Thursday, 3 December 2015

If You Play #FPL, Enjoy it!!

Another quick fpl post as i have actually been able to go online on my broken and quickly dying laptop so after being offline for a little while and being unable to access my fantasy football team,it got me thinking a little bit about this GAME which causes so much stress and heartache to many

I think we all should play it with a view to enjoying the GAME and not let it get us down too much.Being offline has made me not overthink things this week so i have a done a quick early transfer which is Sanchez to Hazard and i might even make him captain this week too.

I believe if you are not happy with your team,change it regardless of if it costs a hit or 2. At least come gameweek,you can then look at your team and be relatively happy enough with it.It is still early enough in the season and a hit here and there wont be that detrimental in the long run.After all,Tom Fenley who won the overall competition a couple of years ago made over 40 transfers if i am not mistaken.You also could just go mickey mousing around for weeks trying to get rid of players that you dont want and buying the guys that you do.This can be more stressful i believe as you will have a few weeks of looking at your team and thinking "i wish i had X instead of Y".I am not recommending this approach but it is only a game and this is how i will play it from now until the end of the season.

This is all part of enjoying the game and what i found interesting recently on twitter is the amount of people who unfollow an account because they have had a bad week #fpl. Maybe this is due to bad advice but in all honesty,if we could all give out perfect advice,we would all end up with the same teams right! I have seen some of the bigger #fpl accounts come in for some criticism recently because of recommending players that dont perform well.It has to be remembered that these guys with their blogs/podcasts etc put so much into it and contribute to our overall enjoyment of the game so in my opinion,should never be criticised.I know it doesn't happen too often but when it does,it is so unfair.

So there you go,all i can say is enjoy this amazing game,dont let it "get to you" and try not to stress over it.Take some chances if you want to and if you fancy the likes of Hazard (who as we all know has been rubbish) buy him.Sure if it works,great and if not,so be it,wishing you all the very best this gameweek,

thanks for reading,