Wednesday, 4 November 2015

This Week #FPL and Some Thoughts Going Forward!

*This post was written on Monday so prices and ownership % may have changed*

Please bear with me as i am writing this while in work and am being distracted by customers lol!

Well this week has been one of my worst gw's that i can ever remember despite having a team that in my opinion is not that bad.On Saturday evening i had the grand total of 23 points whereas from what i could gather,every other team seemed to have big points except me.I had a gw rank of around 3.2 million so that says it all.

Where it went wrong and what i was hurt by was high ownership players performing and also the odd low priced player with a relatively high ownership also doing well.

These players include Mahrez and Ighalo.Not having these 2 guys and a couple more are the difference of me having 35 points as against a fairly decent score of 70+.These points have taken into account my 12 points gained for my 2 guys playing on sunday.

Also when you actually look at the players that performed this gw,it is astonishing to me that some teams had such high scores.So where did they come from?

Cech 32%           7pts
Mahrez 55%       15pts
Vardy 49%          7pts
Pelle 34%            6pts
Lukaku 26%       14pts

And for the record,Ighalo scored 13 points with an ownership of 15%. Nothing special with some of them but high ownership none the less and also i have not included the likes of Kone here due to his low ownership.Of the above mentioned players,i only had Vardy.

Thank God Payet didn't perform this week as it would of been more detrimental to my team as his ownership is 37% and i dont have him.

So it's not inconcievable that alot of teams could have had Cech,Mahrez and 3/4 forwards listed giving them a total of a possible 56 points without even having one of them as Captain.And throw in one defender clean sheet and now you are over 60 points from 6 players excluding your Captain points.This does however look rather templatey.This is the difference of my team having half the amount of so many teams and also being below the average.

But a big haul by anyone with an ownership of over 1 million people for example will hurt so much if you dont have him.This is one of the problems existing in fpl at the moment as these guys are performing more often than not.

Now having looked through the twitter feed of #fpl,it seems that apart from a few of the bigger and more established fpl accounts who by the way have actually stated that they have had an awful week,the majority of tweets seem to be from everyone who has got a high score and the odd but not many disgruntled comment aimed towards the so called fpl experts with their suggestions.Nothing serious here,just the odd opinion expressed in a nice way.

So what have i learned,well i have learned that not having certain players ie Mahrez can really hurt when he performs as the world of fpl seemed to have him when i did not (55%). My thoughts are now that even having a template team is not that bad an idea as it can be the right choice of Captain that can gain you the points over your fellow template like teams,this can be the difference which can get you those green arrows.I am not suggesting a team that is the same as everyone else,i am suggesting a team that contains the likes of high ownership players mixed in with some lesser owned and also if possible the odd one or two that can be a differential!It can hurt your overall so much if a high ownership player performs well and although it can be the other way if your less owned differential performs well,the chances are this will not happen too often.And even better if you manage to have the low owned differential before he scores big thus creating the bandwagon.

Also this season more than ever,i have noticed the price rising earlier in the week with transfers being done by more people early rather than later.This is influenced by the fact that if anyone performs well,the amount of people who do early ft's to get them in is astonishing thus resulting in an almost inevitable 0.3 price rise before deadline.This puts pressure on players to buy early depending on how your team is for £££.

So where has my team gone wrong,is it low ownership,is it just bad management or is it just plain bad luck? Or maybe there is not much wrong with it at all.Progress in general has been made though but had a setback this week,
GW2- 2.2 million,
GW3- 2.1 million,
GW5- 1.8 million,
GW7- 1.6 million,
GW10- 158K,
GW11- 248K

My analysis of my team now follows!


Begovic 2.2% scored 2 points and cost 5.0 whereas my bench keeper Hennessy  scores 6 points and is only 3.9 *now 4.0*
I really should have Butland at 9.2% ownership and costing 4.6 which also gives me an extra 0.4 to spend elsewhere.


Van Dijk 2.5% and now priced at 5.6 is a gem who i love!
Moreno 3.0% and now priced at 4.8 is another that i am happy with!
Dawson 5.2% and now at 5.1 is one that i should be happy with and i am sure will give some returns!
Fernandez 0.4% and costing 5.0 has disappointed since i brought him in and i will be looking to offload!
Davies 1.0% and costing 4.5 is another that i will be looking to sell soon! *Possible Rose injury*
An Arsenal or City defender would tidy this up i believe so i will look at those options.


Sanchez 40% and priced at 11.6,a very dangerous player not to have from an fpl view!
KDB 23% and priced at 10.6 is a player who has done very well,i am happy to have him but when Silva is back,i may look at changing him!
Ayew 18.6% and priced at 7.1 is someone who i have been very happy to have but has been so inconsistant in a Swansea side that has been struggling of late.In order for me to accomodate Payet in my team,he will have to make way!
Tadic 6.3% and priced at 7.0 is a player that has been transferred out by me on sat night for Mahrez as i felt i couldn't go on without Mahrez (i did have him up until 3 weeks ago btw)!
Tettey 0.2% and priced at 4.3 is just my 5th mid who will sit on my bench!
So with the purchase's,i would now have Sanchez/Payet/Mahrez/KDB or Silva!


Vardy 49.2% and now at 7.3,he is going nowhere for the moment!
Kane 21.4 and now at 9.3 is a player that i plan on getting rid of!
Bony 6.2% and now at 8.4 is also someone who is only here short term!
The forward are the ones where i feel i will be making most of my transfers around.There are the likes of Lukaku,Pelle,Giroud who are all around the same price so any of these guys could find their way into my team and out as quick depending on fixtures!And when Aguero is back,he will be straight in!

So to sum up,i feel a little tidying up is needed to have my team exactly how i want it.A templatey team is not such a bad idea but also mixed up with a few differentials and making the right Captain choice will make all the difference and also hang on in there even if you have a bad week,there is still a very long way to go!

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  1. great post

  2. I love how passionate you are about this. It's lovely to see :) Also, I've started writing some of my posts at work too. Haha! It saves so much time lol Xx


    1. thanks hunni! Ha ha,it is great to write some while working,it makes the day so much better xx

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    1. thank you once again lovely lady,you always cheer me up xx

  4. You have made some really great stats on the players! Are you using a site like to get them and make your analysis or you gather the statistics yourself?

  5. thanks,i just use the official FPL site