Monday, 3 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge Day 1

Over the next twelve days, I will be participating in a 12 Day Blogger Challenge which i seen on Mallory Brown's blog  which is a wonderful blog well worth following.This challenge originally came from Amy at so a massive thanks to Amy! Each day, I will be posting from the list of topics in the image below. Any blogger can participate in the challenge, just follow the guidelines below!

So on to Day 1 with,

Why do you blog?

Well the simple answer is that i love it. I am relatively new to blogging as i only set up my blog at the end of August. When i was setting it up,i had absolutely no idea what i was doing and was trying to create my blog on bloglovin (duh) and it was only with the help of a lovely blogger called Chelsea Marrs who directed me towards that set me on the right track! I decided to start the blog as i was following a few bloggers on twitter and loved what they were doing so i said to myself "why not give this a go Hollie"
I mainly blog about 4 girls fantasy football teams that play every week against a team of boys and also about fashion and beauty items too. I also do blog about certain life incidents that are very personal to me but i like to share with anyone that is kind enough to actually read it!
So in summery,blogging is something that i have recently discovered and i love it! And i have met some truly wonderful people since starting to blog,some of whom i like to call new friends!

ps-i have no idea how to make the above text all the same size,sorry!

Five Random Facts About Me:

This is a difficult one as i recently did a post with 25 facts about me so i will now try to post 5 different facts that are not already in my previous post,oh this is difficult!

1- I have worked in the hospitality business for 10 years now,waitress,receptionist and bar tender.

2- My favourite tv shows are The Originals,The Blacklist,Sons of Anarchy and Arrow.

3- My favourite song of all time has got to be "The Poet and The Pendulum" by Nightwish which is a 14 minute track which has everything. I have never heard anything like it,it is pure music genius. The last 4 minutes is so emotional that sometimes it has made me cry!

4- I am a kinda of a shy girl when i meet people for the first time and it takes a while for me to open up,of course with over 8k tweets in 3 months on twitter,it might not look like this,but i am!

5-I do suffer with a slight form of arthritis which causes me some problems in autumn and winter!

So that's day 1 done,11 more to go. Tomorrow's task is to review a product,service or brand.
Hope you enjoyed this and the challenge is open to all bloggers!

Thanks so much for reading,

Hollie xxx


  1. I love this idea! I think I'll start this this week too :) love your blog Hollie! Xx

    1. aw thanks Chelsea! I love doing these sort of posts,they are fun to do! xx

  2. Love this what an awesome idea . I think I should give it a try ☺

    1. Hi Mary,it is such a great idea and i am looking forward to all 12 days lol! You should definately give it a try,sure why not lovely! xx

  3. This is such a lovely idea - how fun that there'll be 11 more instalments on this blogger challenge! I'm glad you chose to start blogging, you're a wonderful addition to the community Hollie :) I'm so sorry that you suffer from slight arthritis, take care of yourself!


    1. aw Gabrielle,that is such a lovely thing to say,thank you so much,when someone says something like this,it makes it all worthwhile,thank you! I am managing the arthritis ok! It's a great challenge and day 2 is being published now! xxx