Sunday, 9 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge Day 6

So now it's day 6 of this 12 day challenge and today is about whatever i am currently reading whether it be a book,magazine or a blog etc.

And as it happens,it is a few blogs that i am currently reading at the time of writing. I am not reading my usual blogs that have all these such wonderful outfits but i am reading another few of my favourite blogs which have interesting posts and topics and outfits as it turns out. I will now share them with you and i must say these blogs are well worth following as the girls behind them are so sweet and lovely and a real credit to the blogging community in general.

I have just read a brilliant post by the absolutely lovely Jemma @dorkfaceblog 
whose latest post titled "Honestly" is a must read. It shows us that all people in the world of the blogging community are not all sweet and nice. Please have a read of this rather excellent post. Jemma has a wonderful blog and she is such a wonderful person who i would recommend to follow.She really is so lovely!

I then checked out a lovely blogging/twitter friend of mine's blog which is by the lovely Florence Grace @flomatthews_
in which i have been recently nominated for "The Blogger's Recognition Award" by the lovely Flo. Thank you Flo! All i can say is please check out this blog,it is something special and Flo's writing is second to none. She is just an incredible writer and all posts are just written superbly and flawless.

I then popped into  by the always lovely Karen @stylesunrise_
and what we have as her latest post is an OOTD which is gorgeous outfit featuring skinny jeans by Dresscode and they are fab and such a bargain. Paired off with a lovely white top,tartan scarf and such gorgeous floral shoes,this outfit is so amazing and i love it. Go have a look for yourself,i promise you wont be disappointed. Karen is also such a lovely and supportive person within the blogging community and is well worth following.

And just as i am writing this,i got a notification of being nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award" by the absolutely lovely Eleanor  @DLLFashion
whose fabulous blog is 
I have always loved Eleanor's blog as there is always fabulous outfits to see,wishlists and recommendations  and indeed many actual hauls which always seem to be type of outfits.You certainly have fantastic taste Eleanor. So i would like to recommend following Eleanor and her blog as she is such a lovely girl with a fabulous blog.

Infact the above 4 girls are really well worth following so if you are not following,please go and do so,they are all so lovely and i am so happy i met them through the world of twitter.

Right,that's day 6 of my 12 day challenge done and so on to day 7 tomorrow which is a season inspired post,what,this is going to be difficult lol,

thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you wish,i love reading comments,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx 


  1. To be mentioned along with some other amazing people is so lovely of you Hollie! <3 Thank you so much doll, hope you have a great day :D

    Jemma xx

    1. you are very welcome lovely,hope you have a great day too! xx

  2. Lovely post Hollie!!

    Will check out these other lovely ladies.


    1. Aw thanks Jessica,i appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment,they really are such lovely girls,as you are too xx