Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Battle of the Sexes GW8 Results and Overall Score

Here are all the results from 3 BOTS Leagues which before this gameweek, Victorious Secret held a 15 point lead over The Gentlemen whereas The Nutmeggin Mermaids were trailing WhatsoffsideHoney by 18 points. The new BOTS 3 League kicked off this week too.


So this GW ends up in a draw with wins for the girls from Clodagh,Gemma,Cathy,Laura,Zako,Radhika,Simar,Linn and myself! Well done girls on maintaining our lead with the overall score now at
Victorious Secret  141 - 126  The Gentlemen.

And also just to mention that 3 of the girls are actually in the top 10k in overall position in #fpl.


Well this gameweek from the girls point of view was a total disaster and one that we certainly did not need as we were trailing in overall points before it. It is just one of these weeks that we have to put behind us and move on from it. If i can just urge any of the girls who have 2 transfers to do and if your team is full of players who are injured or suspended,please fix your team as we really need to be more competitive against a team that is full of #fpl enthusiasts who are all pretty good at this game.And afterall,we are a TEAM!
Anyway there were wins for Kali,Claire,Charly and myself giving us a really low score of 12 points.
The overall score now stands at,
Nutmeggin Mermaids  79  -  124  WhatsOffsideHoney.


So the first matches in the new girls v boys league kicked off this week and i have to say,even though the girls are trailing the boys after the GW,there is alot of encouraging scores to suggest that this girls team will be highly competitive and to throw out a bold prediction,will be victorious come May!
There were wins for Elaine,Ellyn,Leah,Hayley,Nikita and myself giving us 18 points. Although we are trailing by 12 points,i have every faith that we will claw this back very soon.
The overall score in BOTS3 is
Petr Cech Out The Girls  18 - 30 Make Me A Sandwich!

So to sum up GW8 from a girls point of view, Victorious Secret continue to impress but a couple of teams need some tweeking to make it even better.
Nutmeggin Mermaids need to be more competitive and some teams need to be looked at asap and the new girls team looks good and i just hope the boys dont get too overconfident after their gw victory!

I know this post has been mainly about the girls but i just want to finish by saying well done to the boys this week for having a great gw with 2 wins and a draw and also to FPL SEB for another victory,which was a close game but nevertheless still won. I am sure the next girl to play you will give you a good game! And also a mention to FPL Academy for posting the highest score of the GW with a very impressive 112 points,well done on such a superb score!

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

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