Monday, 22 February 2016

Today's Post

I actually really dont think anyone has noticed but i havn't been on twitter much lately and only posted the odd tweet here and there over the last little while. It makes me feel that if i closed my account,not many would care at all. I have however made some lovely friends since joining twitter 18 months ago and you guys mean so much to me.

I tweet alot about all different things including #fpl and fashion as well as my thoughts,however i have held back so many tweets lately as they would have been negative. I dont want to put out a negative vibe to anyone who follows me as alot of you cheer me up so much with your tweets and your all round positivity. It is so difficult for me to be positive and to create a positive vibe with the way i am feeling and i would love to say now that i will be positive but i just cant,it seems impossible. So many things and people annoy me and alot of it is small petty things but i just cant get passed it and hold back tweeting. On the other hand,there are some people and accounts who cheer me up so much.

I am so honoured and happy to be followed by so many people,alot from different communities and my tweets dont fit into the norm of their respected communities as they are a mix of fantasy football and fashion. I would just like to say that please dont feel that you have to follow me especially if you have followed me for quite a while. I wont take it personally and go all "Taylor Swift" about it. I mean some of my followers are all strictly #fpl or strictly beauty and fashion and when i post a pic of a pretty dress and high heels that i want to buy or the latest mascara,does the #fpl follower really want to see this on their timeline (i know some do tho) and also when i tweet that i am buying Gylfi Sigurdsson for my team,does the fashion/beauty blogger who only tweets about these really want to see this on their timeline.

Some of the girls/guys that i follow and follow me back have a massive following and also follow me,some may only follow 500 or so and have a following of maybe 5k+ and yet i am one of them.I am so honoured to be followed but i do wonder why as they have zero interest in my football tweets. The same applies to some of the big fpl accounts who follow me and just reversed with my fashion tweets.

So i guess i am saying that i wont take it personally if i get unfollowed by anyone and i will fully understand it so if you feel that you have had enough of my diverse tweeting,go for it and i wont hold it against you in any way. I will also continue to follow you if i have had interaction and if i really like what you do,

thanks for reading,


Monday, 8 February 2016

Latest Post

This is a very difficult post to write and i am not going to promote it in any way,it will just be here on my blog and i am interested to see who actually will read it,that being said,it will require a visit to my blog.

I feel so down at the moment and find it hard to put into words.Everything and nothing seems to be wrong. This laptop failing has caused me so much stress and frustration.When i eventually manage to get online after hours of waiting,if i click on a link,click on a DM message or even hit the reply button on twitter,it freezes and my laptop has to be turned off again and can then take hours to get back online. I have not spoke to anyone on twitter for a while apart from the very odd tweet that actually did not freeze my laptop. As i have not been too active recently,i have actually lost about 15-20 followers on twitter and also around 5 blog followers. Yes this is fine and all part of the experience!

But this is only part of the problem,i actually feel like i dont want to talk to anyone,it's just the way i feel.Maybe i should take a break alltogether from all social media and come back fresh and myself again.Maybe i really need this as i have spent alot of time on twitter over the past 12 months.It has helped with my depression being active online and i am afraid that being offline will make me feel even worse than i do now.I just dont know what to do but i do realise that probably nodody will actually read this so why am i writing it????????????.

I have also accessed my twitter on a mobile phone and it really sucks as my Timeline feed is all over the place and i have no interest in using my phone to go on twitter,i would rather not do so at all,

a very depressed,confused and disillusioned Hollie

**I will however try to comment on as many of my fav blogs as you people cheer me up with your posts **

Thursday, 4 February 2016

This Week #FPL (My Team)

**As this post was originally written before the 2 games on Wednesday night,i will keep it as it was and just make a few adjustments.It does show just how easy it is for fpl to be a cruel mistress!**

After what i would describe as recent progress for my team "No Messin Around",i went into this week with the hope of finally getting inside the top 100k overall for the first time this season! With 4 points being the difference between my position of 115k and 99k,i decided to make it an 8 point difference as i fancied Sanchez in my team,not only for this week but for long term. Also with an eye on GW27 as my team currently had only 8 players that might play in this gw,i felt that i may as well look to fielding 11 for that week so i did the following ft's,

KDB and Davies

Sanchez and Targett

Targett was the only possible one to bring in as i had 0.0 to spare and i know he was on the bench last night but afterall,he is my 5th def so this is fine.

So i went into the GW with the following team,

Baines,Van Dijk,Morgan
Aguero (c),Kane,Lukaku

To be honest,i wasn't expecting a clean sheet from Saints and Leicester so to get these was a nice little bonus and with Baines to play tonight,i am hoping for points from him too. Apart from a Mahrez assist,my midfield was disappointing with the other 3 guys getting 3 points each (Ayew substituted before West Brom equalised). Kane with 2 goals and max BP's was nice too but the booking for Aguero was really disappointing as it cost him 4 points in total as he was on for the 3 BP's if i am not mistaken.

So with 51 points before tonight's games,i am not that impressed as it was not a good score within the overall. It also represented a drop to 152k overall but the encouraging thing is that i am only the following points away from,

14 points off 100k
36 points off 50k
45 points off 36k (top 1% overall)

and with the Triple Captain and Bench Boost still intact and my Wildcard still to play.

*** As we all know Baines did not play and Lukaku did nothing so i added 2 points to my overall score and dropped further down the rankings to 194k overall.***

And this shows how the 2 games also affected my targets as i am now,

23 points off 100k
44 points off 50k
52 points off 36k


This is a nice problem to have,one which i dont currently have at the moment but i soon will as i plan to buy Alli which will give me a selection headache almost every week until i play my WC.In order to do this,i will have to downgrade my forwards which has always been my plan and the man to go will be Lukaku for a 6.0m striker who i am excited about and will be a massive differential if he fires. I will be bringing him into my team this week and playing him in my 11 thus giving me the headache of who to bench as soon as i buy Alli. His ownership is currently 0.0% but in this strange fpl season,i have to try something.
So it will be welcome to my team Alberto Paloschi,

He made his debut on Tuesday night away at West Brom coming off the bench to replace the injured Ki and had a very promising 45 mins or so in which he hit the post,made Foster make a fine save,was involved in the goal and really should have been givin the assist and his link up play with Siggy showed signs that this could be a fruitful partnership.

Now i must stress that i am not recommending him to anyone for their fpl team as i dont do this.There are many amazing fpl accounts and individuals on twitter that can give awesome recommendations every week so please dont see this as me giving one,i dont do this! He seems right for MY team,that is all and also the fact that Swansea will be involved in gw27.

***Transfer done Wednesday evening before Lukaku dropped in price*** I now have 3.1 mil in the bank and will be ok for GW27 so

So now we move on to the next GW in this strange and challenging season,

best of luck everyone,