Saturday, 15 November 2014

3 Things i am loving at the Minute-Day 11 of 12 of Blogger Challenge

Thank God it is day 11 of 12 of this blogger challenge and today is 3 things i am loving at the minute.

So the first thing i am loving at the minute is a blog by  @MuratoreManuela  
and it is here 
I check this blog every day as it has the most wonderful outfits that i have ever seen on a consistant basis. Every day does not disappoint and for me it does show that Italy is the capital for fashion without doubt. I have already done a post titled 5 of my favourite blogs and i have heavily featured this exceptional young lady in it so please go and have a look. 
What i love about this whole experience is not only the gorgeous outfits and all round exceptional posts but the girl behind the blog.She is just so wonderful,down to earth,follows me,comments on my blog (i am so happy that she reads it) and always seems to have time for her followers. Now that to me is an exceptional blogger who is genuine and someone who deserves every success in all aspects of life. Now you all know about my love for polka dot,well have a look at this dress,all i can say is wow!

Now the 2nd thing i am loving at the minute is the Battle of the Sexes (BOTS) leagues #fpl in which there are 4 leagues of girls v boys and it is just so much fun. I could not be more proud of all the girls who play this brilliant game and are such awesome players. I have made alot of new friends through this and we girls are certainly giving the boys a good run for their money. There is even an official BOTS website in the making at the moment and will be unveiled soon. So much credit has to go to my good friend Walt @FPLWalt from USA who has put so much time and effort into this whole experience and i cant thank you enough Walt!
What we have here is a fantasy football competition in which every week a girl plays v a boy for 3 team points. It is so exciting and just makes the whole fpl experience so much more fun.We have regular banter before and after the games with the guys and just to say that there are still places available on the girls team so if anyone fancies it,contact me for the code to join an awesome team of girls. There are almost 70 girls worldwide already with us.

And the 3rd thing i am loving at the moment is the album Dark Passion Play by Nightwish. This cd is constantly on when i am in the car and i sometimes even bring it into work to play while i am working and it is just the most amazing album i have ever heard.
From start to finish,this has to be the best album ever put together by the uniquely talented Tuomas Holopainen.

The album starts with my favourite song of all time called "The Poet and The Pendulum" which is a 14 minute track which has everything and the last 4 minutes are just so emotional.
There then follows "Bye Bye Beautiful and "Amaranth" which are both unbelievable tracks and certainly bring out the rock chick in me.
Other tracks that are so amazing is the very sad song "Eva",the melodic "For the Heart i Once Had" and the beautiful "Meadows of Heaven".
All in all,this is just a masterpiece from start to finish,the album has everything and it is just pure musical genius!

So there you have it,3 things i am loving at the minute,i hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment if you wish!

Have you followed  ?,are you interested in joining an awesome set of #fpl girls? or have you heard of Nightwish?

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love,

Hollie xxx


  1. Hey Hollie, lovely blog post showing us into your passion and some of the things you are loving xx

    1. Thanks Leanne,glad you liked it lovely! xx

  2. Another lovely blog post from you Hollie! I love this tag and think it's great that you're doing it :) Xx

    1. aw thank you lovely Sheren,now if i could just master 6" heels in the busy rush hour,i would be happy lol! xx