Tuesday, 4 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge Day 2 + Day 3

So it's day 2 0f the blogger 12 day challenge and today i have to review a product,service or brand.

So my review will be about my favourite nail polish Dior Rouge 999.

This particular nail polish is available to buy for around €25.00 and is well worth the price. I was very excited to purchase this for the first time only recently after it had been heavily recommended by a blogger that i follow and i always used to be a Rimmel girl.

Originally this rouge 999 was called Red Royalty/Rouge Altesse and even by those names you can tell that this was always going to be top class.
It is so gorgeous and creamy and you will most certainly get away with only one coat if you wanted. It seems to be in certain lighting an orange based red but i like that myself as my favourite lipstick is Lady Danger by MAC.

It is very glossy and easily applied and can last up to 3 days without chipping. It may not be a unique shade but it is certainly classy,timeless,superb quality and gives a super glossy finish.

So to sum up,this polish is a perfect classic red that is always in style,any season of the year.It dries quickly,is very shiny even with one coat,doesn't chip easy and is such a dream vibrant nail polish which i cannot recommend highly enough!

Thank you for reading,

Hollie xxx

Day 3 tomorrow is "Quote of the day"

So as day 3 challenge is a quote of the day,i have added it to day 2 challenge.
My quote has come from reading a blog post by Tamara Kalinic  theglamandglitter.com whose blog is amazing by the way and in her post she states,

" Everyone has hard times, noone’s life is better than yours, so don’t blame yourself, feel bad or hate other people for what seems ideal, after all Utopia is only an imagined place!"

I like this quote as it really makes alot of sence!

Hollie xxx


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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and comment,i really appreciate it! xx

  2. i love Dior nail polish

    1. Oh it is my favourite,i love it,thanks so much for taking the time read and comment,it means alot to me xx