Thursday, 13 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge Day 10 "A Day in The Life"

Wow day 10 already and it's a day in the life of me,oh no as i am actually off Thursday 13th November! I have nothing planned at all for tomorrow,i have started to write this as it is 00.05 am so it is thursday!

At this present moment in time,i am feeling quite emotional for some reason. I have watched Taken and cried at the end of it and have just watched the new Christmas add for Sainsburys and also cried.I will be heading to bed soon hopefully and plan a lie in for the morning and hope to publish an hour by hour account of what i get up to tomorrow for this post! And with nothing at all planned,this could be a real dull and boring post.

And now at 00.30,i have just found out that one of my favourite bloggers is 4 months pregnant with a baby boy on the way,needless to say i have a few more tears in my eyes,i hate being this emotional but i am so delighted for her. I cant believe i have cried 3 times thisevening and i am not joking in saying this,it's true!

And at 1.00am i have just had a DM from my good friend Walt in USA with details of our Battle Of The Sexes official website which he has been working on.This is so exciting.

And i have just checked in on my fav blog and i am surprised and delighted to see a post up with the most amazing vintage polka dot dress worn by this exceptional young lady. Anyone who knows me will know how utterly obsessed i am with polka dot,ever since i was a little girl!

As it is now 2.30 am,i am going to head to bed to keep it warm lol as BF is due home soon from his shift so i will now say goodnight to you all (well this is a day in the life)!

So it's now 11.30 am and i have been up since 10.30. I have had my breakfast, 2 weetabix in hot milk,a slice of toast and a cup of tea. I then had my shower and have now logged onto the world of social media.And just to mention,the weather is awful,it is lashing rain outside.

The first thing i do when logged onto twitter apart from checking any messages or notifications that i may have is check to see if there is a new post on my favourite blog. And i am so happy that there is and it is such a wonderful post.

I am watching a programme on TV3 here in Ireland called Midday in which 5 women discuss various subjects and at the moment they are talking about kissing in public and being intimate in public,i wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of these opinionated women.

It's now 1.30pm and i have been on social media for the last hour,in that time i have seen the most fabulous LBD as recently purchased by Karen  and i am in love with it.My god i just keep thinking about this dress and how much i want it,i am however on a spending freeze at the moment so it may just have to wait a little longer.

A friend of mine has just texted me asking if i wanted to meet up with her for a coffee at 6.00 thisevening as it is her first day in a new job,i know it is an awkward time but hey why not so now i have to figure out how to squeeze lunch and dinner in between now and 5.30,this could be difficult so i will now go and have a light lunch.

Just had for lunch a bowl of supernoodles and a cup of tea for lunch,chicken flavour and they were yummy! It's now 2.00pm.

It's now 2.15 and i am off to paint my nails as suggested by the lovely Serene  so i have decided to go with the colour red. It's Rimmel 030 double decker red,it's very quick drying so this is exactly what i need now.

After painting my nails,i have just relaxed watching TV and it is now 4.30pm,i am now getting ready to go out and meet my friend for a coffee and a chat. I have my outfit sorted and i will be well wrapped up.

Managed to squeeze in a quick bite to eat before leaving so now heading out to meet up with my friend.

Met up with my friend for coffee,well tea actually and a jam doughnut in a lovely coffee shop and had a great catch up.Got home at 8.30 and now going to have a look at twitter and see what's happening. I have a new follower of my blog so i am happy with this,i always love having a new follower and i have just followed back. I have also joined in on #irishbloghour for a brief chat. Have briefly chatted with some lovely people on twitter tonight including the lovely Lucy @LucysBeautyBlog
and have followed a new blog which happens to be Lucy's blog which is a lovely blog and i recommend it,it is now coming up to 0.00 am on Friday the 14th so that's the end of my day.

So there is not much happening between now and bedtime so this has been my day,nothing too exciting but i enjoyed it none the less,and i will sign off now by saying Goodnight to you all and thanks for reading, Sorry i couldn't make it more interesting,but it is real,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx


  1. Aw thank you for mentioning me & my latest post! By the way, the final image in it is of me wearing Rimmel's Double Decker Red - how weird/fabulous! :D

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. oh wow,that is strange alright,thanks for reading my post Karen and of course i am always happy to mention you whenever possible,and omg i love that dress lol! xxxx

  2. i always love your comments , you make me really happy !!!
    have a wonderful day !

    1. i am so happy that you read my blog and comment,thank you so much,it really means alot! x