Thursday, 22 September 2016

"The BOTS Prenup" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

Here is the draw for the 3rd round of the knockout cup,all ties to be played in GW10. All results from Round 1/2 can be found further down this page. Due to more girls left in the cup,there will be 1 girl v girl ties!

Potty Morbid FC    66-53    Tania Plascencia

Phil Hackett   70-49    Gurjinder K

PM    61-50    Aakriti Mehrotra

Christine Brown    94-35    Antoinette Buckley

Lee Seng Kwee   70-63    Laura Lawson

Ervin Ang    80-58    Charlotte Holmes

Vignesh Bhatt    59-79    Natasha Barratt

Procky Proctor   v    Calamity Jane

RESULTS from round 2

Sabellullah md     34-46    Tania Plascencia

Potty Morbid FC   41-32    Anthony Dosanjh 

Phil Hackett    44-35    Poppy Dinsey   

Sushant Garg     33-43    Gurjinder K

PM     38-29    Hollie Garner

Bryan Boen    28-45    Christine Brown

Ervin Ang    61-46    Linn Bjornbakk

FPL Maestro    34-35    Aakriti Mehrotra

Lee Seng Kwee    46-31    Vikki Marshall

Darren Wilson    17-53    Charlotte Holmes

Chuck May   26-45    Laura Lawson

Rags @FPL_TransTips     39-40    Natasha Barratt

Vignesh Bhatt    41-33    Holly Lewis

Mohammed Al-Juboori    35-36    Antoinette Buckley

Christopher Klein   44-47    Calamity Jane

Procky Proctor    33-23    Clare Colgan  

9 Girls and 7 Guys left now


Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

Sabellullah md    49-22    Kerry Bethorn

Potty Morbid FC    42-20    Cathy Francis

Kaarthik Javukumur    40- 57   Gurjinder K

Bryan Boen    55-52    Kate Eveleigh

Phil Henderson    55-70    Linn Bjornbakk

Robbie McDonnell    45- 47   Clare Colgan

Phil Hackett    36- 35   Avigail Z

Anthony Dosanjh    69-48    Marie Claire Platt

Sushant Garg    70-41    Chrysanthe Prashmita

PM    44-37    Yayo Z

Michael Bridger   36 -47    Hollie Garner

Ervin Ang   59 -16    Hayley Wright

FPL Maestro   62 -51    Nikki Jude

Lee Seng Kwee   57-32    Barbara Brown

FPL Junkie    31-31    Tania Plascencia (0-1 on goals scored)

Darren Wilson    68- 43   Jessica Swindol

Chuck May   55 -48    Ellyn C

DM Hann   48 -78    Poppy Dinsey

Rags @FPL_TransTips    49-48    Hannah Burt

FPL Muppet   38 -47    Christine Brown

Vignesh Bhatt   74 -70    V Shiroya

Mohammed Al-Juboori    58-31    Charly B

Allan Smith    17-65    Aakriti Mehrotra

Christopher Klein   50 -39    Simar Ghassane

Procky Proctor (2-1 on goals conceded)   51-51    Fatimah Zohroh

Ali Tahir    50- 55   Vikki Marshall

Ian Muhutsu   38 -44    Charlotte Holmes

Jesus FPL   51 -53    Laura Lawson

John Griffiths    44-48    Natasha Barratt

Cameron Davies   39 -43    Holly Lewis

Amogh Kelkar    46-51    Calamity Jane

Aaron Cottrell     46-47    Antoinette Buckley

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