Saturday, 8 October 2016

"BOTS Girls v Guys" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

This is the draw for the 3rd round of knockout cup fixtures,all ties will be played in GW10. With only 2 girls left in the cup,there are 6 guy v guy fixtures!

Jay Slack    71-85    David Porter

Francisco Campos    53-77    Jack Smillie

Pratulya Rajan    90-78    Jasprit Sudan

Steve Totterdell    76-82   Monil Jhaveri

Jonathan Ounsworth    90-60    Holly Shand

Aakash Chhabra    59-62    Craig McGorum

Andrew Openshaw    66-74    Pamela Mwashighadi

Khalil Darmoul    62-66     Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka

RESULTS of 2nd Round

FPL Walt   35-40    Jay Slack   

David Porter    51-41    Masroor Haider    

Ankit Dhul    40-46    Francisco Campos  

Callum Smith    47-51    Jack Smillie    

Pratulya Rajan    59-53    Professor Boogie  

Aakash Chhabra    32-25    Nicola Steatham

Khalil Darmoul    37-26    Kathryn Foster

Monil Jhaveri    55-29   Hollie Garner

Jasprit Sudan    42-30    Elaine Govender

Steve Totterdell    46-35    Patsy Blue

Jonathan Ounsworth    51-35    Teen McViegh

Muhammad Yousuf Jhumka  42-34    Tarah Stevenzon

Andrew Openshaw    32-23    Leslie Sawyer   

Craig McGorum     47-35    Gemma Harrison 

Greg Saunders     33-34    Pamela Mwashighadi  

Martin Coleman    38-44    Holly Shand     

14 Guys and only 2 Girls left now,

on behalf of the BOTS crew,



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