Monday, 6 October 2014

GW7 Results from BOTS Leagues

Well that was an interesting weekend for the BOTS leagues with Victorious Secret extending their overall lead over The Gentlemen but unfortunalely for the girls, the Nutmegging Mermaids fell further behind WhatsOffsideHoney in BOTS league 2.

The full results are as follows and overall points

 So with GW wins for Joanne,Cora,Clodagh,Zako,Lauren,Linn,Leanne,Charlene and myself and a draw for Radhika, we accumulated 28 points to the boys score of 25.

The overall score is now,

Victorious Secret  114  - 99  The Gentlemen 

If i am correct here,the only team to win all 4 BOTS games is FPL Seb for the boys,well done but i am sure your next challenge from the girls will be a difficult one.
The following  information was supplied by @imuhutsu prior to GW7 and a massive thank you from all the girls for this.


And now on to BOTS league2 in which Nutmegging Mermaids are taking on WhatsOffside Honey which is a team packed with #fpl enthusiasts but we are holding our own amongst very strong opposition.

The results from GW7 are as follows,

The girls managed 7 wins from the 17 matches with superb victories by Kali,Lauren,Tania,Claire,Marie-Claire,Patrycja and birthday girl Gwenda (Happy Birthday Gwenda from all of us).
I lost my match 67-66 to Brutal Deluxe in which that penalty save by De Gea was the difference of the 3 points,well done Matty!

The overall points score is now

Nutmegging Mernaids  67 - 85  WhatsOffsideHoney

The girls have abit of catching up to do with 6 wins being the difference and we need a very good gameweek soON!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx 

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