Tuesday, 28 October 2014

BOTS GW 9 Results and Overall Points

Wow,what a week for the girls winning in overall score in all 3 BOTS leagues. While it was much needed for Nutmegging Mermaids and Petr Cech Out The Girls, team Victorious Secret increased their overall lead over the boys.

Before the GW,the overall score's were as follows,

Victorious Secret 141 - 126 The Gentlemen
Nutmegging Mermaids 79 - 124 WhatsOffsideHoney
Petr Cech Out The Girls 18- 30 Make Me a Sandwich.

And so to the individual results from each league starting with,


What we have here are wins for the girls by Clodagh,Gemma,Cathy,Cora,Lucia,Radhika,Lauren,Clare and myself with Leanne earning a point for the girls with a draw giving the girls atotal of 28 team points.
Just a couple of notes after this week's games,FPL Seb from the boys team won again and has 6 straight wins and remains unbeaten. Clodagh's team DontCallMeSchurrle also remains unbeaten with 5 wins and a draw! And just to mention that Clare has got off the mark as City of Bear FC won for the first time,well done Clare.
So the overall score is now,

Victorious Secret 169 - 151 The Gentlemen


Well this has been a great week for the girls as we have won our first gameweek.I am delighted with this as we as a team have been struggling against a very strong boys team which includes alot of #fpl experts.
There were wins for Lauren,Claire,Zoe,Rio,Marie Claire,Crystal,Patrycja,myself and a special mention to our youngest team member who has won 3 precious points for the girls Goolie Zee,well done,all your efforts have been finally rewarded and you certainly deserved this win.
I have still to analyse individual scoring at the moment but will do this soon and post about any unbeaten records for example.

So the overall score now stands at,

Nutmegging Mermaids 106 - 148.

Girls we still have abit of catching up to do but this week was amazing,well done to you all!


Well what a great win for the girls in the 2nd week of battle with the boys. We needed this after losing the opening week so with 8 wins and a draw from 16 matches,it's not too bad.
There were wins for Cora,Elaine,Kelly,Hayley,Ellyn,Nikita,Mrs Fly and myself and a creditable draw for Ena for whom it is only her 2nd week actually playing the game.
We have now managed close the gap to 9 points and i am confident that soon enough,we will have got this back too.

So the overall score now stands at,

Petr Cech Out The Girls 43 - 52 Make me a Sandwich

Just one more thing that i would like to add to inspire and spur on the girls. One of the boys posted a tweet last night with the following,

@FPLWalt @fplfashion Fair play, winning all 3 BOTS leagues deserves some credit. Ladies, please pass on my congrats 2 the guys advising you!

Now girls,i think this needs to be addressed by continuing our good form and going on to win these BOTS leagues!

Also 2 new blogs worth following set up by 2 of the BOTS players,


 both of the above blogs are really good and well worth following!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

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  1. Nice, the gents will wanna prove you wrong one way or another. Good job girls.

    Thanks for the 'endorsement' Hollie :)