Monday, 20 February 2017

My First Post in 4 Months

Hey guys and girls,it's been 4 months since my last post so today i decided that it is about time that i actually went back to writing a post. I am sure nobody missed my writing but just on the slim chance that someone actually did lol,i am now going to give an update on how i have made a few changes in my life since i started on anti depressants almost a year ago.

Just to say briefly that i was not in a great place a year ago and i have other blog posts about this but nowadays i feel 100% better and although i have absolutely no idea if being on "sertraline" has contributed this but i assume it has. I take one 50mg tablet daily and i have 1 months prescription left before i have to go back to my GP and see what he has to say. I do have some bad days though but nowhere near as many as before.

I am definitely more positive with everything i do now and less anxious but sometimes anxiety does take hold of me depending of the situation but i do believe that i handle it a little better now.

I have taken on another job a couple of weeks ago and now do 2 part time jobs as opposed to having the 1 full time one that i had for years. My boss has been amazing and so understanding and supportive when i decided to drop down from full time to part time. It is something that i just had to do and i am now enjoying the variety of working some days and some evenings too.

Since i posted about being on anti depressants,i did notice that some people who i used to talk to regularly on twitter just disappeared but also the support that i have had from some lovely friends has been heartwarming and especially from ManueLita  @MuratoreManuela 
who practically every day wished me a happy day. This lovely lady always put a smile on my face.

Also what helped get me through very difficult times was the #fpl community in general and also by playing the game which has turned out to be a very challenging and difficult season but i will do my best to have a respectable overall finish.

Thanks for reading and i hope this will be the first of many new posts,

Hollie x 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

This Season's #FPL

Hi guys and girls,i will get straight to the point here and ask where has the fun aspect gone in playing #FPL? This season is just not the same and the general banter and all round interaction is just not the same as it used to be.

I have noticed that certain accounts and some friends seem to no longer have the same interest as they used to have and certainly are more twitter quiet than previous years. Could this be the introduction of  the Official FPL account that has put alot of former very active accounts off,maybe but i am not sure.And with now over 4 million players playing the game which is the most ever amount playing,i would have thought that interaction would be better than ever but it doesn't seem that way to me.

Also i have noticed that some fantastic accounts who do tweet about FPL are no longer getting the likes and comments that they used to get,they are getting them but not in the same volume of previous seasons. And to add that i have also noticed that when people in general tweet about FPL,they are not getting much of a response from the community in general,you can scroll down the posts and see no likes,comments or shares on so many posts. This must also be disheartening to those who tweet a post.

Previously when i logged into twitter and searched #fpl,i used to recognize so many accounts,nowadays when i search it,i hardly know anyone at all. It's just not the same. In my opinion,certain people and accounts used to "drive" FPL and make it an enjoyable experience but with alot of these people and accounts being less active,the fun aspect is diminishing week by week.

The demise of "Battle of the Sexes" #Bots has not helped as this used to generate alot of banter between the girls and the guys and this in general was a good thing for FPL. I must also mention that an fpl account who did not like girls playing the game and expressed his opinion on the matter has also caused some of the girls to no longer tweet about fpl as he called some of us Sluts and other choice language was used. All of his comments have been removed now but it certainly didn't help.

It is always awesome to see the opinions and thoughts of previous FPL Champions and Matt,Simon and Tom are amazing guys who do be twitter active and are always available to offer an opinion,it is such a shame that last years FPL Champion does not seem to be interested in the world of twitter.

Although the game has grown considerably over the years,to me it has lost the fun aspect,not fully but it's just not the same as it was before. It is also more difficult as there are more performing players across the board which is great and keeps the idea of template teams at bay and also with the highest ever amount of overall FPL managers playing.

I wonder if it is a case that so many post tweets like "had a great week and got 80 points" where most of us have only got around 30 that week,does this as they say piss people off and put them in bad form? Mmmmmmm i wonder.

Could it be that when we post that we have had an awful week,someone comments saying "you should have listened to me" or something to that affect or is it that there are so many accounts which include alot of new ones claiming to offer advice as fantasy football experts.I must point out here that this is not something that i am against and i do applaud all you guys. But there are some fraud accounts like the guy who has an account using the historical overall finishes of the legend that is Ville Ronke (whoever that really is) claiming to be an expert but this is not him and he is fooling over 400 followers into thinking that he is an expert with these amazing overall finishes. This guy is infact the same guy that has called some of the girls sluts. In the last few days,he has actually removed his overall finishes but he should never have claimed them in the first place.

Could it be that last season done major damage to our enjoyment of the game as a template team emerged which really destroyed the fun aspect of playing as so many teams had the same players.

Could it have something to do with the fact that some dead teams which sail along like a ghostship  are scoring more points that teams that spend hours analyzing everything before making transfers and captain choices.This can be very disheartening to active players.

I really dont know what has turned certain people/accounts off and what their reasons for not being as interested as had been previously but i would love to know as it's just not the same and i miss what it was. Maybe it's just me but i just cannot put my finger on it as to why things have changed,i just don't know but just remember that we all have bad weeks,some more than most but it is only a game so please try and enjoy it for what it is and hopefully the fun aspect will return.

I do really doubt that there are many players out there who are enjoying it as much as they used to but i hope i am wrong in saying this,or maybe it is just me,

thanks for reading,


Saturday, 8 October 2016

"BOTS Girls v Guys" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

This is the draw for the 3rd round of knockout cup fixtures,all ties will be played in GW10. With only 2 girls left in the cup,there are 6 guy v guy fixtures!

Jay Slack    71-85    David Porter

Francisco Campos    53-77    Jack Smillie

Pratulya Rajan    90-78    Jasprit Sudan

Steve Totterdell    76-82   Monil Jhaveri

Jonathan Ounsworth    90-60    Holly Shand

Aakash Chhabra    59-62    Craig McGorum

Andrew Openshaw    66-74    Pamela Mwashighadi

Khalil Darmoul    62-66     Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka

RESULTS of 2nd Round

FPL Walt   35-40    Jay Slack   

David Porter    51-41    Masroor Haider    

Ankit Dhul    40-46    Francisco Campos  

Callum Smith    47-51    Jack Smillie    

Pratulya Rajan    59-53    Professor Boogie  

Aakash Chhabra    32-25    Nicola Steatham

Khalil Darmoul    37-26    Kathryn Foster

Monil Jhaveri    55-29   Hollie Garner

Jasprit Sudan    42-30    Elaine Govender

Steve Totterdell    46-35    Patsy Blue

Jonathan Ounsworth    51-35    Teen McViegh

Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka  42-34    Tarah Stevenzon

Andrew Openshaw    32-23    Leslie Sawyer   

Craig McGorum     47-35    Gemma Harrison 

Greg Saunders     33-34    Pamela Mwashighadi  

Martin Coleman    38-44    Holly Shand     

14 Guys and only 2 Girls left now,

on behalf of the BOTS crew,


Friday, 23 September 2016

"Battle Of The Sexes" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

 Here is the 3rd round cup draw and all ties will be played in GW10. 1st and 2nd round results can be found further down the page!

Rob Black    72-60    Holly Shand

Ron Mcllreavy    74-71    Mauricio Arias

Patrick Cobbold    49-66    Lynne Walton

Sagar Chowdhry    82-40    Claire Lukka

Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  67-86   Alex Bower

Miguel Penetra    80-72    Patsy Blue

Arun Singh    46-75    V.Shirova

Mohammed Ebrahim    32-56    Becca Wilson

Results round 2

Rob Black   39-31   Vikki Marshall
Ron Mcllreavy   62-20    Julie Lea
Kaarthik Jayakumar   30-44    Holly Shand
Mauricio Arias    46-38    Lauren Cochrane
Fares Al-ansi    20-53    Lynne Walton
Patrick Cobbold   45- 34   Kate McAlister
Umar Bashir   36-41    Claire Lukka
Sagar Chowdhry   45-35    Gemma Harrison
Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  (wins on goals conceded) 34-34    Pamela Mwashighadi
FPL Junior 2    22-25    Alex Bower
Miguel Penetra  (wins 2-1 on goals scored) 43-43    Lucia Stiglich
*Leah Pardo   31- 34   V.Shiroya*
Mohammed Ebrahim    41-29     Hollie Garner
Arun Singh   54-47   Fay McCormick
Rafi Ali    28-35    Patsy Blue
Cameron Davies    29-35    Becca Wilson

now there are 9 Guys and 7 Girls left.

1st Round  RESULTS

As you are all aware,there are 3 separate Bots leagues and here is the 1st round knockout Cup Results for the league titled "Battle Of The Sexes"

Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

As there are 48 teams in the league,the highest ranking 8 girls and guys get a bye to round 2,this means there will be 16 ties in round 1. The following have a bye to round 2,

The Guys
Rob Black,
Ron Mcllreavy,
Kaarthik Jayakumar,
Mauricio Arias,
Fares Al-ansi,
Arun Singh,
Patrick Cobbold,
Mohammed Ebrahim

The Girls
Holly Shand,
Gemma Harrison,
Pamela Mwashighadi,
Lucia Stiglich,
Alex Bower,
Fay McCormick,
Becca Wilson,
Leah Pardo

@FPL Stag   41 -48    Kate McAlister
Kiel Smith   65 -73    Lauren Cochrane
Imtiaz Hussain    25- 51   Claire Lukka
Umar Bashir   53 -49    Kat Mortensen
Sagar Chowdhry   44 -31    Tania Plascencia
Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  51-47  Leanne Wheeler
FPL Junior 2    49- 26   Kirstine Dyg
Miguel Penetra   60 -47    Therese Kieve
Joshua Landon   51 -70    V.Shiroya
Moti Fanta    37-47    Hollie Garner
Ian Muhutsu    38- 51   Patsy Blue
Rafi Ali    58- 48   Zako Jeewa
@4everhornets    28- 50   Julie Lea
Rami Z    32- 55   Vikki Marshall
Owen Davies    41- 61   Lynne Walton
Cameron Davies    39- 37  Joanne Mayhew

on behalf of the Bots team,


Thursday, 22 September 2016

"The BOTS Prenup" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

Here is the draw for the 3rd round of the knockout cup,all ties to be played in GW10. All results from Round 1/2 can be found further down this page. Due to more girls left in the cup,there will be 1 girl v girl ties!

Potty Morbid FC    66-53    Tania Plascencia

Phil Hackett   70-49    Gurjinder K

PM    61-50    Aakriti Mehrotra

Christine Brown    94-35    Antoinette Buckley

Lee Seng Kwee   70-63    Laura Lawson

Ervin Ang    80-58    Charlotte Holmes

Vignesh Bhatt    59-79    Natasha Barratt

Procky Proctor   v    Calamity Jane

RESULTS from round 2

Sabellullah md     34-46    Tania Plascencia

Potty Morbid FC   41-32    Anthony Dosanjh 

Phil Hackett    44-35    Poppy Dinsey   

Sushant Garg     33-43    Gurjinder K

PM     38-29    Hollie Garner

Bryan Boen    28-45    Christine Brown

Ervin Ang    61-46    Linn Bjornbakk

FPL Maestro    34-35    Aakriti Mehrotra

Lee Seng Kwee    46-31    Vikki Marshall

Darren Wilson    17-53    Charlotte Holmes

Chuck May   26-45    Laura Lawson

Rags @FPL_TransTips     39-40    Natasha Barratt

Vignesh Bhatt    41-33    Holly Lewis

Mohammed Al-Juboori    35-36    Antoinette Buckley

Christopher Klein   44-47    Calamity Jane

Procky Proctor    33-23    Clare Colgan  

9 Girls and 7 Guys left now


Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

Sabellullah md    49-22    Kerry Bethorn

Potty Morbid FC    42-20    Cathy Francis

Kaarthik Javukumur    40- 57   Gurjinder K

Bryan Boen    55-52    Kate Eveleigh

Phil Henderson    55-70    Linn Bjornbakk

Robbie McDonnell    45- 47   Clare Colgan

Phil Hackett    36- 35   Avigail Z

Anthony Dosanjh    69-48    Marie Claire Platt

Sushant Garg    70-41    Chrysanthe Prashmita

PM    44-37    Yayo Z

Michael Bridger   36 -47    Hollie Garner

Ervin Ang   59 -16    Hayley Wright

FPL Maestro   62 -51    Nikki Jude

Lee Seng Kwee   57-32    Barbara Brown

FPL Junkie    31-31    Tania Plascencia (0-1 on goals scored)

Darren Wilson    68- 43   Jessica Swindol

Chuck May   55 -48    Ellyn C

DM Hann   48 -78    Poppy Dinsey

Rags @FPL_TransTips    49-48    Hannah Burt

FPL Muppet   38 -47    Christine Brown

Vignesh Bhatt   74 -70    V Shiroya

Mohammed Al-Juboori    58-31    Charly B

Allan Smith    17-65    Aakriti Mehrotra

Christopher Klein   50 -39    Simar Ghassane

Procky Proctor (2-1 on goals conceded)   51-51    Fatimah Zohroh

Ali Tahir    50- 55   Vikki Marshall

Ian Muhutsu   38 -44    Charlotte Holmes

Jesus FPL   51 -53    Laura Lawson

John Griffiths    44-48    Natasha Barratt

Cameron Davies   39 -43    Holly Lewis

Amogh Kelkar    46-51    Calamity Jane

Aaron Cottrell     46-47    Antoinette Buckley

on behalf of the BOTS crew,


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

"BOTS Girls v Guys" League Cup 1st Round Results


Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

FPL Walt   54 -48    Kate McAlister

Deepak Goplani    54-57    Nicola Steatham

Jay Slack    54- 49   Kat Mortensen

David Porter    44-31    Tania Plascencia

Masroor Haider    66-47    Leanne Wheeler

Ankit Dhul    56- 48   Hayley Garrod

Francisco Campos    56-46    Yema Stowell

Callum Smith    45-26    Kirstine Dyg

Jack Smillie    61-47    Therese Kieve

Pratulya Rajan    63-55    Natasha Sporn

Aashish Niroula    53-69    Kathryn Forster

Professor Boogie    52-42    Lauren Ayre

FPL Mitch    46-47    Hollie Garner

Aakash Chhabra    19-18    Supriti Goonerette

Ivan Hadyan    49- 61   Elaine Govender

Khalil Darmoul    62-48    Zako Jeewa

Monil Jhaveri    57-47    Kali A A

Stefano Ghost    46-51    Patsy Blue

FPL Junkie    31-65    Teen McViegh

Jasprit Sudan    66-53    Ness Scott

Steve Totterdell    49-31    Sharon Parry

Jonathan Ounsworth    76- 37   Joanne Mayhew

Anant Dhul   49 -74    Tarah Stevenson

Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka  39-33  Clodagh Mullarkey

Vikesh Rama    44- 57    Leslie Sawyer

Andrew Openshaw    66- 35   Biibsi A

Craig McGorum   38 -36    Claire Blanshard

Greg Saunders   52 -46    Alex Bower

Sean Kehoe   41 -45    Pamela Mwashighadi

PeakyDave Wilks   49 -82    Gemma Harrison

Darryl Hughes   28 -47    Holly Shand

Martin Coleman   84 -66    Joanne Coulson        

on behalf of the Bots crew,


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Looking For Advice #Relationship Issue

This is a different post for me to my usual but i am hoping for some advice on what has happened.

As some of you may know, i was once married but my husband cheated on me with a good friend of mine and it was the end of our marriage. I struggled for years and eventually in April i started anti-depressants for the first time. A certain amount of paranoia can be associated with taking these though.

So this is the situation guys and girls. I have been told by my boyfriend that one of my closest and best friends is interested in him. Her sister has contacted my boyfriend and told him of her interest and it was done with the intention of finding out if he could be interested and how the land lies.She told him in strict confidence and asked him to promise that he would not say anything to anyone. He did make that promise but has broken it as he told me. As far as i know,my friend has no idea that she has done this but maybe she does and did actually ask her sister to find out.

My boyfriend has been upfront with me about it but me being me and what has happened to me in the past,i cant help but feel worried and anxious about the whole situation. I have noticed recently that when we are out,she seems to be there more times than not.I dont want history repeating itself but there is so many similarities to what happened in the past. Also he has told me that she texts almost every day for some reason or another.

I do remember her saying to me in a joke that if things went wrong with me and him that she would love a crack at him,we were just having a laugh at the time,well at least that's what i though.

My boyfriend has told me that he has no interest in her but he has always seen her as a friend as they both get on well together. However,last week she asked him if he would go for a coffee with her someday as she has recently had a family death and needs someone to talk to and as he is good at this sort of thing,she would feel better for having that talk. They both told me about this and i was totally ok with this at the time but i know now that this was suggested after he knew of her interest. My God,i am so confused writing this!

He is actually going away for a week next week but it is work related and myself and my friend have arranged a few girls nights out while he is away,oh God i just thought of when i was married and my husband was away,my friend who my husband cheated on me with tried to get me to get with another guy while we were out but i was having none of it as i am not like that.

So to sum it all up,
he knows of her interest and has told me,
she does not know that we both know as her sister asked,
knowing of her interest,he was willing to go for that coffee,
i have no idea what to do now.

Surely it is an unwritten rule that friends dont try it on with their friends other half,this is twice it has happened to me and i dont know what to do,

any advice will be welcomed,

thank you,