Sunday, 29 November 2015

No Twitter/Blog for a Little While

Hi guys and girls,

just a very quick post to say i will be offline for a while due to laptop and phone broken so i will be unable to access twitter and my blog until i buy a new laptop. I am not getting a new phone as it suits me at the moment not to buy one and i will explain this at a later date!

It has taken me 5 hours to get to this page to be actually able to write this post and when i log off,that's it for this laptop as i am not going through this frustration again.

It will be a few weeks before i can buy a new laptop as my priorities lie with buying Christmas presents for my BF,friends and family before i can treat myself.

I wanted to write this so if any of my online friends are wondering where i am,they will know now what the situation is and that i will be back in a few weeks. I am so down about this whole thing as being online has helped me so much over the last year or so through difficult times and i have made many really good and supportive friends.

Also if i get twitter notifications,i am unable to respond and i am so sorry for this,i hope you all understand!

Hope to chat again soon to all my #fpl friends and the girls from #GirlGang and also ManueLita,i will miss your posts and support so much,

till next time,whenever this is,

lots of love,

Hollie x