Saturday, 12 March 2016

My #fpl Quest For Top 1% Overall Finish

 I will be updating this post from the top rather than having to scroll down the page for updates!!! Starting position at GW28 375k


Well unfortunately i failed to make the top 1% but i did make the top 1.6% with an overall 61k finish and having 2181 points. It was however my highest position all season. Also i am kinda pleased that my team did rise 314k places since the start of this post.
This season i again played it cautiously for the 2nd year running and this does not suit me,i have learned that this approach does not work for me and next season will be different. I did create a 2nd team for that first time this season due to the fact that i had been asked by a few of the bots girls to join their leagues and i didn't want to let them down. This team was played with less caution and was a lot more adventurous and it finished in an overall position of 9275.
I am looking forward to next season already and i will revert back to my old way of playing. Thanks to everyone who has read my fpl posts,you are all amazing. Enjoy your summer and see you all back again in August!


today i scored 52 points with a -4 hit and mainly thanks to my 2 transfers in of Mane and Giroud. I have climbed the overall and am now in 61k overall (my highest position all season)with Smalling and Rashford to play,that is if they play at all.
So to sum up,at the moment and since the start of this post at GW28, my team has gone from 375k to 61k which is a rise of 314k places and an actual overall of 1.6%,ha ha i am clutching at straws now lol! I am pretty happy with this as it really has been a tough and challenging season!


going to take a -4 hit this week as i believe Payet is out so it will be Payet to Mane and Carroll to Giroud,i fancy both players this week and i think they are worth the hit and i will captain Sanchez. I know it is impossible to now finish inside top 1% as in 79k,it is abit much to ask so i will be happy if i can stay inside top 100k concidering what a disappointing season i have had.


After a gw score of 110 points with a -16 hit, i have moved up 45k places in total this gw from 124k to 79k overall. I am however about 35 points away from a top 1% finish with only the 1 gameweek left so i cant really see it happening but tbh i would be happy with anything inside the top 100k.
This week i dont plan to take a hit but will do just the one transfer.I am not sure as yet who it will be. Also it is important to pick the right captain.I cant see past Sanchez at the moment tho.


Well i can forget about a top 1% finish now as i am currently in 107k overall but was at 124k at the start of the gw. I decided to take a -16 hit this week and i actually cannot remember ever doing that before even in my very reckless days of playing fpl. My revised target overall is now top 100k which tbh is not to bad as the first time this season i actually entered top 100k was at gw 34.


What an awful gw in which i have recieved a red arrow and now sit in 124637 overall. Needless to say,i am very disappointed with this and now feel that an overall top 1% finish is beyond me. I will now set my target at a finish inside the top 100k.
This week's dbl gw is interesting as i plan to take either a -8 or even a -12 hit. At this stage of the season i feel like i should just enjoy it and hope for the best. The players i am looking at are Cresswell,Carroll,PVA and very possibly Hazzard too but i am not sure about him as he has both games away from home. I am also concidering taking out Rashford for Defoe or Borini as i dont fancy Rashford at all this dbl week. It will give me 9 dbls and will play triple captain this week.


I made 2 transfers and got rid of Coutinho and Alli for Payet and Brady. These were done with next week in mind as both have 2 games.


Finished the GW in 99928 position overall so i suppose i am inside the top 100k but have a long way to go to finish inside top 1% and time is running out fast. I will do 2 ft's this week and take a -4 hit.


After a pretty awful sunday,i am now in 100747 overall and sjust out side the top 100k. I have a long way to go to get inside top 1% and i am not that happy with my team at all. Tonight's game is important as i have Kane as captain and really need some points.


Well i have finally made it inside the top 100k and am now in 71154 overall after my 143 points in gw34 but had taken a -8 hit. It is now the 7th straight green arrow so i am pretty pleased and it represents a rise of 304k since gw28.
My plan for this week was to get Kane and Alli back in but it will require a -8 hit to do so,also Simpson was my 3rd choice transfer but mid week Kane unexpectedly rose in price and i had been watching the price changes all day and never thought he was going to rise so this has only givin me 4.1 to spend on my 3rd choice.
Thisevening i have bought Kane and Francis and have taken a -8 hit to do so. It has dropped me down to 82k overall but i figure i have strengthened my team in doing so. Coleman and Mitrovic have been transferred out. I am not too concerned about dbl gw37 at the moment as i now plan to do no ft's next week and have 2 for gw37 in which i will probably take a hit and have about 6/7 dbl players as well as Aguero/Sanchez/Alli and 1 other.


Wednesday night's games promised so much but for my team it was nothing special. I still managed however to pick up 26 points and climb inside the top 100k. My current overall position is now 97651 with Sanchez (c),Ozil,Gabrielle and Evans to play tomorrow,here's hoping that i can stay inside the top 100k for the 1st time all season at the end of a GW.


After Saturday's games,i am inside the top 100k at 98.5k overall having scored 39 points but did take a -8 hit. It was still a green arrow of 6k though. Onto Sunday's games and the Liverpool resting of Coutinho and Mignolet has not helped but i still did score 32 points and now have a gw total of 71 (-8). My overall rank is now 76614 before the mid week games and this is the highest position i have been in all season.
Quick update after Monday night football without have any Spurs players in my team,i have fallen to 110k overall now but still hope to be inside top 100k by the end of the GW! After tuesday's games,i fell to 115k overall.


At this stage of the season and with the oportunity of points with a double gameweek,i feel that i have to go for it and play bench boost. My current team however is not really set up well for it so i have decided to do 4 transfers at a cost of -8. My reasoning behind this is as follows,i have in my 15 players Olsson who has lost his place at west brom, Flanagan who has disappeared in the Liverpool set up and although i believe he will start 1 of the dbl week,he has to go. Also Barkley is very doubtful and Lukaku is doubtful,plus Barkley was always only in for 1 week anyway and Lukaku has been too disappointing. So taking all this into concideration,it makes sense to me to make the following transfers,
Olsson - Smalling,
Flanagan - Evans who also has a game in 35,
Barkley - Coutinho (GW35)
Lukaku - Mitrovic (GW35)

In doing these transfers,it meant that hopefully i will have 14 doubles plus Mahrez and also gives me 10 for gw35. With regard to the Flanagan to Evans,i figure that should Flanagan not play at all,he will get me 0 points in 34 and 35 whereas Evans has cost me 4 points but if he plays both in 34,he should at least get me my 4 points back and then be actually up on the deal in gw35 all going to plan. To me this is exactly where a hit makes sense.The players who i thought about and so nearly did and i have a feeling will come back to haunt me are Milner and Carroll,i was so close to bringing these guys in but didn't!


After the C Palace v Everton game in which i scored nice points from Hennessy/Delaney and Coleman and even with a captain Lukaku fail,i have a green arrow for the gw of 34.5k and now my team is in 104k overall after scoring 81 points in gw33. It is my highest overall position after a GW all season and am now so close to getting inside the top 100k and then hopefully move on towards that top 1% overall finish.
This week i have to put some thought into my 2 transfers and i will most likely do 3 and take a -4 hit. The problem i have is that i have players like Flanagan/Olsson/Barkley and Rashford in my team and although i think Rashford will get some minutes,i have my doubts about the 2 defenders and Barkley was always just a 1 week punt anyway as it's the 1st time i have ever had him and will for sure never buy him again.
So it's now 6 consecutive green arrows and a rise of 271k since gw28 from 375k to 104k.


As i had used my wildcard at gw32,i went into gw33 with 5 double players and have saved my transfer so i will now have 2 for gw34. After saturday's games in which i scored 50 points,i have finally moved into the top 100k and now stand at 81778 overall which is a green arrow of 57k and my highest ranking so far this season. Now with only Mahrez to play tomorrow,i do expect to drop in the rankings but with 5 of my gw doubles to play again,i have fingerscrossed that i will be inside top 100k at the end of the gw. As expected after Sunday's games i have dropped to 148k overall but have 5 dbl players to play on wednesday night so still hoping for another green arrow!


After Sunday's games i am now in 138,867 overall and have a GW green arrow of  23.5k. I actualy believed that this gw would see a red arrow as i had played my wc and going without the likes of Kane/Vardy etc so i am pleasently surprised at having got a green arrow. Looking at my team,i am not happy with Olsson of West Brom and Flanagan of Liverpool as they both did not play this week at all. My transfer thoughts have changed slightly and am concidering doing Ozil to KDB this week but i am watching price changes before doing anything. Next weeks team will have 5 double gw players in it and although i am not overly confident with the dbls being from everton/c palace,i do however hope that they may do something. Sure afterall,Delaney scored for me this week so who knows.
Overall since the start of this post,the team has gone from 375k to 139k having got 5 consecutive green arrows.


Now before you think that my team is crap and it may very well be,i will expain some thoughts behind my WC selections. As i said previously,i wanted 5 dbl gw33 players so i have included them. I have kept Mahrez but had to sacrifice Kane and Vardy. My plan and the reason why i kept 0.8 in the bank is to that it will be needed to buy KDB for gw34. I will be making no ft's next week and using 3 the following which will be
out----Coleman/Barkley/Mahrez (for 1 week only)
in-----Janmaat/Lanzini or Antonio/KDB

After saturday's games and having scored 50 points (and also 7 points due off my bench), i am now in 147k overall and have a green arrow today of 15k.
31/03/16 (current position 162k from 375k at start of original post)

i have hit that "play wildcard" button after spending alot of time thinking about it during the dreaded international break. One of the main reasons for this is the inclusion in GW33 of Crystal Palace v Everton which may not be the greatest of extra games but afterall it is a double for both teams. I think that the double week 34 has in a big way deterred people's thoughts away from GW33. My plan is to have 5 double players in 33 and by using no transfers in 33,i will then be able to shift out 2 of these for the GW34 team. I will include the likes of Dann or Coleman and Barkley in my wc team but these 2 will be making way in gw34 for either of Coutinho or Firmino and also i will bring in a West Brom or Newcastle defender as they all play in GW35 also. All going well and barring injuries and hoping that they all will play,i would have 14 doubles in GW34 with using bench boost chip.

The way my team will be set up will require a total of 2 hits between gw35 and 37 in order to field 11 players in 35 and have 9 dbls in 37 and plan to also play Aguero and Sanchez and will also use Trip Captain that week too. I could however have 11 doubles playing in 37 but it is too far away now and the inevitable injury or suspension will have changed everyone's planning i am sure.

1 transfer done which was Alli in for Stanislas and i am carrying over 1 ft for next gw. After Saturday's games i scored 36 points and now my overall position is 189232, climb of 14k overall and still heading in the right direction.

After Sunday's games,my total GW31 score was 83 points and current overall position is now 162386 which was just under a green arrow of 41k for the gw.

So overall since the start of GW28, my team has gone from 375k to 162k. Another 126k more places to go now to reach my target.

Plan is to WC in GW33 and bench boost in GW34 as i see this as an opportunity of a double GW that really should not be missed in favour of the other option of WC in 36 for double in GW37. I do plan on having 14/15 doubles in 34, 11 playing in 35 and 10 doubles (with taking a -4 hit) in 37 with the triple captain chip used,all of course depending on no injuries to any of my players!

***Start Of Original Post***

I originally started to write this post prior to GW28 and was feeling optimistic and today i still fell optimistic of reaching my overall target but i will say that i will be happy with anything inside the top 100k as i have not been there at all all season!!

This is my aim and i will document my progress on a weekly basis and will update and publish my transfers also.I dont claim to be an fpl pundit or anything like that but i will do my very best to finish in the top 1% overall.

Previous Overall Finishes

 season            points        overall
2011/12          2156           14779
2012/13 2408           23
2013/14 2209           268064
2014/15 2159           20323

Current Position 375,661 with 1423 points  **prior to GW28**

Highest Position this season 114,978 at GW23

Chips Available---Bench Boost and Triple Captain

Wildcard Available

So taking this into concideration,a top 1% finish would be nice and i am up against it but i will give it a go.

GW28-30 has gone to plan although i am not over the moon about my scores but as i currently write this update,i am in 271302 overall so since the start of GW28,i have moved up 104k positions.

My current team prior to g GW30 is,

Francis,Van Dijk,Alderweireld,Morgan,
Aguero (c),Kane,Vardy


For GW30 i made no transfers as i had 12 players available for selection and choose Aguero as captain over Kane and now knowing that Aguero did nothing,it seems to have been the wrong decision but anything can happen in fpl and Kane is still to play. But it is not all about not making Kane my captain,i still hope he scores big as he is in my team.

All thoughts of GW31 transfers are on hold as i am awaiting news on the Double GW's before doing anything.

***To be updated after Monday night's match***


GW30 i scored a total of 60 points which is ok i suppose as the average was 35. I am now currently in 203165 position overall so i am still on course and it is now a rise of 172k in 3 GW's.

Still awaiting the double GW's announcements as they will determine my next moves.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Goodbye 20's Hello 30's

Just a very quick post today to celebrate my 2nd day into my 30's as it was my Birthday yesterday. While i was in my 20's,i always dreaded the day i would reach the big 3 0 as they say but as i am here now,it is fine and i plan to enjoy them.

To quickly sum up my 20's;

Got married at 21 (way too young),
Got seperated at 23,
Got divorced at 27 and met my BF!

I am going to do a list of 40 things i want to do before i am 40 so that could be fun.

So now as i am in my 30's now,i have a few things to sort out with myself but i do plan on enjoying them,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xx