Friday, 23 September 2016

"Battle Of The Sexes" League Cup 3rd Round Draw

 Here is the 3rd round cup draw and all ties will be played in GW10. 1st and 2nd round results can be found further down the page!

Rob Black    72-60    Holly Shand

Ron Mcllreavy    74-71    Mauricio Arias

Patrick Cobbold    49-66    Lynne Walton

Sagar Chowdhry    82-40    Claire Lukka

Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  67-86   Alex Bower

Miguel Penetra    80-72    Patsy Blue

Arun Singh    46-75    V.Shirova

Mohammed Ebrahim    32-56    Becca Wilson

Results round 2

Rob Black   39-31   Vikki Marshall
Ron Mcllreavy   62-20    Julie Lea
Kaarthik Jayakumar   30-44    Holly Shand
Mauricio Arias    46-38    Lauren Cochrane
Fares Al-ansi    20-53    Lynne Walton
Patrick Cobbold   45- 34   Kate McAlister
Umar Bashir   36-41    Claire Lukka
Sagar Chowdhry   45-35    Gemma Harrison
Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  (wins on goals conceded) 34-34    Pamela Mwashighadi
FPL Junior 2    22-25    Alex Bower
Miguel Penetra  (wins 2-1 on goals scored) 43-43    Lucia Stiglich
*Leah Pardo   31- 34   V.Shiroya*
Mohammed Ebrahim    41-29     Hollie Garner
Arun Singh   54-47   Fay McCormick
Rafi Ali    28-35    Patsy Blue
Cameron Davies    29-35    Becca Wilson

now there are 9 Guys and 7 Girls left.

1st Round  RESULTS

As you are all aware,there are 3 separate Bots leagues and here is the 1st round knockout Cup Results for the league titled "Battle Of The Sexes"

Ties were played GW 6 and all fixtures are listed by the player name rather than team name.

As there are 48 teams in the league,the highest ranking 8 girls and guys get a bye to round 2,this means there will be 16 ties in round 1. The following have a bye to round 2,

The Guys
Rob Black,
Ron Mcllreavy,
Kaarthik Jayakumar,
Mauricio Arias,
Fares Al-ansi,
Arun Singh,
Patrick Cobbold,
Mohammed Ebrahim

The Girls
Holly Shand,
Gemma Harrison,
Pamela Mwashighadi,
Lucia Stiglich,
Alex Bower,
Fay McCormick,
Becca Wilson,
Leah Pardo

@FPL Stag   41 -48    Kate McAlister
Kiel Smith   65 -73    Lauren Cochrane
Imtiaz Hussain    25- 51   Claire Lukka
Umar Bashir   53 -49    Kat Mortensen
Sagar Chowdhry   44 -31    Tania Plascencia
Tor Ragner Moller-Hansen  51-47  Leanne Wheeler
FPL Junior 2    49- 26   Kirstine Dyg
Miguel Penetra   60 -47    Therese Kieve
Joshua Landon   51 -70    V.Shiroya
Moti Fanta    37-47    Hollie Garner
Ian Muhutsu    38- 51   Patsy Blue
Rafi Ali    58- 48   Zako Jeewa
@4everhornets    28- 50   Julie Lea
Rami Z    32- 55   Vikki Marshall
Owen Davies    41- 61   Lynne Walton
Cameron Davies    39- 37  Joanne Mayhew

on behalf of the Bots team,



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