Monday, 29 June 2015

Companies/Brands Give the Smaller Blogger a Chance Without Exploiting Us!

Before i begin i must point out that this my take on things and any negative opinion expressed by myself is directed at a small minority of bloggers and i believe that the blogging community is one of the most amazing communities to be involved with!

While i can fully understand why the bigger companies/brands like to work with reputable bloggers with a big following,it would be nice however if some of us smaller bloggers were givin the opportunity and this being a fair opportunity without being exploited!

I have read lots and lots of sponsored posts by the bigger bloggers and all i can see is high recommendations to buy this product/outfit! The companies/brands seem to be very selective as to who they want to work with but if they were that confident in their product/item,then maybe they should not be as selective!

When i see sponsored posts by certain bloggers being always positive regardless of the product,it leads me to doubt the recommendation by the blogger and i do wonder if they are actually telling the truth or are they just saying nice things because they recieved it for free! This does not apply to all bloggers out there as i have read some posts where the blogger has givin an honest review and pointed out some flaws and indeed sometimes has not even recommended it to buy!

For many of the big established bloggers who blog about their particular niche,it is their job and this is what pays them and i read recently that a professional blogger can make anything between $1000-$10000 a month and i say well done,you deserve it! This does not apply to them all as the figure is estimated at around 14% of them! They have many ways of monetizing their blog but i wont go into this now!

What i have noticed is that the bigger bloggers in general and i will talk about fashion posts first practically always write positive posts about the new dress or skirt or shoes that were sent to them and do nice posts with links where to purchase the lovely items! The posts are always complimentary when written by the bigger fashion bloggers and as it is their job,what they are actually doing is advertising! Alot of them rely on these companies for their lovely new clothes,well maybe not rely on,and also that precious invitation to fashion events! Also the company/brand will be happy knowing that an influential blogger is wearing and promoting their item! So the post will be full of positives and recommendations yes! Now i am not getting at the bigger fashion bloggers for doing this as they have worked hard for it and probably deserve it and the power and influence of bloggers has become massive nowadays and the companies/brands know this! But i have doubts sometimes!

One in particular always feels the need to say that she has worked hard for where she is today! She recieves the nicest outfits and beauty products and i assume they were free as she states "i was sent this by" and every post is to highly recommend the product/item! She recieves the best invitations to the best fashion shows worldwide but now and again,it would be nice to see some negative comment in a post! I mean everything cannot possibly be the best product out there on the market right? Yes she can be influential but surely sooner rather than later,people will cop on and realise that not all she says is true! After a while, quite alot of the items find their way to her Depot page for sale by the way! But still the brands will still want to work with her as they are guaranteed a good review should she accept their offer! I must also point out that maybe a negative review was decided against and she may infact have just returned the product or contacted the company with her views! But by only doing positive posts,it does lead to doubts from the reader i believe! But i do realise this is her job!This comment is only aimed at one or two people in particular!

However, i personally and many other smaller bloggers would love a chance to review a new skirt or dress or that new bikini range (well maybe not this as much as i am not beach ready yet lol) and to be givin the opportunity to write our review!

Is the skirt a good fit? Would you need to buy a size up or a size down? Is the material in the dress of good quality? Is it too thin and see through? Do we need to resort to a form of layering? I very rarely see these sort of issues being mentioned!

I have also noticed that some fashion/beauty bloggers posts are becoming shorter posts with less pictures and the post is practically thrown together! Very little effort goes into some of these posts! And as for interaction with their readers on their blog,well most of the time there is little or no chance of your comment being replied to! But i do understand this as they are busy! I would guess that sometimes they are not even read at all! But they still have the followers and they can be highly influential but are they being fair on their readers! Is their integrity with their readers being maintained? Are a few ruining it for everyone else? Yes they look gorgeous in their new outfit and the dress looks like a must have but i would like to see their honest opinion rather than just looking pretty!

**I must stress that this does not apply to everyone and it is only a few that i am talking about here**

As for beauty product reviews,the best reviews that i have read are the ones that the blogger has gone out and spent their hard earned money on rather than the freebies that may have been sent! I would love to do a review on that new tan product from Cocoa Brown for example or a new lippy that may just hit the market! I have noticed that many beauty bloggers do such a fantastic and honest review of the product and always mention recommendations as to what to do with the product! But again,some resort to glorifying the freebie that was sent out! I will do my reviews when i purchase the products!

What i find interesting is how some brands try and intice the so called smaller bloggers into collaborations with them! The way it does sometimes be put to you can look appealing but the next thing you know,you have just spent over the odds for an outfit and this will have included your 20-30% discount! Plus you are committed to writing a review on your blog! I recently had this with a company and as soon as i said i may be interested, i was hounded for a month as to when i was going to buy from them! I was offered a 30% discount off a rather expensive average looking clothing range! I never bought from them and they then unfollowed me!

Another company is offering us bloggers the opportunity to become part of their blogging team, i guarantee this has cost you money in purchases to avail of this title! And add to this the amount of work that goes into a review post when you filter in photos,editing,writing,promoting and more! If done properly,it could take anything up to 6 hours of work for something that would cost very little if you were to purchase it!

Some of these companies/brands are only targeting the smaller bloggers who like the idea of the opportunity to work with them! Ok fair enough,it works for some and best of luck with it but i do sometimes think that we are being exploited from time to time! I would concider helping out a new company if they were to ask if i could do a review on my blog for free but when a more established company who have the money to spend on advertising asks,now that's just being plain rude and shows the little regard that they may have to the smaller blogger! Alot of brands out there just are silly enough to expect to get something in return for giving nothing! It's all screaming out "exploit the little blogger" to me!

To go back to my original point, i would love the opportunity to work with a company/brand that i would be interested in working with and writing an honest review! However,i believe that most of these companies/brands are unwilling and afraid to work with the smaller blogger as they are worried that maybe they might get a review that they were not expecting! And the ones who do,only want to exploit us in any way they can! Also they dont want to have to "give us" something in return for a review! And i have also noticed that the smaller blogger will put so much more time and effort into a review when givin the chance! I was givin the opportunity once to review a product and i have put a link to it further down for a reason!

An honest review of a product by a smaller blogger could be more beneficial to a company/brand as it would be written by somebody who has not had too many opportunites to do this sort of thing so if the company was happy with the review,all they have to do is mention the review and the link to it to their followers and i guarantee anyone who reads it would probably respect the views and opinions expressed even more as it was not done by the usual suspects!

The smaller companies/brands wont be of interest to the bigger blogger,generally speaking that is,so they try and target whats in the middle of the smaller and bigger blogger so what happens here is that yet again,the smaller blogger usually misses out unless it's something that again could be viewed as exploitation!

So if you are a company/brand, and you have the confidence in your product/item,why not take the chance on the likes of myself and other smaller bloggers and see what we have to say! Who knows,you may even learn something from us! It is the good and the bad sides to a product that are most helpful to any readers! But dont forget the amount of time and effort that us bloggers will put into it!

So who out there is brave enough? And if you are,please be fair to us smaller bloggers!

For the record, i have done a product review before and actually working with the brand was instigated by myself! Here is my honest review

and the reason i linked this review is that i am very proud of it and i have no problem saying this,and also the company themselves were over the moon and so happy with it! It's a post full of compliments but this was my honest opinion!

Also i personally just blog for fun and have no intention of ever trying to make any money out of blogging but i and many other smaller bloggers would love to be able to say in a blog post "i recieved this from"!

So come on all you lovely Companies/Brands, give us smaller bloggers more of a chance but please be fair as after all,we are not being "paid" and surely it has to be a two way street,

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

ps-just to clarify that the negative comments are only aimed at a few out of the many wonderful and amazing bloggers out there!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

Thank you so much to the beautiful Ruth for nominating and thinking of me for this lovely award! What is really so nice about being nominated for any of these awards is the fact that the person who has nominated you has actually thought of you and out of many many people that they could have chosen,they have chosen you and even though i may have already done some of these awards,i will always do them again and tbh,i like doing them anyway!

Ruth is such a lovely young lady who has a wonderful blog and has also just started her own youtube channel which is well worth a follow so please do so!

The Rules:
1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions your nominator has provided 
3. Nominate ten other bloggers and share the love!
4Finally, create ten questions of your own to ask your nominees and notify them of their nomination!

My Questions
1. What is your favourite TV programme?

I have 2 favourite TV programmes which i would urge anyone who hasn't watched them to do so! They are Game Of Thrones and Banshee! Another amazing show is The Originals which i love but strangely enough i have never watched TVD!
2. What countries do you want to visit?

I would love to visit Australia and also i would love to visit Boston USA as i was born there but left when i was only 12 months old!
3. If you could dye your hair any colourwithout it being damaged, which colour would you dye it?

 I dont have to think too much about this one "Pink" I even bought Schwarzkopf Shocking Pink and Raspberry Rebel but i just havn't got around to it as yet! Not brave enough yet!

4. What is the best part of having a blog?

I love having my blog as it has allowed me to express myself and it has also meant that i have made so many new lovely friends! The blogging community is just full of amazing people!
5. Favourite makeup brand?

Mac without a doubt but i also like Rimmel!
6. What is the earliest memory you have?

Going to the beach with my parents and looking at the water! Something must have happened that day as even now i never learned how to swim lol!
7. Do you prefer shopping in stores or online?

Up until 3 weeks ago,i never really shopped online at all but i decided to give New Look a go as i was so impressed with their collection of shoes and skirts! I bought 3 pairs of shoes and 3 skirts! I must also say that i was very impressed with the service! The order arrived to my door 2 days after placing it! And i totally love what i bought!

8. What is your biggest goal for 2015?

I must point out that Ruth sent me this months ago and i am only doing it now! So sorry Ruth! Anyway, my biggest goal for 2015 was to get to see the doctor believe it or not! I did in January and he pointed out my anxiety disorder that i have had for quite a long time!
9. Favourite Disney movie?

Oh without doubt "The Jungle Book" a timeless classic which is nearly 50 years old! Absolutely love it!
10. What made you start blogging?

When i joined twitter last July, i noticed lots of people having a blog so i decided to give it a go myself and see what happens! On 27th August last year, i started my blog! This is infact my 100th post! I never thought for a second that i would write so many posts!

So there you have it and thank you again to the lovely Ruth for setting the questions and thinking of me in her nominations!
As i have already done this previously i would like to offer it to anyone who fancies doing it and i am also using the majority of Ruth's questions so work away if you want!

My Questions for you are as follows!! 

1. What is your favourite TV programme?
2. If you could dye your hair any colour, which colour would you dye it?
3. Favourite makeup brand?
4. Do you prefer shopping in stores or online?
5. Favourite Disney movie? 
6.Who would be your favourite bloggers?
7.What type of blogs do you prefere to read, ie Fashion,Beauty,Lifestyle etc?
8.One of my fashion no no's are culottes,have you got any?
9. How do you promote your blog posts?
10. What made you start blogging?

I hope you enjoyed my answers and i hope a few of you will answer mine! Please let me know if you do and if you want to follow a really lovely young lady who is well worth it, go follow Ruth now,
on twitter  @beautybillboard
or subscribe to her amazing new youtube channel 

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Anxiety Disorder-One of my Problems

This is a difficult post to write for me as i have generally swayed away from personal issues that affect my general way of life! I have not got the courage to actually write about a bigger issue that i have too but someday i will write the post! I hope that this post will not make you think i am a "fruitcake" as we say here in Ireland and i will still try and be the positive Hollie that i try and come across as on twitter!

Everyone gets nervous or anxious from time to time but for some people,anxiety becomes so frequent that it takes over their lifes and this unfortunately has happened to me! My anxiety has got to the stage where i now have an anxiety disorder!

I am constantly worrying about everything to the extent that it is interfering with my day to day life! I am even out of work for 2 weeks as i write this post!

Some examples of how my mind goes are as follows!

If i dont know where i am driving to,i get so flustered that i will for sure have a panic attack and infact am a danger on the road to me and everyone else! I will spend the whole time in the car in a total panic!

I have to meet an old friend in August and feel that i just dont want to do it even though i love this person and it is playing on my mind even now, 2 months before it will happen and i think about this every day without fail! This is a form of social anxiety that has also got hold of me!

Generally if i have to do something or talk or meet someone on a certain day, i cant function that day at all and spend the whole day totally stressed out! And also will not have had any sleep the night before!

I really dont want to go out at all but i also dont want to let my BF down if he has a night out planned! I worry about the clothes i should wear that night! Will people think i shouldn't be wearing platform heels for example! These small things play on my mind, always! Should i be wearing longer skirts but i am still in my 20's, just!

I hate getting a phone call or a text and i get into a nervous state before answering the phone! I spend alot of time day and night worrying that my phone is going to ring! Even when i log into twitter (which has helped me so much) i am worried about the notifications that i may have! This however only happens when i log on in the mornings!

I have major problems sleeping at night and most nights i just lie awake worrying about everything and nothing at all! This leads to me being constantly tired!

I dont enjoy practically any meal that i eat any day and sometimes just eat for the sake of eating as it has to be done!

These are only a few examples of so so many and these problems are linked to another problem that i have but i am just not strong enough or brave enough to write a post at the moment!

I was actually inspired to write this post by a lovely friend of mine when i read a tweet of hers tonight "Forever looking happy on the outside but feeling so sad on the inside" and it just hit home!

I never speak to anyone about this, family and BF included and for some reason,i feel that just maybe by me writing this on my blog and publishing it, it may just help me!

This post is a post that depending how i feel after publishing it, i might just go on and write another one about a mental health issue that is linked to this one but it will be a very dark post should i write it and to be honest, i am actually afraid to put my thoughts down in print!

I just put this post together at 2am knowing that i have to be up in the morning and i am so stressed out at the moment! I really should be getting some sleep but i just cant! I feel so tired and worn out!

As i am writing this is real time and it's now 2.20 am, i have just recieved the most wonderful tweet from

Hi girly! I hope your week is going well. I've had such a pleasure reading couple of your posts today. Your blog is amazing

and this has really cheered me up so much and brought a tear to my eye! Twitter and the blogging community and FPL community have helped me so much that i cannot possibly thank you all enough for! Things would be alot worse for me if i had never made the friendships that i have made within these amazing communities! Every day is a battle but i am trying and i am not a "fruitcake" lol,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Saturday, 20 June 2015

FAO #fpl Girls for 2015/16 FplBattleoftheSexes Leagues

Just a quick post for the girls who are already involved on TeamGirls and also for any potential new recruits of which we do need a few!

To explain where we are at the moment, after last seasons rather experimental one from which we have learned so much,we have now decided to take it up a notch in terms of excitement and introduce 3 leagues which will have promotion and relegation!

These leagues will be The Premier league which will consist of the top 20 highest overall ranking guys and girls from last season! The Championship will have the next highest ranking top 25 from both the guys and girls and League 1 will be a Classic league which will be played out on the official FPL site! The Premier and Championship will be both H2H leagues played out as last year with generated weekly fixtures in which every girl will play a different guy each week for 3 points!

To explain League 1 briefly and how it will work! As you already know,the Premier and Championship has the top 45 ranking guys and girls so League 1 will consist of everyone who finished outside these rankings and also every new person that joins Bots! It will be played out as a Classic league but after 10 games (game numbers tbc), the top 3 guys and the top 3 girls based on their overall fpl points will be promoted to the Championship and can then enter the world of H2H games playing v a member of the opposite sex every week for 3 team points! As Bots will only have 2 leagues,we feel this is the best way to do it so everyone who joins League 1 will have to fight to gain promotion to the exciting fixture generated H2H Championship!

Obviously where promotion comes into place, relegation must also! The bottom 3 guys and girls from the Championship will drop down to League 1 and will have to battle to get back! This could be difficult as overall points are the most important thing in League 1 so if you are relagated,it will be extremely difficult to come back!

The same promotion/relegation will take place from Premier/Championship throughout the season!

So to sum up, Bots will have 2 H2H leagues and 1 Classic league next season! The Classic league will remain open to new players throughout the season but the exciting thing about this year is that everyone will have to fight for their place in this rather unique competition! And also there more than likely will be a knockout Cup competition in which all Bots guys and girls will be entered and live draws will take place on twitter! #exciting.

I hope that all the original Bots Girls will join again but we also need some new girls too so if you are interested,please contact myself or Walt @FPLWalt and please have a look

you can also follow @BOTSrebooted on twitter, and also the same applies to any new guys interested in pitting your wits against the FPL girls,

thanks for reading,


Thursday, 18 June 2015

How Times Have Changed

While talking to my mother recently, we got chatting about young kids today! The main topic was about how times have changed so much from when she was a child and also from when i was a child!

When she was young, apart from the fact that if you got a question wrong in school,you would get a bloody good belt of a "leather" on the hand which would sting like crazy,one of the most noticable changes is the world that the children live in today!

In my mother's time and also in mine, we walked to and from school most days with no worries about being assaulted or indeed kidnapped by a paedophile or some sort of psychopath! She told me that even at 5 or 6 years of age, she would walk to her local shop which was a good 15 mins walk away,crossing main roads too in order to buy the latest copy of The Beano or Judy mag which had free transfers of unicorns or something lol! She would also walk to and from school most days and all this was done without a second thought givin by anyone including her parents! It was safe and the done thing!

Even when i was a little girl, i walked to school sometimes but not always as times had most certainly changed around this time! This would have been the mid 90's by now!

Why had it changed! Well what had happened at this time was the fact that the "Internet" as we know it was there! Easy accessibility to porn sites and porn related weird sites were there! The original playstation was introduced to us in the mid 90's and over time,the games being made and available to buy became more violent!

The Effect--- Society has changed dramatically! Our children of today can no longer walk to school or to the shops on their own! They can no longer go "out to play" with their pals as past generations could do!

The children of today are being brought up differently,are missing out on so much fun! Generally spending way too much time indoors,which is no fault of the parents of today,it's just the way it is! If a young girl of today wants to walk around the corner to her friends house,she cant do so without the fear of something terrible happening to her!

My parents brought me up with more restrictions and so called less freedom than they were brought up with! If i had a child, they would be brought up with so many restrictions in place that i would find it hard to let them out of my site! So what is ahead for the next generation, i cannot even begin to imagine what life will be like for their children!

And the ones who are suffering and missing out the most are the children! They will never know what it is like to go out and "call for" their friends to play football in the field for example! The adults who were the children of the last generation have been brought up with internet and video games and their children will be the same but with alot more time spent at home rather that out playing! And as for the next generation,it frightens me!

While we all try to make things better,the simple fact is that over time,things have got worse! Kids dont have as many friends as they used to in past times,spend less time outside of the house and spend more time on social media! Even kids as young as 7 or 8 now all have mobile phones for God,s sake!

Back in my parents time, children spent all day outside playing and the parents had no worries or concerns about that! My time was similar but we had alot more done for us and probably demanded more for example, we would prefere not to have to walk home from school!

Nowadays, the children dont have that choice and it is so sad how times have changed,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Should i write my post about Mental Health?

I want to ask anyone who reads this for their opinion on whether i should write my post on a Mental Health issue that is affecting me!

It will be a "DARK" post with little or nothing of any positivity and will not be inspirational in any way to anyone who reads it! This is one of the reasons why i am unsure as to write it or not! Also i have a fear that some people that i follow and follow me might think i am unstable if that is the right word!

I am afraid that it will be a post that i may regret writing and i will not feel better for writing it! Previous personal posts that i have written, i have felt so much better for putting it out there but this one Will be the most difficult post i could ever possibly write!

I am not looking for attention or followers or pageviews as these are furthest from my mind,i will only publish it in order to let people get to know me a little better if you know what i mean and just maybe one comment on it might actually be of Help to Me!

Please bear in mind that the post will not be inspirational to anyone in any way and will be very Dark if i decide to go ahead and write it, and it will be a long post,i am scared as maybe when i see it in black and white,i dont know how i will feel!

Any advice will be most welcome and thank you so much for actually reading this,

Hollie xxx

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mental Health Issues

I am writing this post to say a massive Thank You to all the wonderful bloggers out there who have written posts on mental health issues! The majority of the posts have been written about personal experiences and the way that these wonderful people are tackling the issues that are with them day in day out! You are all amazing and so inspirational and i have so much respect and admiration for each and every one of you and indeed i have expressed my thanks in blog and twitter comments to each and every one of you individually!

You all in your own way have helped me so much with your honesty and positivity and i sincerely thank you all for this! I have my problems and some day i will have the courage to write a post about them but i feel as it would not be a positive post and would be a post of massive negativity,that it would in no way be inspirational to anyone who reads it so at this moment in time,i am unable to write it!

I do my best on twitter to be as cheerful and to help anyone who may need some help with anything and i try to reflect positivity whenever possible,but when and if things turn around,i will be so happy to write my post and then hope that it will be of some inspiration to somebody who may not see a light at the end of that tunnel! Until then,i am searching for my light,

Hollie x

This is the closest i have come to actually writing my post and i am in a small way quite proud of myself! I now hope that i dont take this post down!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My FPL Season in brief

This is a brief enough account of my #fpl season playing as team "Reckless Hollie's X1" which was far from reckless and was way too cautious for my liking!

Now i have to say that season 2014/15 has been nothing short of "Frustrating" to say the least! Before it all began,i had high hopes and a target of a finish of around 14500 position as this would have been my 2nd best finish ever having finished 23rd overall in season 2012/13.

It all started disasterously and after GW 1,i was ranked 1.6 million and having picked my original team which included Rooney,Mata,Ramsey,Baines,Terry and Costa! It didn't look too bad at the time but it is so important to get a good start when playing this game and i did not!

GW2 i took a hit and rose from 1.6 to 1.0 mil,yes i was going in the right direction! The next week,the ship was steadied and i stayed in the same position! It was now time for that lovely WC to be played and i did so in GW4!

So from GW 4-9 it was all progression and i went from 1.0 mil position to 12 k overall. A lovely position to be in and now to kick on i thought! I hovered around positions 15-18 k for the next few GW's until the time came around GW14 when i just could not pick the right Captain at all! Nomatter who i picked,he did nothing at all and almost every week,my VC was scoring well!

 12 consecutive weeks in a row with wrong Captain choice was killing me and by GW and my overall dropped to around 30k! Oh what could have been if only i keep telling myself!

I continued my "Captain Curse" what it was now called for a few more GW' s and dropped even more to 52k by GW 30 and i was so disappointed with myself! It worked out that i had picked the right Captain for 2 weeks out of the previous 16 or so which meant 14/16 weeks of no return from my main man and i mean no return!

GW 31-33 saw an overall rise of 22k before a disasterous Double week 34 which seen my team have Schlupp and Moreno in and having got rid of Siggy for Henderson too! I thought i was set up having 7 doubles and with only a -4 hit! I scored 51 points and dropped to 39k overall!

That was it and i said to myself,i need greens now with only 4 GW' s left if i was to achieve my goal! I had reset my goal to now try and finish in the top 1% of 3.5 million players!

GW 35 green to 32k, GW36 green to 29k and GW37 green to 25k were all achieved with 2 from those 3 weeks having -4 hits (back to playing it the way i like to play it).

At this stage i wanted to finish inside the top 20k which was my new aim and i did my best and got a green arrow of 4.5k and unfortunately just finished outside top 20k at a final position of,

20323 overall!

It actually represented a % finish of  0.58% which i am very happy with in all honesty as with 4 games to go,i was outside the top 1% of players!

Roll on next season where i have plans to play it less cautiously and see where it takes me,

thanks for reading,


Missing #fpl already!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award" by the lovely El from .Although i have already done this before, it means so much to me as the nomination came from a lovely lady who is just so wonderful to follow and has a really amazing blog which i totally love! If you are reading this,you really must follow this beautiful young lady!

For this lovely award I have to list 7 facts about myself and then nominate 10 other bloggers. As i have already done this before i would just like to nominate anybody that fancies doing it so ladies and gents if you fancy it,work away!

"The rules of the award"

1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post.
2. Share seven things about yourself.                                                                                                      
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

"7 Random Things About Me"


1-I love anything Polka Dot especially skirts and dresses. I believe this all came from watching a video of Strawberry Switchblade singing since yesterday when i was a little girl and the fact that my dad had the record too.

2 - I was married at age 21,seperated at age 23 after my husband cheated on me and divorsed at age 27. I am now 29 years old.

3- I started my working life in a nightclub serving drinks and to this day i still work in the f+b industry although i dont work in nightclubs anymore. I will leave that to the younger girls.

4- I would love to have a child some day and fingers crossed it will happen but not just right now lol,i had a miscarraige during my marriage.

5- I always cry when watching a movie with either a happy or a sad ending especially when it involves animals,i get so embarrased at times with this.

6-I find it difficult to go to sleep early,i guess that's from working till all hours in my younger days and it never left my system.

7- Love wearing high heels even though i am quite tall and my tip for a wearing a higher heel is, if you are going out that night and want to wear 5" heels,a few hours before that while at home,wear 6" heels and when you do change to go out,it will feel like you are wearing slippers lol! Obviously same applies if going out wearing 4" heels,wear the 5" before hand!

Hope you enjoyed my post and again a massive thank you to El from . I am so happy that you thought of me when nominating! Believe me, El is a must follow as some people are just so lovely and deserve all the followers in the world!

Thanks for reading,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

    Tuesday, 2 June 2015

    Skirt and Heels from New Look

    I just had to do a quick post about the new skirt and heels that i recently bought online from New Look! These are part of an order that qualified for free delivery from the UK to Ireland! I was very happy with this deal and i choose express delivery which promised delivery within 2 days and 2 days later,my package arrived! I was very impressed with this!

    Please visit as i am totally crazy about this site at the moment and i have so much in my wishlist!

    First of all i have to say that i absolutely totally love this skirt and the platform heels are just so comfortable although they have a 6" heel! They were actually advertised as 5.5" heel but they have a 6" heel and they are so easy to walk in and soooo comfortable!

    I also wore a gypsy top also purchased from new look but as it's 2.00 am and i look a mess lol and i am waiting for my bf to come home,i am just concentrating on the skirt and heels!

    White Abstract Print Skater Skirt  £8.00

     Black Cross Strap Peep Toe Platform Heels  £15.00

    As you can see,i also wore magenta tights which i purchased from my local shopping centre! My legs are way too white at the moment with this awful Irish weather but my next outfit will be tights free all going to plan!

    For the record,this is the gypsy top,

     Petite Black Jersey Gypsy Top £6.00

    I totally love this look,if i may ask,what do you think of the colour tights with the outfit? Yes or no?

    Top      New Look online £6.00
    Skirt    New Look online £8.00
    Shoes  New Look online £15.00 (sold out)
    Tights  Dunnes Stores     €4.00

    So there you go now,i very rarely do any outfit posts but i just love the skirt and am totally in love with these heels. I have had a very stressful day as i spent an hour earlier today taking pics and every one of them were absolute rubbish so at 2.00 am i decided to just do the skirt and heels,

    thanks for reading,

    Hollie xxx