Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Should i write my post about Mental Health?

I want to ask anyone who reads this for their opinion on whether i should write my post on a Mental Health issue that is affecting me!

It will be a "DARK" post with little or nothing of any positivity and will not be inspirational in any way to anyone who reads it! This is one of the reasons why i am unsure as to write it or not! Also i have a fear that some people that i follow and follow me might think i am unstable if that is the right word!

I am afraid that it will be a post that i may regret writing and i will not feel better for writing it! Previous personal posts that i have written, i have felt so much better for putting it out there but this one Will be the most difficult post i could ever possibly write!

I am not looking for attention or followers or pageviews as these are furthest from my mind,i will only publish it in order to let people get to know me a little better if you know what i mean and just maybe one comment on it might actually be of Help to Me!

Please bear in mind that the post will not be inspirational to anyone in any way and will be very Dark if i decide to go ahead and write it, and it will be a long post,i am scared as maybe when i see it in black and white,i dont know how i will feel!

Any advice will be most welcome and thank you so much for actually reading this,

Hollie xxx


  1. I personally have written a couple of posts to do with Mental Health, some of which have made me feel like this incredible weight has been lifted off my shoulders once I hit publish, and other times not so much. I have deleted ones after a short while, as although it made me feel slightly better, it was private to me. If it's something you want to write about then I think you should, this is your blog and you should be able to express yourself in any way you please!

    Hope this helps!

    Emma | emmaraeburnx.blogspot.co.uk

    1. thank you so much Emma! This has helped so much by what you have said and the way you have said it honey! x

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  3. ey lovely. I think it would be a great idea to do a post regarding Mental Health. I think it could be quite therapeutic and positive for you. Sometimes it's good to release thoughts/feelings and sharing them with the lovely blogging World might be a good idea :) It could feel such a release to get everything out :) If you go ahead with the post it could be beneficial for you and remember, a problem shard is a problem halved :) You can always delete it in future if you wish :) :) I hope you're ok hunni. Love & hugs, El xx xx

    1. Thank you so much El! I really appreciate your comment and it has swayed me towards actually writing it! Love and hugs right back at ya xx

  4. I think you should definitely do it. It's going to be an emotional post and most likely the most personal post you have ever written, but I'm sure there are people out there who can relate and maybe after reading your post can write something of their own on how Mental Health affected/affecting their lives. Do what feels right, don't be afraid to be judged, because let me tell you, some people are cruel and disrespectful and will judge no matter what. But then, there is some who will thank you for it, thank you for your honesty, thank you for your bravery and thank you for opening up about something that's very important to you.