Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Wishlist from Dunnes Stores

I have decided to do a Christmas wishlist from items available in Dunnes Stores as it is very near to my home and i would like to treat myself so it is not really a wishlist as these will become actual purchases,possibly tomorrow or thursday when i will be there!

First off is nightwear and i really fancy the following! I know it is colder weather but hey,i like these!

Orient Chemise

 Priced at €15.00 and has 20% off too,this is a must have,i love the print on it and it looks comfy too!

Similar to this are the following and also priced at €15.00 with a further 20% off are the following,

Stardust Chemise



Primrose Chemise


Also i am going to buy these as i love the colour and recently seen a similar colour paired up with silver heels and a floral dress and i thought it looked great!

Priced at €7.00 is not bad and they will keep my legs warm too!

Now on to a couple of dresses which are reasonably priced and i think look fab!

Savida Frill-Hem Dress


 Priced at €40.00,i think this looks really nice,would be nice as a party dress or maybe this little black number priced at €50.00

Savida Sparkle Bow Dress

 Oh decisions,i do kinda like this black dress but i have a few LBD's already!

Now this jumper caught my eye too and at €30.00 is again reasonably priced!

Embellished Shoe Batwing Jumper

There is something really cute about this so i will see how it looks on first and hope that it will be ok!

Now wait till you see these heels as featured on xpose fashion show recently and priced at €40.00 is not too bad!

Savida High-Front Sandal

These are gorgeous and i have fingers crossed that they have my size!

Also i like these cute boots which are again priced at €40.00,

Savida Patent Heel Boot


So there you have it, a few lovely items that have caught my eye and as this store is very near where i live,i do hope to be over there tomorrow or thursday and hopefully buy some of the above!

Thanks for reading,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx



Monday, 8 December 2014

A Review of Legslove.ie

What prompted me to do this review is that last week i was sitting watching my favourite TV show Xpose on Irish TV and for anyone not familiar with xpose,it is Ireland's biggest fashion show and is on mon-fri from 6-7! If you get featured on this show,you just have to be something special and when a feature was done on www.legslove.ie it really got my attention. It was a feature on some of the wonderful products that are available to buy so i felt i just had to write a review as i was totally taken in and so impressed that i just have to try and make people aware of this really wonderful website!

I must point out that the lovely people at Legslove.ie were kind enough to send me out a sample of their amazing tights but this has in no way influenced my review and opinions in any way as i was the one who decided to review their site as i was so impressed in the first place so i would not call this a sponsored post!
I have not done anything like this before and have not worked with brands or products so i hope you enjoy my review and honest opinion!

This site has everything a girl could possibly wish for in terms of an online hosiery boutique and apart from their own unique selection,also stock products from some top brands which i will mention later in my review.

As it's Christmas time,i just had to get a pair of HOHOHO Black 80 denier opaque  Designed and hand screen printed in Dublin, Ireland, by LegsLove,
and there are only a limited number of these produced which makes them even more unique and can only be purchased from legslove! I got the black but they also come in teal colour too!

They come in one size which even by looking at them,i knew that they were always going to be perfect and i am quite tall myself! The lettering is done in metallic gold and looks absolutely fantastic. These are made with a view to being fun and also sexy. Now come on girls,if you wear these out,i can almost guarantee that you will recieve alot of attention. I wore mine out on Saturday evening paired with a black skirt and heels and a jumper,my word the amount of people that asked me where i bought them was incredible and all i got all night was lots and lots of compliments! Let's just say i certainly made an impression! And they kept my legs warm too which at this time of year is a real bonus! These tights are really very high quality and felt great on my legs and i had a real comfy feeling while wearing them! I must also mention that i have a slight arthritic problem and wearing these tights this time of year is a real help and does seem to keep the pain at bay as they are cosy warm!

From what i can gather,there are 4 of these unique designed items in what is called the "Christmas Party Hosiery" line. These are suitably titled Ho Ho Ho & Naughty But Nice  tights; Tis The Season and their very own Rudolf Leggings. Please remember that these are unique and can only be purchased at legslove.

Now the website itself is absolutely amazing and has an incredible selection of Tights,Holdups,Leggings,Socks,Shapewear and Stockings and sells products from such acclaimed  brands including Pamela Mann,Levante,Aristoc,Pretty Polly,Jonathan Aston and of course the unique brand of Legs Love!

Now when you see a website selling such brands from leading UK makers and suppliers of tights such as Aristoc and also from Levante who are one of the worlds largest hosiery makers,you really just have to have a look. I am right in saying this girls,yes? But then i noticed Pamela Mann products and all i can say Wow!
Pamela Mann for me is one of the most exciting hosiery brands in terms of design and has such wonderful colour choices and for me are trendy,playful and unique and at legslove,there is a fabulous selection available including ankle socks that will be without doubt,my next purchase

I recently have seen 2 outfits on my favourite blog unconventionalsecrets.blogspot.it   worn by the beautiful ManueLita and both outfits featured socks with heels,yes girls i am going to give this look a go! What do you think?

In having a detailed look at the website, i was amazed to see such a massive selection of products available in each different category,for example there are so many different styles available if you are looking for tights and includes opaque,sheer,lace,fishnet,seams,wool and fashion and caters for bridal,hens parties,maternity and even kids!

One of the tights that caught my eye on Xpose was the Aristoc Suspender Fishnets and my BF wants me to buy these,and to be honest,i want them too. Infact he even said he would buy them for me lol! Mmmm i wonder why!

The website also contains video's and here is a link to a video that is amazing and shows off the fun,funky,stylish and sexy and the Statement tights are a must see   http://legslove.ie/legslove-aw-collection/

and here is a link to another superb video featuring Party Hosiery with some fabulous tips  http://legslove.ie/party-hosiery/ 
and this video really shows that tights are fun,affordable and fashionable!

And the website has more wonderful video's which are well worth watching so please have a look!

To sum up my review,i am just so impressed with the products on offer and the quality is second to none. The staff are so friendly and i would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend www.legslove.ie
if you are looking for high quality hosiery at a competitive price. And also they accept paypal which is a safe and easy to use form of online payment!

Check out the website,i guarantee you will not be disappointed,it really is just superb! Tights are fun,funky,sophisticated,sexy and fashionable so why not go and have a good look! You can also follow on Twitter @LegsLove to keep up to date!

Thank you for reading,i hope you enjoyed my very first review and please feel free to leave a comment,i love reading comments

 lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

This is actually the second time i have done this tag but when i was tagged by the lovely and wonderful Crystal Lily,i just had to do it!
Thank you so much Crystal and if anyone fancies following a very talented young lady with a fabulous blog,please do so here fivefootfourfashion.blogspot.co.uk  or on twitter @CrystalLily01.

So here goes and some of the questions are actually different which is brilliant!

1-What is your favourite Christmas movie?

 I think my favourite Christmas movie has got to be Miracle on 34th Street. It is such an awesome movie about a little girl who discovers dreams do come true if you really believe. Six-year-old Susan has doubts about childhood's most enduring miracle - Santa Claus. But after meeting a special department store Santa who's convinced he's the real thing, Susan is given the most precious gift of all - something to believe in. I love this movie and cried during it too!

2-Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Morning?

It will be and always has been Christmas morning.It is just not the same opening them on Christmas eve! There always was however a stocking left at the end of my bed when i was little with the most amazing cheap toys in it,i always loved this part of my presents! Best presents ever!

3-Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

 Was going down early to see all my presents before my parents when i was about 5 or 6,i only did it once and managed to sneak back upstairs again before being caught. I will always remember that.The excitement was unreal but i was disappointed that i didn't see Santa!

4-Favourite festive food?

I just totally love the Christmas turkey with all the trimmings.We always have the traditional turkey and ham (i dont eat the ham),stuffing,mash and roast potatoes,carrots and creamy cauliflower,it's just so delicious. I always look forward to it.

5-Favourite Christmas gift?

My favourite christmas gift was a teddy bear that i got when i was about 5,i remember that i kept him with me in bed for years until he finally was so old and worn out! He is a precious memory for me and is without doubt my fav christmas gift!

6-Favourite Christmas scent?

 My favourite Christmas scent has got to be the scent of the Christmas tree.We always have had a new real tree rather than an artificial one and i just love the scent of the pine! Christmas is not the same without the scent of a real tree!

7-What top's your tree?

On top of my tree is a star! That was short and sweet lol!

8-Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

To be honest,not really.Obviously as i got older,things changed.I have usually worked on Christmas Eve! When i get home however,i will have a glass or 2 of wine and just relax!

9-As a kid,what was the one present you wished for but never received?

when i was small,i wanted this particular Barbie doll and the accessories that go with it,i never got that particular Barbie and i was told by my dad that he tried for weeks before to get it but it just didn't happen! I didn't understand at the time but years later when it was explained,i felt so sorry for my dad as it had been playing on his mind for years!

10-What's the best part of Christmas for you?

 The best part about Christmas for me is buying gifts for the people i love. I am kinda abit of a last minute shopping girl but i do put alot of thought into the gifts that i do eventually buy. And spending time with family and around this time,we always play some sort of a game,i hope it's trivial pursuit,i love this game!

Thank you so much again to the lovely Crystal for giving me the opportunity to do this tag post and i invite anyone who is reading this and fancies it to do it as i tag you!

Thank you for reading,please feel free to comment,i love reading comments,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 1 December 2014

BOTS GW 13 Results/ Overall Standings/Cup Results & Individual Girl points!

Although all these scores are on the website here    i would like to mention the girls who got us the points and the overall scores so far in this exciting Battle of the Sexes competition!


The girlie wins came from Joanne,Gemma,Cathy,Cora,Radhika,Zako and Linn giving us 21 points! The total points gained by each of the girls is as follows after playing 10 matches!

18 Gemma
18 Lauren  
18 Cathy   
18 Hollie  
16 Radhika
16 Clodagh
15 Cora
15 Laura
15 Zako
15 Lucia
15 Linn
13 Joanne
12 Simar
12 Kate
12 Charlene
 8 Leanne
 3 Clare
 3 Abbigayle

So the overall score now is,

Victorious Secret 242-293 The Gentlemen



There was wins for the girls here by Bibi,Rio,Crystal and Jennifer (her 1st points) and a draw by Kali (this is Kali's 3rd draw) giving us a total of 13 points!
The total points gained by each of the girls is as follows after playing 9 matches!

21 Hollie
15 Tania
15 Crystal
13 Lauren
12 Kali
12 Bibi
12 Claire
12 Rio
 9 Goolie Zee
 9 Gwenda
 9 Patka
 9 Marie Claire
 9 Hannah
 6 Gurjinder
 6 Charlotte
 6 Zoe
 3 Jennifer

So the overall score is now,

Nutmeggin Mermaids  180-279 WhatsOffsideHoney


The closest of all the BOTS leagues this week and there were wins for the girls from Therese,Cora,Kat,Nikita,Rachael,Charlotte and myself and a draw for Elaine keeping her still unbeaten for the girls.
 The total points gained by each of the girls is as follows after playing 6 matches!

16 Elaine
12 Nikita
12 Cora
12 Hollie
 9 Kat
 9 Ellyn
 9 Charlotte
 9 Therese
 9 Hayley
 6 Leah
 6 Rachel
 6 Kelly
 3 Vikki
 3 Tania
 1 Ena
 0 Joanne

The overall score is now,

Petr Cech Out The Girls 126-164 Make Me a Sandwich


 There were wins for the girls by Pamela,Laura,Sam,Sherri,Linda,Fay,Emilie,Liz and myself and a draw for Zako giving us a total score of 28 points!
As BOTS 4 has really only started,it is too early to put out individual points so all i will say now is that the following girls remain unbeaten, 
Pamela,Linda,Emilie,Zako and myself!

So the overall score is now,

Teamgirls  98-116 Teamboys

Finally the cup results from round 2

updated overall scores since GW 14+ 15 have been played,

Victorious Secret 264-378 The Gentlemen

 Nutmeggin Mermaids  223-337 WhatsOffsideHoney

 Petr Cech Out The Girls 157-228  Make Me a Sandwich

 Teamgirls  164-215 Teamboys

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx