Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BOTS Cup 2nd Round Draw #fpl

Here is the full draw for the 2nd round of the BOTS Cup. There are 32 ties of which are made up of 29 girl v boy and 3 girl v girl as more girls qualified for the 2nd round (cough,say no more).

I have posted it here for the moment but it will be posted on the Official Bots website shortly!

Here is the 2nd round draw and please note that the number in brackets is the BOTS league where the team is from! An easy way for now to see your opponents latest team line up if they are from another Bots league is to log into the FPL site,click on mine or Walt's team,click the Bots league and find your opponent!
Ties to be played GW 13!

@mcplatt(2)    v   @andrewgfc(4)
@LindaStudd(4)   v   @karldean71(1)
@Joanne-Coulson(4)  v   @Pacocamposds(3)
@VikkiUK(3)   v  @Harrygwynne98(1)
@AtikinMenezes(3)  v  @PathethicoMorbid(1)
@Patolcja(2)  v  @meet the gadfly(1)
@KellyHiggins93(4)  v  @HannSolo42(3)
@katehenry36(1)  v   @teodranik(1)
@JPCajasR(2)  v  @fplwalt(1)
@zoe-8812(2)  v  @WeAreChelseaFc(2)
@RacheyRoses84(3)  v  @Vnz mufc(1)
@Sharon69(4)  v  @ckarkafi(4)
@MortKat(3)  v  @fplhints(2)
@mzlainy(3)  v  @Sid22022(1)
@Charly216 (2)  v  @dixiespurs(4)
@plug_in_baby x(1)  v  @Abhijeetmufc(4)
@OrigRami17(2)  v  @RipsawPritchard(3)
@KatFranc7(1)  v  @fplplayer(3)
@LauraLawson7(1)  v  @FPLMaestro(2)
@MissAndreeva(2)  v  @steviecook9(2)
@fplfashion(1)  v  @steviefeet(4)
@KirQdyG(4)  v  @ankitdhul(2)
@NikkiJude(4)    v  @ChinsandBellies(3)
@tplasc(2)  v  @steflex1(3)
@biibsi(2)  v  @ Jaspritsudan(4)
@Barca_Reds(1)  v  @Bridgekid11(4)
@KellySFCLaurent(3)  v  @fantasyxfactor(4)
@shaclyne91(1) v  @amahrishi(3)
@Lfcgirl85(2)   v   @cricketsong117(4)
@Mrs Gadfly(3)  v @lulubug stig(1)
@LaurenSAFC92(2)  v  @GwendaHaykel(2)
@gurginderks(2) v  @LauraBeck123(4)


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