Friday, 7 November 2014

BOTS GW10 Scores and Overall Points


Well i think as girls,we need to forget this gameweek as it was an awful week for all 3 BOTS girls teams.

So here are the scores from GW 10


The only wins for the girls came from Joanne,Lauren and Simar which leaves me abit speechless as this team has been consistently good every week. Ah well,we will move on to next week so with the overall score now standing as,

Victorious Secret  178 -196  The Gentlemen

This is the first time the boys have had the overall lead and just another mention to FPL seb on yet another win for the boys making that 7 straight wins. I wonder who is up next Seb!


So onto BOTS2 and another victory for the boys denying the girls a 2nd weekly victory in a row.

Well with only wins from Kali,Bibi,Tania,Rio,Goolie Zee and myself,it has left us further behind the boys with an awful lot of catching up to do,but there is a long way to go still!

So the overall score now is,

Nutmegging Mermaids 124- 181 WhatsOffsideHoney


Well we girls got heavily beaten here too which is a shame as all the guys seemed to have captained Sanchez lol! But not to worry,we will bounce back,i have no doubt about this!

There was wins for the girls by Therese,Elaine,Leah and Ellyn giving us a very low total of 12 points. Next week girls will be ours! Just like to mention too that Elaine and Ellyn have played 3,won 3.

So the overall score is now,

Petr Cech Out The Girls  55-88 Make Me a Sandwich

There is not really to much to say on this gameweek however we will move on to next week now and do our best to get the points for the girls

This week Walt published an update article on behalf of both of us which explains alot about the possibilities for next season and also about how all the teams should be competitive in the interest of the team that we are representing and also their teammates.If you have not read it already,please do so as it is important.Here is the link,


And also a mention that a new BOTS 4 which is for definate,the last one this season will be starting GW11 so a massive welcome to all the new boys and girls to which i hope will be a very competive league. I have to say,all the girls are really up for it!

Now what we have here is the points scored individually by the girls in BOTS1 & 2 leagues.BOTS1 has been taken directly from the Goblins Lair,(It is also too early to publish points gained in BOTS 3!)  

and include the rankings for the boys. BOTS 2 however only contains the rankings for the the girls with a special thanks to FPL Goblin @imuhutsu for all his help. It is too early to supply BOTS 3 rankings at this stage.



Points only for the girls earned for the team after playing 6 matches!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

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