Thursday, 6 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge Day 4 (5 of my fav blogs)

So on to Day 4 of this exciting 12 Day blogger challenge and today i have an opportunity to list a top 5 of my choice so i have decided to do a post on 5 of my favourite Blogs that i follow and the girls behind the blogs. All of these blogs are mainly fashion blogs and i am planning on doing a post soon on beauty and lifestyle blogs that i follow as there are some really lovely bloggers that i follow that i would love to recommend too.Recently i did a post on 5 of my favourite blogs so i will not include these in this post as i have already givin my reasons and recommendations for following.

SO just before i start may i say that these 5 blogs are all incredible,amazing and inspirational and have a wonderful young lady behind each and every one of them and i have the highest of recommendations to follow them and i really hope i can give these blogs the credit that they so much deserve and so in no particular order of preference here goes.

Now my first choice is is an incredible blog called by the absolutely lovely ManueLita  @MuratoreManuela 
This is a blog that i have recently come across and to say i am mad about this blog is an understatement. Every single post by ManueLita is beautiful,gorgeous and every other superlative you can think of. Her styling is incredible,every outfit is just so amazing and she is such a lovely girl to go with it all.Every outfit is just incredible,so well put together,so stylish and so beautiful.To give you an example of this,i have listed 3 of my favourite outfits worn by this incredible,inspirational and just all round lovely young lady whom i have so much respect for and my admiration for is off the scale.ManueLita is just a must follow wherever you can follow her for the most incredible outfits and styles anywhere to be found online or anywhere else for that matter.I am so happy that i found this wonderful blog with a truly wonderful young lady behind it and i would now like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you ManueLita" for being so amazing and for brightening up my day! You are a truly wonderful young lady and i hope all your dreams come true!

                                                                            Top - Please
                                                                            Skirt - Please
                                                                            Shoes - Tory Burch
                                                                            Bracelet -  SopraSotto Tuscany Creative
                                                                            Mini bag -  SopraSotto Tuscany Creative

                                                                        Denim Shirt - Guess
                                                                        Denim Jumpsuits - Guess
                                                                        HairAccessories - D & G
                                                                        Shoes - Jimmy Choo 

                                                                        Top - Dolce & Gabbana
                                                                        Pants - Mangano
                                                                        Shoes - Gucci
                                                                        Bag - Dolce & Gabbana
                                                                        Gloves - Patrizia Pepe 

And now on to another blog that i have recently come across and this one also has the most amazing outfits by the lovely @twentyeightvia
Again we have here some incredibly stylish outfits and the girl behind the blog is just so lovely. I would highly recommend following this blog if you are looking for inspirational fashion ideas. And i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following me on twitter,it means alot and i am so honoured and thank you for having a wonderful blog. I have alot of respect and admiration for this lovely young lady.I have included 3 of my favourite outfits from this fabulous must follow blog and as you can see,they really are something special.I look forward to every new post am so excited that i found this truly wonderful blog! Whatever your dreams are,i really hope they happen for you lovely lady!

Hat Urban Outfitters
Top H&M
Pants H&M
Sunglasses Rayban
Pearl Ring Baublebar

Fuzzy vest c/o Urban Philosophy
Skirt Asos
Shoes Zara
Purse Zara

Top Asos 
Necklaces Urban Philosophy
Heels Zara
Clutch Mango
Sunglasses Ferragamo

This brings me on to the next blog that is one of my favourites and it is by the always lovely Carolin @CSchroeter86 
whose must follow blog is . Carolin has always been so good to me since i started blogging a few months ago with some great advice and has even nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Liebster Award which i am ever so grateful.She is such a genuine lovely girl who i am so happy i met on the world of Twitter. So Carolin's blog contains posts on fashion,film and lifestyle and much more and is always a blog that i look forward to reading any new posts.Aswell as some fabulous outfits,Carolin's blog contains some great beauty product reviews,fantastic lifestyle posts and also some book reviews.I love Carolin's taste in fashion and the pic's below will show some wonderful outfits.At this stage i would like to say a massive thank you to Carolin for being so genuinely lovely,supportive and for just being you and i have so much admiration and respect for you lovely lady. I hope life brings you everything that you wish for because i believe that you certainly deserve it!

                                                   Polka Dot Dress: New Look
                                                   Bag: Michael Kors
                                                   Pony Hair Shoes: Taschka
                                                   Watch: Olivia Burton

                                              Blogger Fedora: Stradivarius
                                              Boho Vintage Blouse: Stradivarius
                                              Black Skater Skirt: Stradivarius
                                              Pendant Necklace: Accessorize
                                              Boots: Jones Bootsmaker
                                              Handbag: Mischa Barton

                                               Blanket Cape Stradivarius

And so to my next blog which is one of my favourites and it's by the always lovely Patricia Batatas @peexo  
Literally every blog post is amazing with such gorgeous and beautiful outfits which are so inspirational from a fashion sence and has been a massive influence on me personally from a style point of view. You can also catch Patricia on youtube too with some really amazing and enjoyable videos well worth a watch on her channel . The blog itself is a personal style blog which always has affordable outfits that are just styled superbly and Patricia's looks are so inspirational. Believe me,this is a must follow blog.I have included 3 of my favourite outfits below and as you can see,Patricia's styling is incredible and always has such fabulous and gorgeous outfits.She is a really lovely and friendly girl to follow so i would like to say Thank you Patricia for being so nice and having such a wonderful blog and just to say i have a massive amount of admiration and respect for you and i love your blog so much. You really are an incredible young lady and i hope all your dreams come true for you! I for one cannot wait for your next post!

Lace top - Sheinside || Skirt - H&M || Frilly socks - Topshop || Trainers - c/o Hoodboyz || Bag - Primark

  Duster coat - Primark || Dress - c/o WearAll || Heels - Primark || Bag - Marc b.

 Bralet - Celeb Look || Midi skirt - H&M || Heels - Primark || Clutch - ASOS

And so to my final choice of this very enjoyable post (for me to write) and it is the absolutely lovely Leanne Winters @CallMeLeaa  
whose lovely blog is 
Leanne is such a lovely girl who i am so happy to have met through twitter. I love Leanne's choice in outfits and her blog is a really must follow blog with plenty of posts with fabulous outfits.One of the things that i love about Leanne's blog is that there are very regular posts with lots of different styling which i find myself saying "yea this looks great,i think i will give this look a go". She is such a wonderful young lady who is so genuine and lovely and i have massive respect and admiration for Leanne.I always look forward to new posts and i have picked out below 3 of my favourite looks by Leanne which are very inspirational as i love the styling! Thanks Leanne for being so lovely and having a fabulous blog which i enjoy so much. Again i hope all your dreams come true lovely lady!

                                                            Dress - ASOS

                         Primark flats, Forever 21 tee, H&M floral shorts, River Island cardigan

So that's it, 5 truly wonderful blogs that you just have to follow and 5 truly wonderful young ladies behind the blogs. If i had not decided to join twitter in July and start my own blog in August,i would never have had the opportunity to enjoy what these lovely girls have to offer on their fantastic blogs! Massive Thank you to you all.

Hope you enjoyed my post and please feel free to leave a comment if you wish,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

Blanket Cape Stradivarius

Blanket Cape Stradivarius

Blanket Cape Stradivarius


  1. Hey! Oh my, thank you so much for involving me in your post. It really is so lovely of you, I love the other bloggers you involved too, its great to see what you like :D

    Have an awesome evening Hollie xx

    1. Ah Leanne,you are so welcome,i hope you enjoyed it and i hope i did you and your blog the justice that you deserve! xx Looking forward to your next post already! xx

  2. Hello hollie,you leave me speechless, I'm really honored to what you write ...
    I thank you from the heart and can not imagine how this thing makes me happy.

    1. I am so happy that you like it ManueLita and i meant every word,thank you so much! xx

  3. Such a great post thank you so very much!! I am so honored as well to be a part of this and all the nice words!! You guys are the reason why blogging is extra extra fun!! I am so glad you are loving the outfits and hope I continue to give you more outfit inspiration! This means a lot! Thank you so much!


    1. I am so happy that you like it Ro,you have a really wonderful blog that i love so much,thank you! xx

  4. Lovely selection of blogs here sweet! Fabulously written summaries :)

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thanks so much Karen,i really appreciate your comment lovely! xx

  5. Thank you so much dearest Hollie! Your kind words made me speechless and I don't know what to say tbh. I'm very lucky I found you on Twitter and that we have become such good blogging/Twitter friends. You've always been so kind and supportive to me, thank you so much! I hope one day one of us can make it over the Irish Sea as I'd love to meet you one day. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend xxxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

    1. Aw you are so welcome Carolin,i meant everything i said,you are just so lovely and have always been so good to me,so happy we are friends.Thanks so much for your lovely kind words & i also hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xxxx