Tuesday, 28 October 2014

BOTS GW 9 Results and Overall Points

Wow,what a week for the girls winning in overall score in all 3 BOTS leagues. While it was much needed for Nutmegging Mermaids and Petr Cech Out The Girls, team Victorious Secret increased their overall lead over the boys.

Before the GW,the overall score's were as follows,

Victorious Secret 141 - 126 The Gentlemen
Nutmegging Mermaids 79 - 124 WhatsOffsideHoney
Petr Cech Out The Girls 18- 30 Make Me a Sandwich.

And so to the individual results from each league starting with,


What we have here are wins for the girls by Clodagh,Gemma,Cathy,Cora,Lucia,Radhika,Lauren,Clare and myself with Leanne earning a point for the girls with a draw giving the girls atotal of 28 team points.
Just a couple of notes after this week's games,FPL Seb from the boys team won again and has 6 straight wins and remains unbeaten. Clodagh's team DontCallMeSchurrle also remains unbeaten with 5 wins and a draw! And just to mention that Clare has got off the mark as City of Bear FC won for the first time,well done Clare.
So the overall score is now,

Victorious Secret 169 - 151 The Gentlemen


Well this has been a great week for the girls as we have won our first gameweek.I am delighted with this as we as a team have been struggling against a very strong boys team which includes alot of #fpl experts.
There were wins for Lauren,Claire,Zoe,Rio,Marie Claire,Crystal,Patrycja,myself and a special mention to our youngest team member who has won 3 precious points for the girls Goolie Zee,well done,all your efforts have been finally rewarded and you certainly deserved this win.
I have still to analyse individual scoring at the moment but will do this soon and post about any unbeaten records for example.

So the overall score now stands at,

Nutmegging Mermaids 106 - 148.

Girls we still have abit of catching up to do but this week was amazing,well done to you all!


Well what a great win for the girls in the 2nd week of battle with the boys. We needed this after losing the opening week so with 8 wins and a draw from 16 matches,it's not too bad.
There were wins for Cora,Elaine,Kelly,Hayley,Ellyn,Nikita,Mrs Fly and myself and a creditable draw for Ena for whom it is only her 2nd week actually playing the game.
We have now managed close the gap to 9 points and i am confident that soon enough,we will have got this back too.

So the overall score now stands at,

Petr Cech Out The Girls 43 - 52 Make me a Sandwich

Just one more thing that i would like to add to inspire and spur on the girls. One of the boys posted a tweet last night with the following,

@FPLWalt @fplfashion Fair play, winning all 3 BOTS leagues deserves some credit. Ladies, please pass on my congrats 2 the guys advising you!

Now girls,i think this needs to be addressed by continuing our good form and going on to win these BOTS leagues!

Also 2 new blogs worth following set up by 2 of the BOTS players,


 both of the above blogs are really good and well worth following!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Top 10 tag

Thank you to the lovely Ali for the tag for the top ten products i cannot live without. Ali has a lovely blog to be found at passionsandpreening.blogspot.co.uk , and is a really lovely blogger who i have just recently met on twitter and she is so awesome. Head over to check her out,i promise you wont be dissapointed!

Ok so here goes with my fav 10, and before i start i will just say i am very much a MAC Cosmetics and Dior girl. This is due to the fact that one of my favourite bloggers Tamara Kalinic has heavily influenced me in my choices. Her amazing blog can be found at theglamandglitter.com for anyone that may be interested.

1. Foundation


Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 30ML

As i have combination skin,this is perfect and works for me. It seems to be long-wearing as it does last for hours and hours as i know this from an 8 hour work shift. It is easy to apply and gives a smooth look and helps minimize the appearance of imperfections.It does work well for my combination skin and i would recommend it.


 Diorskin Star concealer

When used with foundation,the visual results are really great .After just a few light dabs shadows are reduced and fine lines seemed filled,it really is superb for under eyes and conceals the dark lines.It is a dream to use and is compact in size.It also lasts for hours.Highly recommend this product.



Blot Press Powder 

I never use too much of it and it always provides a lovely finish.Great for a touch up and long lasting too.Very good for combination/oily skin and you really dont need to use too much to make a difference.


Diorskin Rosy Glow Blusher 


Diorskin Rosy Glow reacts with the moisture in each skin type, giving a delicious and subtle blush to the cheeks. When applied, the initially fresh, light colour develops into a rosy blush to suit each individual complexion.This may look very bright but does give a lovely pink blush when put on.It always gives a very fresh look and is quite long lasting.I would highly recommend this product.



Bronzing Powder 

 A lightly frosted, tinted powder that gives skin sheer, natural colour effects and highlights. Ideal for enhancing a skin tone and is my preferred choice of bronzer.

 6. Highlighter


Prep + Prime Highlighter 

I am currently using radiane rose which adds a soft colour to the skin by this pen style highlighter. Great for touch ups and of course highlighting. I am really a big fan of Mac products as i believe they are are of real high quality all round.

 7. Mascara


High Impact Mascara

I love this and it certainly gives more length as well as maximum volume,well to me anyway and it really opens your eyes giving a real awake look.It brushes on easily and is easy enough to remove also.



Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow 

This bronze is a perfect base for so many different looks and is really really long lasting too. Claims to be 24 hours and that wouldn't surprise me if you decided to keep for the full 24 hours that is. It's very smooth gel like. I also like the look of painted purple in this range and will certainly give this one a go too.I can honestly recommend this eyeshadow.



Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil

 This eyebrow pencil is just great for filling in some gaps and gives a natural look,i personally like this Rimmel product as it's long wearing and doesn't smudge.

 10. Lip Products

Lipstick - MAC - Lady Danger


Well this is the easiest of all the products for me to do as i absolutely love Mac Lady Danger lipstick. It has a unique colour shade of orangy red. It's daring,bold and with a bright shade it will not always be everybody's cup of tea. But i love it and would wear it all year round but i do ntend to go pink from time to time too. This is a stand out lipstick and all i can say is,be brave,be bold and go for it. It really is gorgeous.


  So there you have it,10 of my favourite products which i use,some are only recent purchases which i have decided to try but am very very happy with them so i am certain they will now be my preferred product of choice.

As this is a tag post i would like to offer anybody who is reading this post the opportunity to do it themselves if they fancy it but i would like to tag the following lovely ladies who i have recently met on twitter

Chasing Rubies  @ChasingRubies2

Juliana Grace   @jgraceblog

Lottie     @lottie_xo91

Jenny May    @originofstyle

Charlotte Anstee     @afashionoddity

So if any of the above lovely girls fancy it,then work away and anybody else also,

Thanks for reading,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx





Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Autumn Tag ♥

I got this Tag from my lovely new friend Lottie at lottie-xo.com who is so just so nice and has a lovely blog that is well worth a follow.

If you are reading this,i would like to tag you and invite you do the questions that i will attempt to answer below. Hope you enjoy xx

1. Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?

Now i am not a big coffee drinker but recently a new branch of Insomnia did open up nearby so myself and the lovely BF decided to give it a try. I ordered a cappuccino and a chocolate doughnut to go with it and let me say,it was gorgeous. I am however a big tea drinker but i did enjoy my coffee and doughnut!

 2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?

I do wear gloves occasionally in the autumn and do opt for boots over shoes/heels but the main accessory is tights. Absolute must have to wear in this time of year,preferably 80 denier black which do for work too.I do have a slight arthritis problem this time of year especially and believe me,wearing tights really helps keep the pain at bay.They are an absolute godsend! My favourite Autumn look would be a sweater,dress or skirt,boots,hat and with black tights!

 3.  Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?

The music i listen to during Autumn is mainly from the 80's. There is a radio station here in Dublin called Radio Nova and it plays all old tracks especially 80's all day long. I always have it tuned in in the car and when i go to work,i always make sure that it is on. I especially like any songs by The Bangles,A Flock of Seagulls and any tracks from Asis,Survivor or Boston!

4.  Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?

Oh well this one is an easy one for me as i wear Davidoff Cool Water all year round. I recently did a blog post on my fav perfume which if you fancy a read about a review of it,please have a look!

5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?

Now i am not a big fan of burning candles at all tbh so this is a difficult question in which the only answer i can give is none.Sorry!

  6.  What do you love most about Autumn?

 Cardigans,coats,lots of layering and trying to be as cosy as possible. I like to be able to put an outfit together that is girly yet cosy (i am a very girly girl tbh). I find this a challenge every Autumn as i like to be colourful with my outfit choices. I also like the leaves on the ground as we live in a very leafy village and from a tv point of view,it is xfactor time again.

 7.  Favourite makeup look?

I always go darker in Autumn but generally stick with my favourite lipstick for example, Lady Danger by Mac. I usually go darker around the eyes too and as for nail polish,i am always trying out new ones with my latest being Sailor 700 by Dior. I love Dior nail polish,it is simply the best with Rouge 999 being my favourite. Until recently,i have been a Rimmel girl but Dior is just too nice.

  8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?

I suppose Halloween as it's a time to have fun and dress up.Over the years,i have mainly worked on Halloween night as i worked in nightclubs for a few years.Now i can dress up myself and go out and enjoy myself as everyone else seemed to do when i was working.It really was the best night out of the whole year and that includes New Years Eve! I am however more of a summer girl from an outfit point of view. I much prefere pretty dresses and short skirts and heels to the layering that goes with Autumn!
I am also excited for christmas,it's such a special time of year and as i will be spending it with the most amazing boyfriend ever,i cant wait! 

So there you go now,my answers to the questions supplied by the lovely Lottie and as i said earlier,if you are reading this,i tag you if you fancy it.It was fun putting this together as i love doing these sort of posts. Thanks again Lottie,so happy we met on Twitter xx  

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment,i love getting comments,

Hollie xxx  

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Battle of the Sexes GW8 Results and Overall Score

Here are all the results from 3 BOTS Leagues which before this gameweek, Victorious Secret held a 15 point lead over The Gentlemen whereas The Nutmeggin Mermaids were trailing WhatsoffsideHoney by 18 points. The new BOTS 3 League kicked off this week too.


So this GW ends up in a draw with wins for the girls from Clodagh,Gemma,Cathy,Laura,Zako,Radhika,Simar,Linn and myself! Well done girls on maintaining our lead with the overall score now at
Victorious Secret  141 - 126  The Gentlemen.

And also just to mention that 3 of the girls are actually in the top 10k in overall position in #fpl.


Well this gameweek from the girls point of view was a total disaster and one that we certainly did not need as we were trailing in overall points before it. It is just one of these weeks that we have to put behind us and move on from it. If i can just urge any of the girls who have 2 transfers to do and if your team is full of players who are injured or suspended,please fix your team as we really need to be more competitive against a team that is full of #fpl enthusiasts who are all pretty good at this game.And afterall,we are a TEAM!
Anyway there were wins for Kali,Claire,Charly and myself giving us a really low score of 12 points.
The overall score now stands at,
Nutmeggin Mermaids  79  -  124  WhatsOffsideHoney.


So the first matches in the new girls v boys league kicked off this week and i have to say,even though the girls are trailing the boys after the GW,there is alot of encouraging scores to suggest that this girls team will be highly competitive and to throw out a bold prediction,will be victorious come May!
There were wins for Elaine,Ellyn,Leah,Hayley,Nikita and myself giving us 18 points. Although we are trailing by 12 points,i have every faith that we will claw this back very soon.
The overall score in BOTS3 is
Petr Cech Out The Girls  18 - 30 Make Me A Sandwich!

So to sum up GW8 from a girls point of view, Victorious Secret continue to impress but a couple of teams need some tweeking to make it even better.
Nutmeggin Mermaids need to be more competitive and some teams need to be looked at asap and the new girls team looks good and i just hope the boys dont get too overconfident after their gw victory!

I know this post has been mainly about the girls but i just want to finish by saying well done to the boys this week for having a great gw with 2 wins and a draw and also to FPL SEB for another victory,which was a close game but nevertheless still won. I am sure the next girl to play you will give you a good game! And also a mention to FPL Academy for posting the highest score of the GW with a very impressive 112 points,well done on such a superb score!

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Friday, 17 October 2014

Wishlist from "Dunnes Stores" Dublin

This is my new wishlist from Dunnes Stores here in Dublin and as i live about 10 minutes away,i am hoping that the wishlist will turn into actual purchases. I have found over the years that Dunnes have really improved in the fashion stakes and can now offer some really gorgeous dresses/skirts/shoes/jumpers and nightwear and all at a very reasonable price, So here is my wishlist,


Pleat Neck Dress    €35.00

Beautifully refined and ideal for special occasions, this dress is both pretty and sophisticated. Featuring a pleated front and fluid skirt along with a cut-out back, this piece includes a skinny belt to cinch in the and create a feminine silhouette.
I personally love this dress and the colour and at €35 is a bargain.I really this sort of dress.

Collar Lace Dress       €35.00

Find the perfect party piece in this beautiful lace dress. Featuring a statement collar, this sophisticated dress boasts an intricate lace design over a contrast underlay while the flowing base adds movement. Pair with some killer black heels to complete the look.
Another bargain at €35.00 and would look great with the heels.


Houndstooth Skirt       €25.00

Smart yet playful, this tactile houndstooth wrap-style mini-skirt is given a modern update thanks to leather-look and zip detailing. Pair with a polo and boots for a classic autumn/winter look.
It is a great autumn/winter look with the black tights and boots.


Two-Tone Heel      €8.00

The chicest shape around, these strappy heels are sure to made an impact on your look. These feature a vibrant back panel with a buttery soft ankle strap that is offset by a patterned front strap. Bold yet sophisticated, with a comfortable padded cushion at the front, these will take you from desk to dance floor.
Now here is an absolute bargain at €8.00.I mean at that price,you just cannot go wrong.
My one recommendation when buying heels is to always buy the next size up.


Carolyn Donnelly The Edit Waterfall Cardigan    €69.00

Long-sleeved cardigan with waterfall front.

Brought to you by Irish designer Carolyn Donnelly, exclusively for Dunnes Stores.
I know this is not cheap but it has class written all over it.


Stardust Chemise      €15.00

Add a touch of luxury to your bedtime routine with this beautiful chemise. Featuring a glitter imbued lace trim and a crossover strap to the back, this soft and fluid piece is sure to make your sleep a comfortable and stylish affair.
So gorgeous and only €15.00

Primrose Chemise    €15.00

This chemise features an all-over pattern along with a V-neck and is crafted from super-soft jersey. Part of the Primrose collection, mix and match it with gorgeous florals and shades of pink.
Another bargain and purchased with the following Primrose Wrap.

Primrose Wrap    €20.00

This print wrap is crafted from super-soft jersey. Part of the Primrose collection, mix and match it with gorgeous florals and shades of pink.

And finally these tights which are perfect for the cold mornings,

80 Denier Velvet Opaque Tights    €8.00

Ultra-soft 80 denier tights with a comfort waistband and cotton gusset. A smooth, opaque set that's ideal for chilly days.
Much better paying this sort of money on tights than for example 2 pairs of Pretty Polly for €7.50 as only last week i bought 2 pairs and they both ripped on the first day i wore them.I was in work when the first ones ripped so i thought all was ok as i had a 2nd pair but they ripped too so my really white legs were on show that day lol! I was so embarrased.

 So there you have it,my Dunnes Stores wishlist. Cant wait to head over there very soon and see if i can pick up any of the above.

What do you think of my wishlist,i would love to hear!

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

GW 8 Fixtures for all 3 FPL BOTS Girls Teams

So here are the fixtures for all 3 BOTS leagues with the overall scores before this weeks games!


Victorious Secret v The Gentlemen with the overall score at 114 - 99 in favour of Victorious Secret before this set of matches.

So girls,lets get some more points on the board and hopefully increase our lead.


Nutmegging Mermaids v WhatsOffsideHoney with the overall score 67 - 85 in favour of WhatsOffsideHoney. So the girls really need a good week as we cant afford to fall to far behind. Good luck girls.

And so on to the brand new BOTS 3 league which i have a feeling will be highly competitive. There are 2 new teams of girls v boys and this will be the last of the BOTS leagues for this season.It was created due the massive interest in the first 2 leagues and it gives an opportunity for another 16 girls and boys to enjoy which is probably the most exciting leagues in the whole of FPL.

So here are the opening fixtures

Very best of luck to both teamgirls and teamboys and i for one am certainly hoping for a strong start from the girls!

Sorry i was unable to line these up properly,i tried everything but it just would not work. If the girls could maybe follow eachother on twitter,that could be a good idea to try and get some team unity!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Unnecessary Pressure of Having a Blog (My Thoughts)

I am relatively new to blogging and indeed and as of today,i have had my blog for 6 weeks. Since starting the blog ,i have found myself constantly checking how many page views it has had today ,clicking into Bloglovin and hoping to see a green indication of a new follower ,checking my follower numbers to see if anybody has unfollowed me, always trying to think of something to write about and tweeting numerous times to push the blog using #lbloggers #fbloggers #bbloggers and anything else that i have come across that might get my blog noticed. I also do get so excited with stats and numbers by the way.
Now that to me is pressure but really it is unnecessary pressure put on me by myself. A blog created by any individual is their own blog and what they decide to share with everybody is entirely up to them and when they decide to share it is their own perogative too,no pressure should be put on yourself at all in this.
I have recently participated in a chat on blogging #fblchat in which the subject was about having a routine for blogging. I was amazed by how many bloggers felt under pressure to publish posts and had weekly routines to enable them to get that post out no matter how good or bad it was.The majority from what i could see were younger bloggers than me (i am 28).On another blogger chat,somebody said (a young girl) that she couldn't sleep as she needed to get her blog post out the next day and was worried if it was a good or a bad post. She also said that she had to get the post out as she had not posted in 3 days! Had to-3 days,now if anything that young girl felt under pressure to publish a post.
Unnecessary pressure as it's your blog and who are you trying to please,it is for your own enjoyment as well as others so please enjoy the writing without feeling the pressure of i have to get a blog post published.

Blogging is a passion that i myself have just recently discovered and i now dont fear anymore that it may have been overtaken by the pressure that could have been on me if i alone allowed that to happen. I will not allow this as the way i see it,if i get to 4000 pageviews i will be totally delighted and if i ever reached 10000 pageviews i will be equally delighted. I will enjoy the writing but will not be under pressure to have 2 or 3 posts ready to go out. This post is aimed at the majority of us bloggers that do it for the love of writing and then hoping that others will read it and as there are alot of younger bloggers than me out there,i hope you understand where i am coming from with this.Please dont feel under pressure to write a blog post.There are enough other problems in life out there without having any pressure associated with your blogging.

Please remember that having a blog and making it a success is achieved over a long period of time,not instantly so why put pressure on yourself now and after all,for most of us,it is a hobby. Enjoy it and write what you want,when you want! Afterall,you are all amazing for having the blog in the first place and giving others the opportunity to enjoy your efforts as a blogger,you should all be so proud,

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Review Of My Favourite Perfume

I know that before even writing this post,you girls will have mixed thoughts on this product but i personally love it.

I believe this perfume by Davidoff was officially launched for women in 1996 and since 2004,this is by far my favourite perfume. I have never found anything like it since and is my preferred choice of perfume without any doubt whatsoever.

It is of course Cool Water Woman and has a rather calm and kind of aquatic feel to it similar to the ocean breeze with cool sea water flowing.Now doesn't that just sound so lovely. It has a very femenine floral and fruity fresh scent with hint of melon/watermelon and it's longevity is pretty good too.

Now people might associate it with the 90's and i know alot of you will say "sure i wore that in school,highschool or whatever but for me,it's not dated or has seen better days,it is just a classic and will always be a classic. Nothing new compares to it and if you want to feel fresh,summery and get that by the beach feeling,then check out Cool Water Woman. Nevermind this different perfumes for different seasons,Cool Water works all year round.

Now i know girls will have mixed views on it but i can honestly say from my experience that nothing turns a mans head more than the scent of Cool Water,there is certainly something special about it. You can have the best most expensive perfume and it still will not have the affect of this really lovely fragrance.

Just a short story as to how i was first introduced to Cool Water. I was working in a nightclub 10 years ago and while collecting glasses,i got this really lovely scent from this girl who was on a night out. I just had to ask what perfume she was wearing and she was kind enough to tell me and let me try it. I instantly fell in love with it there and then and with my next pay cheque,i bought my first bottle.One of the security staff said he could get me a bottle really cheap but i had a feeling that it would not be real so i passed on the offer lol.

All i can say now is that i cannot recommend Cool Water Woman highly enough. If you havn't tried it,give it a go,it is just so underrated,it works for me but hey that's me,like any perfume,it may not work for everyone.

The price you will probably pay is around £28.00 for a 30ml bottle which is the RRP but prices do vary conciderably but if you get an opportunity of a sample,try it out if you are not familiar with it. Cool Water Wave could be worth a look at too,and as i have never been disappointed by any in the Cool Water range by Davidoff, i must give it a try,

Thanks for reading my first product review,

Hollie xxx

Monday, 6 October 2014

GW7 Results from BOTS Leagues

Well that was an interesting weekend for the BOTS leagues with Victorious Secret extending their overall lead over The Gentlemen but unfortunalely for the girls, the Nutmegging Mermaids fell further behind WhatsOffsideHoney in BOTS league 2.

The full results are as follows and overall points

 So with GW wins for Joanne,Cora,Clodagh,Zako,Lauren,Linn,Leanne,Charlene and myself and a draw for Radhika, we accumulated 28 points to the boys score of 25.

The overall score is now,

Victorious Secret  114  - 99  The Gentlemen 

If i am correct here,the only team to win all 4 BOTS games is FPL Seb for the boys,well done but i am sure your next challenge from the girls will be a difficult one.
The following  information was supplied by @imuhutsu prior to GW7 and a massive thank you from all the girls for this.


And now on to BOTS league2 in which Nutmegging Mermaids are taking on WhatsOffside Honey which is a team packed with #fpl enthusiasts but we are holding our own amongst very strong opposition.

The results from GW7 are as follows,

The girls managed 7 wins from the 17 matches with superb victories by Kali,Lauren,Tania,Claire,Marie-Claire,Patrycja and birthday girl Gwenda (Happy Birthday Gwenda from all of us).
I lost my match 67-66 to Brutal Deluxe in which that penalty save by De Gea was the difference of the 3 points,well done Matty!

The overall points score is now

Nutmegging Mernaids  67 - 85  WhatsOffsideHoney

The girls have abit of catching up to do with 6 wins being the difference and we need a very good gameweek soON!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

BOTS Fixtures for GW7 for Victorious Secret v The Gentlemen & Nutmeging Mermaids v WhatsOffsideHoney

Here is the full fixtures for anyone who may have missed them and a reminder of the current scores before these games.

Victorious Secret 86 - 74 The Gentlemen,

Nutmegging Mermaids 46 - 55 What's Offside Honey

Looking forward to some great games this weekend and hoping that the girls can continue to show that us girls are really good playing fantasy football.

Good luck to everyone involved,

Hollie xxx

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Liebster Award and My Nominations

This Monday i got a great surprise as i was nominated for The Liebster Award by the lovely Carolin whose lovely blog can be found at lunchbreakadventures.wordpress.com .

This is indeed the second award that Carolin has nominated me for in the past 4 weeks as the first was "The One Lovely Blog Award" and i am so grateful to Carolin for the nominations and for being so good to me.And this is the perfect opportunity for me to say that Carolin is just the nicest person you could possibly meet and i am so glad that i now concider myself to have a lovely twitter/blogger friendship with her.

The great thing about the Liebster Award is that it is not something that you can just get yourself,you must be nominated for it so therefore in my opinion it is a real honour to be nominated and i hope the people who i nominate will feel the same. It is also a great way to promote your blog and promote other blogs too.

Now with this award,there are various different rules that can apply as nothing is set in stone so after some research on the rules,i have adopted the following but am keeping Carolin's questions;

|The Rules|

1. Get nominated
2. Link back the girl/guy who nominated you
3. Answer the 11 questions
4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Nominate 5-20 people to do the questions.

|Q & A|

My Questions for me to answer are as follows;

 1. What are your top 3 bloggers and why?

 A very difficult question to start with as i have so much respect for anyone who takes the time and effort to write a blog for their own and the enjoyment of others.There are so many blogs that i love reading but i will say what my favourite blog is though. It is theglamandglitter.com by the amazing Tamara Kalinic.The reason i know it is my favourite is because it is the first blog i check out every day.Anyone who is actually reading this,please have a look.

2. What drives you?

What drives me is my experiences from my past,notably being cheated on by my husband and i still cant believe how naive i was. I have learned alot from this experience and it certainly drives me on a daily basis.

3. What little thing makes you happy?

One little thing that makes me happy is when i get a nice comment on a blog post as it shows that someone has taken the time to read it and actually comment on it.This really does make me happy.

4. What is your dream job/ personal goal?

Another difficult question but my dream job would be to be one of the Sky Sports girls on Sky Sports news,they always seem to be enjoying their job and get invited to the best parties! My personal goal in life is have a son or a daughter and to enjoy the joys of parenthood.

5. Do you have a favourite food?

I do indeed,if i was going out for a meal,it would be certainly be steak and chips with mushrooms and fried onions but if i was ordering in,it would be a doner kebab and taco fries with extra cheese and taco sauce,yummy.

6. What is your favourite beauty brand? (makeup or facial care, or hair etc)

I dont have a personal favourite beauty brand but i do like Rimmel and anything from MAC Cosmetics

7. Favourite clothes shop?

I have a few favourites which include Pennies (Primark), Debenhams, H & M and Zara. Zara always have the most amazing shoes like the ones pictured below

8. What would be your spirit animal and why?

My spirit animal would certainly be a dog. Loyal and faithful to the people that love me and look after me,always there to protect them and help them as are they for me. 

 9. Why did you start blogging?

Good question,i only joined twitter at the end of july this year and found myself following people who had blogs so i said at the end of august,sure why dont i give this a go. Now i had absolutely no idea where to start and was trying to figure out how to start my blog on bloglovin not knowing that i actually needed something like blogger to get going. Thankfully a lovely girl called Chelsea Marrs  chowdownbythebay.blogspot.com 
put me in the right direction of how to start a blog. I had no idea what i was going to write about but i did know that there would be an interest from the fpl community in any fantasy football posts as i had been asked to guest post on various football sites. 

 10. Have you changed much over the last year?

 I have changed alot in the past 2 years as i finally got out of my rut that i was in after my marriage breakup and i have met the most wonderful boyfriend ever who has helped and supported me and was the reason for me gaining back my confidence and becoming the girl that i once was but even stronger than before.

 11. If you could star in a TV series based on your life, what would it be? (sitcom, drama etc…)

It would probably be Dallas with all the cheating that went on behind my back between my husband and my best friend but that's another story (it's on the blog too if anyone fancies a read).

And so there are my answers to the questions as supplied by the lovely Carolin. My 11 questions will remain the same for my nominations.


Leanne o'Farrell
Leanne Winters

So there you have it,thanks again to Carolin for nominating me and giving me the opportunity to write this post which i very much enjoyed,

Hollie xxx