Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 My Only Goal

I am not the type of girl who says the likes of "New Year,New Me"! I have never set myself goals for the new year but this coming year 2016,i only want one thing and that is to feel better in myself and about myself.

Unfortunately depression and anxiety have taken a firm grip on me and i have always resisted any forms of medication but having read some amazing brave posts recently by fellow bloggers,i feel i have to take the chance and try and sort myself out. It is not fair on my BF,my family and friends and also and i dont mind saying this,on me! I want to be happy and enjoy life rather than living a miserable life,constantly feeling down and having a very disturbing obsession with death! I cant help thinking everyday that someone close to me or even myself is going to die soon!

December has been a tough month for me seeing everyone happy and i have tried to put on a fake smile and look like i am enjoying the festive period,this was difficult to do and i just ended up being very quiet and saying very little even when we out with friends. I have tried my best to be happy on twitter but i have recently just refrained from saying anything as i kinda felt like i was on a thin line between being nice or totally losing it alltogether as alot was actually getting to me.

So that's it,2016 i will go on medication and see what happens but i am terrified about what these meds actually do to my state of mind,how will it change me,i really am scared but maybe it might change certain things like the fact that i stay up late at night for reasons such as,
1-i know nobody will contact me as it is too late and i dont want to talk to anyone and,
2-if i dont have to be up for work early,i can sleep late so the next day is actually shorter.

I wish everyone of you the very best for 2016 and i want to thank you all for the support that you have givin me and for putting up with me since i joined the twitter community,if i had never joined twitter,i really believe i would be in a worse place now,

thanks for reading,

all my love,

Hollie xx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Should i take a -8 Hit #FPL?

I have always been under the impression that taking hits #fpl is ok as long as it improves your team and benefits in the long run.Also i have my doubts whether the tactic of waiting and doing transfers to get the players you want in your team over a period of time is a good idea at all as when game time comes around,you then look at your team and are not happy.

I currently have a problem with my team in the fact that i want 3 players in now and to do so will cost me 8 points with exactly 0.0 left in the bank.There is no room for any price changes so this week i have been monitoring the prices daily and so far my hand has not been forced.

It is also safe to say that my season so far has not been great at all and i am currently lying in 276k overall. I have not played the game recklessly and generally have adopted the cautious approach.This has not really paid off and i feel now i need to "go for it" as they say and try and move up that table overall.

My thoughts on Monday were Aguero and Tettey out for Kane and Ramsey but unfortunately i was and still am 0.1 short. I also have Begovic so he really has to go anyway so my thoughts changed to the following,



This can be done with 0.0 in bank as mentioned above but as i said it will cost me 8 hard earned fantasy points.

Also this all ties in with the plan to bring back Aguero for GW18 so in order to do this,my plan is to move Vardy and Hazard out for Kun and a cheap 5th midfielder. Any injuries can also change my plans obviously but this is the plan at the moment.

What i like about the transfers is the fact that Ramsey is only owned by 2.8% whereas Ozil is 45%,i am rolling the dice here and hoping for the best. Coupled with Hazard for the next 2 weeks or so who is owned by 16% but i would think that half that figure is actually dead ghostship teams so he is another who has a relatively low ownership and can be classed as a differential. If these guys perform well,it could be green arrows for team Hollie.By the way,Hazard was always only going to be a 3 week punt!

I could get rid of Ayew but i really fancy him for the 2 gw's after this week and with a new manager probably in place by then,i think he will be amongst the fpl points.

So to sum up,over the next 3 gw's the plan is to do 3 ft's with a -8, 0 ft's and then 2 ft's. It could be done by -4,-4,0 in hits which is the same as taking the one -8 overall and price changes might mean that i may not be able to get the 3 guys that i actually want so based on this fact,i just may do these transfers whenever price changes dictate it,maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow,depending,

thanks for reading,


ps-i may not decide to do the above but it is safe to say that i have been thinking about them all week!! I also fancy Silva and Coutinho and would also like these guys in too at some stage.
Also at time of writing,i am waiting to hear that Aguero is 100% definately out!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

This #FPL Season Is Bizarre

One thing i have learned playing #fpl this season is that there is no point trying to use any sort of logic in picking your team on a weekly basis. I mean for example,playing a Bournmouth defender this week away at Chelsea would surely give you 2 points maximum if lucky,right? Not at all,a clean sheet and defender BP's for Cook (4.3) 10 points and Smith (4.0) 9 points. And then we had Newcastle v Liverpool,i am sure most of us were counting our fpl points before the game but as we know, 2-0 to Newcastle! These sort of results are happening almost every week! Fixtures dont seem to really matter at all so far with the odd exception.

This weekend has been one of many GW's where the less fancied players are scoring well and the fancied big fpl players and so called must haves to be successful are doing very little.I was going to give examples of players which would have included more players from Bournmouth along with West Ham,Newcastle and Watford but i have decided not to do but if you played a 4-3-3 formation,the total player cost of the highest points scorers is 57.8 million!

But this is not really what i am trying to get at as we know that we cant possibly field 11 players costing under 60 million.I have seen many of my fpl friends and dedicated fpl accounts tweeting all week about the forthcoming gw and pondering their moves while i have also seen tweets saying for example
"i forgot to change my team but got 80 points" and also teams which still have Payet and kompany in them getting twice the amount that i got! It's just bizarre what is happening and i am wondering if there is any point in being any way logical about team selections.

It reminds me of the Harry Enfield sketch with the guy on the horse trying his best and the other guy just effortlessly coming up beside him and going on to win the race, see below,

These clips kinda sum up my fpl season as well as many others but we will try again next week,


ps-i dont mean any disrespect to any of the above mentioned teams as afterall,they are Premier teams by right.It is all based on fpl player valuations!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

If You Play #FPL, Enjoy it!!

Another quick fpl post as i have actually been able to go online on my broken and quickly dying laptop so after being offline for a little while and being unable to access my fantasy football team,it got me thinking a little bit about this GAME which causes so much stress and heartache to many

I think we all should play it with a view to enjoying the GAME and not let it get us down too much.Being offline has made me not overthink things this week so i have a done a quick early transfer which is Sanchez to Hazard and i might even make him captain this week too.

I believe if you are not happy with your team,change it regardless of if it costs a hit or 2. At least come gameweek,you can then look at your team and be relatively happy enough with it.It is still early enough in the season and a hit here and there wont be that detrimental in the long run.After all,Tom Fenley who won the overall competition a couple of years ago made over 40 transfers if i am not mistaken.You also could just go mickey mousing around for weeks trying to get rid of players that you dont want and buying the guys that you do.This can be more stressful i believe as you will have a few weeks of looking at your team and thinking "i wish i had X instead of Y".I am not recommending this approach but it is only a game and this is how i will play it from now until the end of the season.

This is all part of enjoying the game and what i found interesting recently on twitter is the amount of people who unfollow an account because they have had a bad week #fpl. Maybe this is due to bad advice but in all honesty,if we could all give out perfect advice,we would all end up with the same teams right! I have seen some of the bigger #fpl accounts come in for some criticism recently because of recommending players that dont perform well.It has to be remembered that these guys with their blogs/podcasts etc put so much into it and contribute to our overall enjoyment of the game so in my opinion,should never be criticised.I know it doesn't happen too often but when it does,it is so unfair.

So there you go,all i can say is enjoy this amazing game,dont let it "get to you" and try not to stress over it.Take some chances if you want to and if you fancy the likes of Hazard (who as we all know has been rubbish) buy him.Sure if it works,great and if not,so be it,wishing you all the very best this gameweek,

thanks for reading,