Thursday, 10 December 2015

Should i take a -8 Hit #FPL?

I have always been under the impression that taking hits #fpl is ok as long as it improves your team and benefits in the long run.Also i have my doubts whether the tactic of waiting and doing transfers to get the players you want in your team over a period of time is a good idea at all as when game time comes around,you then look at your team and are not happy.

I currently have a problem with my team in the fact that i want 3 players in now and to do so will cost me 8 points with exactly 0.0 left in the bank.There is no room for any price changes so this week i have been monitoring the prices daily and so far my hand has not been forced.

It is also safe to say that my season so far has not been great at all and i am currently lying in 276k overall. I have not played the game recklessly and generally have adopted the cautious approach.This has not really paid off and i feel now i need to "go for it" as they say and try and move up that table overall.

My thoughts on Monday were Aguero and Tettey out for Kane and Ramsey but unfortunately i was and still am 0.1 short. I also have Begovic so he really has to go anyway so my thoughts changed to the following,



This can be done with 0.0 in bank as mentioned above but as i said it will cost me 8 hard earned fantasy points.

Also this all ties in with the plan to bring back Aguero for GW18 so in order to do this,my plan is to move Vardy and Hazard out for Kun and a cheap 5th midfielder. Any injuries can also change my plans obviously but this is the plan at the moment.

What i like about the transfers is the fact that Ramsey is only owned by 2.8% whereas Ozil is 45%,i am rolling the dice here and hoping for the best. Coupled with Hazard for the next 2 weeks or so who is owned by 16% but i would think that half that figure is actually dead ghostship teams so he is another who has a relatively low ownership and can be classed as a differential. If these guys perform well,it could be green arrows for team Hollie.By the way,Hazard was always only going to be a 3 week punt!

I could get rid of Ayew but i really fancy him for the 2 gw's after this week and with a new manager probably in place by then,i think he will be amongst the fpl points.

So to sum up,over the next 3 gw's the plan is to do 3 ft's with a -8, 0 ft's and then 2 ft's. It could be done by -4,-4,0 in hits which is the same as taking the one -8 overall and price changes might mean that i may not be able to get the 3 guys that i actually want so based on this fact,i just may do these transfers whenever price changes dictate it,maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow,depending,

thanks for reading,


ps-i may not decide to do the above but it is safe to say that i have been thinking about them all week!! I also fancy Silva and Coutinho and would also like these guys in too at some stage.
Also at time of writing,i am waiting to hear that Aguero is 100% definately out!