am definitely more positive with everything i do now and less anxious but sometimes anxiety does take hold of me depending of the situation but i do believe that i handle it a little better now.

I have taken on another job a couple of weeks ago and now do 2 part time jobs as opposed to having the 1 full time one that i had for years. My boss has been amazing and so understanding and supportive when i decided to drop down from full time to part time. It is something that i just had to do and i am now enjoying the variety of working some days and some evenings too.

Since i posted about being on anti depressants,i did notice that some people who i used to talk to regularly on twitter just disappeared but also the support that i have had from some lovely friends has been heartwarming and especially from ManueLita  @MuratoreManuela 
who practically every day wished me a happy day. This lovely lady always put a smile on my face.

Also what helped get me through very difficult times was the #fpl community in general and also by playing the game which has turned out to be a very challenging and difficult season but i will do my best to have a respectable overall finish.

Thanks for reading and i hope this will be the first of many new posts,

Hollie x